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tue, yet aware that Christianity would not be tolerated by the Government, have borrowed the fanctions of Revelation, but concealed the source from whence they are derived, in order to avoid the combined persecution of philosophy and terror ;-or its founders have co-operated with the wilhes and views of the ruling powers, and, perceiving that some religion is indispensably necessary to the feelings and wants of mankind, in order to prevent those wants from being relieved, and those feelings from being gratified by the effectual aid of Christianity, have formed a religious system, from which the very

idea of Revelation is excluded.

The directory, incensed to desperation by the nearly total destruction of their fleet in the Mediterranean, where the peculiar favour of Providence has added another victory to our naval glories of the present war, has recourse to new requisitions to prop up

the colossus of its power, and strengthen its enormous domination ". At the same


" " A new requisition has been imposed throughout France, more severe than any former one, Persons evading it, are disqualified from the succession to hereditary and other property. It is likewise decreed, that


time it is particularly to be remarked, that they continually furnish à justification of the sketch which we have endeavoured to draw, of the recent horrors of France for, during the celebration of a public feftival, when the Directory are proclaiming the greatness and the fame of the Republic, they advert almost involuntarily to the crimes and miseries of the Revolution. " Let us leave to restless and discontented fpirits, the task of throwing a little shade on the picture of our glory, by preferving in a few minds a hatred for the Revolu. tion, by inceffantly holding up to our view the melanchoły image of the calamities by which it has been accompanied; as if the enormities of guilt could disgrace the work of virtue.”

Such is the Infidel power that has arisen in France--fuch the conduct of the Philo. fophifts and their disciples, who, while they found their own praises through the world,

no person can legally marry, without having previously served in the army during the term of four years.” Sun Paper, Oct. 1, 17.98.

. This is part of the speech of Treilhard, President of the Directory, on the Fête of the foundation of the Republic. Morning Chronicle, O&. 5. 1798.

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cannot conceal their true nature, difpofition, and crimes, under the mask of Republican virtue P. Presumptuous-self-willed -despising dominion--not ashamed to speak evil of dignities-promising men liberty; and being themselves the servants of corruption denying the Lord that bought them—-bringing upon themselves swift destruction-beguiling unstable fouls---Speaking great swelling words of vanity--turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, andour Lord Jesus Christ-standing up against the prince of princes 1-following the saCOND BEAST, who has all the powers of the FIRST BEAST, and who has produced an IMAGE, to which all the world is called upon to bow down. Thus do the Revolutionists of France illustrate the meaning of the Scriptures, and reflect the figures of Anarchy, Tyranny, Apoftafy, and Infidelity, which the Prophets have drawn-Thus do their VERY EFFORTS to destroy Religion, when considered as having been PREDICTED, establish it with INCREASING GLORY upon a ROCK, which will be found to brave the storm which now assails it.

+ Introductory Chapter, vol. 1. p. 380, 381.,
9 Introductory Chapter, vol. i. p. 301, 302, 303.

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Conclusion of the Chapter on Infidelity.

I have now, I trust, convinced


Readers, that the opinions advanced respecting the Infidel Antichristian Power, are capable of being clearly proved. If what I have faid, upon a subject fraught with the deareft interefts of man, should awaken the attention of the public, more able Advocates for truth


search into the sacred depths of Prophecy; and they, I doubt not, will confirm this plain interpretation, which Events have rendered obvious. But, in the mean time, I must befeech the Reader to consider, whether the present state of the world does not tend to elucidate and strengthen this interpretation ; and with it, the opinion of Sir Isaac Newton, and some other Commentators, that “ the overbear, ing tyranny and perfecuting power of the Antichristian party, which had so long corrupted Christianity, and enslaved the Christian world, must be put a stop to and broken in pieces by the prevalence of Infidelity, for some time before primitive Christianity would be restored.”

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We have seen the progress of Infidelity accelerated with a force that is truly astonishing. No people has escaped a taint from its contagious breath.Papists and Mahometans, Jews and Christians have felt its baneful influences. We have seen the Papal power, first weakened by the Reformation, shaken to its centre by the Revolutionary Infidels of France. We have feen the same instruments of Divine vengeance, attempt to dismember the most important part of the Turkish dominions ,

See Introductory Chapter. s See David Levi on the Old Testament. He la. ments the extraordinary scepticism which has lately infected this people, but considers it as a sign of the near approach of the time of their restoration to their own land; it having been predicted by their Prophets, that such a state of general unbelief should precede the accomplishment of the promises of God.

See also the very extraordinary Memorial of the Jews in Germany, denying the inspiration of the Scriptures, and offering to unite with the Protestant Philosophers in their attempts to establish natural Religion and Morality. Mr. De Luc's excellent Answer to this Memorial will highly gratify the Reader who wishes for further information upon this subject. ! The following extract, of unquestionable authority,


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