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Picts, early incursions of, i. 38.
Pierce, dean of Sarum, singular present to, i. 362.
Pilgrimages, origin of, ii. 9.
Planets, influence of, i. 399.
Plantain, used as a charm, ii. 276.
Players, early, particulars of, iii. 67.
Playhouse, the Duke's, riot at, i. 335.
Plumtre, Dr. character of, i. 270.
Poetry of the antient Britons, i. 31.
Pole, Cardinal, official acts of, ii. 32.

Answer of, to an astrologer, ii. 246,
Polyolbion, specimen of Drayton's, iii. 145.
Pope, the Iliad of, iii. 191.
Portions for King's daughters, how raised in early times, i. 68.
Portsmouth, Duchess of, ill treated by proxy, i. 360,
Powell, N. blasphemy of, ü. 91.
Prayer, efficacy of, ii. 67.

the Lord's, Saxon, iii. 108.
Preachers, described, ii. 45.

Echard's opinion of, ii. 98.
Preaching, errors in, ii. 43.

field, origin of, ii. 185.
Prelacy, suppressed, ü. 51.
Presbyterians and Independents, contest between, for supe-
riority, i. 249.

acts against, ii. 80.
Preston, J. extract from Sermon by, ii. 109.,
Priests, character of several, by J. White, i. 250,
Prior's Poems, iii. 190.
Prisoners, generally killed temp. Richard II. &c. &c. i. 141.
Prophets, French, account of, ii, 210.

Property, state of, in early ages, i. 11.

descent of amongst the Saxons, i. 46.
Protestants, foreign, reception of, in England, ii. 85.
Prynne, remarkable entry of, into London 1640, i. 252.

Prynne, various extracts from his Histriomastix, and com-

ments on them, iü. 74-99.
Punick war, Ross's, iii. 182.
Puritan, term of, defined, ii. 42.
Purveyors for our antient Kings, account of, i. 62.

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QUACKS, account of, i. 316, 373.
Quakers, presented by a grand jury, ii. 80.

account of the society of, ii, 141.
terms applied to the Clergy by, ii. 149.

Lord Mayor's attempt to suppress the meeting of,
ii. 151.

difficulties of, in maintaining their peculiar cus-
toms, ii. 164.

usual address of, ii. 166.
terms of, for the days and months, ü. 166.
general manners of, ii. 168.

queries annually issued by, ii. 159.
Quintain, an amusement, described, iü. 8.


RALEIGH, Sir W. a smoker of tobacco, i. 217.
Recantation, singular, of J. Child, ii. 88.
Reeve, Mr. censures of dress, ii. 323.
Reformation, why begun by Henry VIII, i. 27.
Regalia, particulars of an attempt to seize, i. 267.

Blood's attempt to steal, i. 309.
Religion, early, deviation from the purity of, ii. 18.

state of temp. Edward VI. &c. ii. 31, 34.
varieties of, ii, 68.


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Restoration of Charles II. effect of, on manners, i. 295.
Retainers, numbers kept by feudal lords, i. 132.
Reynolds, E. extract from Sermon by, ii. 128.
Ribands, inscribed 1681, i. 355.
Ribeaumont, M. combat of, with Edward III. i. 106.*
Richard I. character of, i. 78.

reply of, to the Archbishop of Rouen, i. 78.
II. character of, i. 112.

courage of, in meeting Wat Tyler, i. 115.
marriage of, i. 119,

duplicity of, towards the Duke of Gloucester,
i. 120.

exposure of the body of, after death, i. 124.

superstition of, ii. 235.

III. character of, i. 154.
Richmond, fascinations of, temp. Charles Prince of Wales,

i. 230.
Riding, early practised, iii. 6.
Ridotto prevented, iii. 58.
Riot concerning disorderly houses 1681, i. 355.
Robbers, general destruction of temp. Henry VIII. i. 173.
Romans, ignorant of the state of England, i. 5.

customs introduced by, i. 32.
buildings of, in England, i. 34.
probable acts of with respect to religion, ii, 4.

dress of, worn in England, ii. 283.
Roundhead, term of, explained, ii. 229.
Rudd, Bishop of St. David's, effects of his preaching at Queen

Elizabeth, i. 199.
Ruffler, a species of impostor, described, i. 320.
Ruffs, yellow, a lady hanged in one, ii. 313.
Rutherford, S. extract from Sermon by, ii. 113.



SACHEVERELL, H. extract from Sermon by, ii. 131.
Salisbury, Countess, impregnable virtue of, i. 110.
Sanctuary, custom of taking, i. 154.
Sanderson's History of Charles I. iii. 175.
Saunders, R. a promoter of superstition, ii: 268.
Saxons, invasions of England by, i. 38.

various customs of, i. 39.
servitude amongst, i, 41.
councils of, i. 43.
acts of, in opposition to Christianity, ii. 11.
their ideas of religion, and their idols, ii. 14.

Anglo, dress of, ü283.
Schools, methodist, established, ii. 191.
Scolding, punishment for, i. 353.
Scrophula, cure of, by Edward I. i. 86.

--- cured by a Sermon, i. &7.
Scot, Reginald, antidotes of to superstition, ü. 251.
Scots, early incursions of, i. 38.

and English, affray between, 1642, i. 269.
Scripture, instances of constant reference to, ii. 48,
Secker, extract fuom Sermon by, ii. 136.
Separatists, the, described, ii. 37.
Sermons, little attended to temp. Henry VIII. i. 190.

extravagant length of temp. Interregnum, ii, 44.

extracts from various, ii. 100. Servants, maid, qualifications of 1679, i. 343.

--- intelligence office for, i. 344.
Shakspeare, 2d edit. of his Plays described, iii. 150.
Sharpers, various descriptions of, detailed, i. 326.
Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, Works of, ii. 194.
Sheriffs, origin of, i. 48.
Shirt, antiquity of the, ii. 286.


Shoes, account of antient, and forked, ii. 286, 316.
Shopkeeper of 1684 described, i. 364.
Shore, Jane, account of, i. 151.
Sinners, old and new men, account of, ii. 40.
Sion College, present of Quaker book of sufferings to, ii.-150.
Smith, ordinary of Newgate, elegy on, i. 402.
Smithers, Jane, swindling tricks of, i. 396.
Snow, J. honest act of, i. 306.
Society, origin of, i. 1.

classes of, in England, üi. 228.
Spencer, Sir H. fatal friendship of Edward II. for, i. 39.

Bishop of Norwich, crusade of, ii. 232.
Spirits (kidnappers) proclamation against, i. 370.
Sports, Book of, account of, iii. 29.
Stafford, noble conduct of the Earl of, i. 96.
Stage, immorality of, censured by Cibber, iïj, 99.

sketch of the history of, iii, 60.
Stays, lacing of tight, censured, ii. 322.
Stephen, King, romantic act of, as a knight, i. 50.

character of, i. 72.
Stews, the, abolished by Henry VIII. i. 173, 182.
Stranger, origin of the term, i. 73.
Summer excursions, i. 227.
Sunday, act for due observance of, 29 Charles II. i. 233.
Superstition, general history of, ii. 216,
Surnames, origin of, i. 40.
Suttleties, account of, i. 137.
Swearing, antiquity of that vice, i. 141.

1627, i. 232.
act of James I. against, and Charles I. ibid.

forbade by Sir C. Wren, &c. at the building of St. Paul's, i. 392.


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