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27. The King's letter to his ambassadors to hinder
an avocation of the suit

ib. ib.
28. The King's letter concerning his appearance
before the Legates

99 95
29. Dr. Bennet's letter to the Cardinal, showing

how little they might expect from the

102 98
30. A letter from the Pope to the Cardinal con-
cerning the avocation

104 100
31. An act releasing to the king sums of money
that were raised by a loan

105 109
32. A letter from Gardiner and Fox, concerning
their proceedings at Cambridge

108 113
33. A letter from Crook out of Venice, concerning

the opinions of divers about the divorce 111 119
34. The judgments of the Universities concerning
the King's marriage

113 120
35. The judgment of the Lutheran divines about it 119 124
36. An abstract of the grounds of the divorce.... 120 127
37. A bull sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury

against the statutes of provisors.... 121 145
38. A letter to King Henry VI, for repealing that

125 146
39. A letter to the parliament upon the same oc-

126 147
40. An instrument of the speech the Archbishop

of Canterbury made to the House of Com-
mons concerning it...

41. An act restraining the payment of annates to
the see of Rome

129 155
42. The King's last letter to the Pope

136 157
43. A promise made to the Cardinal of Ravenna,

for engaging him to procure the divorce 143 159
44. Bonner's letter concerning the proceedings at

141 160
45. Another letter about the same process

148 161
46. Another letter concerning the progress of the
process at Rome.

150 ib.
47. The sentence of divorce given by Cranmer.. 152 174
48. An act for the deprivation of the Bishops of
Salisbury and Worcester

154 196
49. A letter from Cromwell to Fisher concerning
the Maid of Kent

157 203
50. A renunciation of the Pope's supremacy,signed

by the heads of six religious houses.. 162 205
51 A mandate for the consecration of suffragan

165 208




C. H. 1. Instructions for the general visitation of the monasteries

166 240 2. General injunctions sent by the King to all the monasteries

174 242 3. Some particulars relating to the dissolution of

monasteries. Sect. 1. Of the preambles of some surrenders 179 250

2. A list of religious houses that were of

new founded by the King, after the
act for their dissolution..

180 291
3. A list of all the surrenders of monas-
teries which are extant.

181 309 4. The confessions made by some abbots 191 307 5. Of the manner of suppressing the

monasteries after they were

192 347 4. Queen Anne Boleyn's last letter to King Henry 196 268 5. The judgment of the convocation concerning general councils

198 285 6. Instructions for a visitation of monasteries, in order to their dissolution

200 288 7. Instructions given by the King to the clergy.. 203 293 8. A letter from Cromwell to Shaxton, bishop of Sarum

208 311 9. The sentence given out by Pope Paul III, against King Henry

211 318 10. The opinion of some bishops concerning the King's supremacy

226 322 11. Injunctions to the clergy made by Cromwell.. 227' 323 12. Injunctions made by Archbishop Cranmer 231 330 13. A letter of Cromwell's to the Bishop of Lan

daff, directing how to proceed in the Re-

233 331 14. The commission by which Bonner held his bishopric of the King...

234 345 15. The King's letters-patents for printing the Bible in English

237 349 16. The attainder of Thomas Cromwell..

238 359 17. Cromwell's letter to the King concerning his marriage with Anne of Cleve

245 362, 363 18. The King's own declaration about it

250 362 19. The judgment of the convocation annulling it 251 363 20. Anne of Cleve's letter to her brother

255 364

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C. H. 21. The resolutions of several bishops and divines concerning the sacraments

256 373 22. Dr. Barnes's renunciation of some articles informed against him...

303 382 23. The foundation of the bishopric of Westminster..

305 387 24. A proclamation for the English Bible to be set up in all churches..

310 390 25. An admonition set up by Bonner for all that came to read the Bible.

312 ib. 26. Injunctions given by Bonner to his clergy 313 406 27. A collection of passages out of the canon-law,

made by Cranmer, to show the necessity of
reforming ii..

321 425
28. A mandate for publishing and using the
prayers in the English tongue...

328 426 29. Articles subscribed by Shaxton, the late bishop of Sarum..

329 438 30. A letter from Lethington, the Scottish secre

tary, to Cecil, secretary to Queen Elizabeth,
by which it appears that King Henry's will
was forged

331 449 An Appendix, concerning some errors and false

hoods in Sanders's book of the English


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1. Articles about religion, set out by the convoca-

tion, and published by the King's autho-

375 466 2. Some queries put by Cranmer, in order to the correcting of several abuses

389 ib. 3. Some queries concerning confirmation, with

the answers that were given to them by

Cranmer, and Stokesley, bishop of London 391 ib. 4. Some considerations offered to the King by

Cranmer, to induce him to proceed to a
further reformation

392 467 5. A declaration made by some bishops and di

vines, concerning the functions and Divine
institution of bishops and priests. ...

394 ib.
6. A letter of Melancthon's, to persuade the
King to a further reformation

398 470

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C. H. 7. A letter written by the German Ambassadors

to the King, against the taking away of the
chalice, and against private masses, and
the celibate of the clergy

402 471 8. The King's answer to the former letter .

ib. 9. A letter written by the King to his bishops,

directing them how to instruct the people.. 439 472 10. Arguments given by Tonstal to the King, to

prove auricular confession to be of a Divine
institution ; with some notes on the inargin
written with the King's own hand

442 473 11. A letter of the King's to Tonstal, in answer to the former paper.

447 ib. 32. A definition of the Catholic Church, corrected with the King's own hand

449 474


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