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tial views of things, must then be confidered as falfe and absurd.—Rejecting the surest guides of human reason, he wanders through the labyrinths of History as chance directs, resting only in those places · which appear to favour his system ; and, like the fly upon the beautiful Corinthian pillar, fees nothing but disorder and confusion. The Christian, on the contrary, steadily following the clue which Religion offers, observes the connexion of the parts, and their relation to the vast, the wonderful Plan, which reaches from the creation of the World, to its final destruction - from Earth to Heaven ! Raised to the lofty station to which Revelation only can conduct him, he surveys as in a widely extended prospect, the past and present history of the world—“ His eyes are opened,” and his conceptions are elevated and enlarged by admiration, gratitude, and hope, while he beholds the Nations of the earth that have carried on, and are now fulfilling the great designs of God with respect to his chosen people and the Rcligion of Christ. He sees the most apparently trivial as well as the most signal events made subservient to the triumph of true Religion, and the eternal welfare


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of mankind; and the vicissitudes of hus man life—the vice, the folly, and the misery of man-as tending to one glorious object under the conduct of Infinite wisdom, goodness, and power.

He fur veys the transitory glory of antient and of modern states, the boafted monuments of art, the attainments of learning, the powers of genius, the light of science, and the various employments of human life, not as subjects of useless speculation, but with a reference to that particular end, which, whether they are collectively or separately considered, gives an unspeakable importance to them all:--Collectively, as they form one fublime system of order in the Divine appointments—one long series of dispensations of which we may obtain fufficient knowledge to enlarge our capacity, to excite our wonder and adco ration, to quicken our sense of dependence upon a wife and gracious Providence, and to warm and purify our hearts with sentiments of piety, and of zeal to promote the honour of God by labouring for the real interests of his creatures, and by walking in all his commandments blameless :"-And separately, as they influence the fate of rational and accounts


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able beings, fallen from their first estate of innocence and immortality-restored to hope of future happiness by the marvellous work which has accomplished their Redemption ; and urged to the performance of duty in this short probationary life by the assurance of Divine assistance, and by the promise of that Eternal reward which is held out to every man for his rejection or acceptance, without any respect to his rank or situation-his great or little sphere of action ;-since the final allotment of happiness and glory is made to depend wholly (through the merits of our Redeemer) upon his performance of the part assigned to him upon the theatre of life, whether he be a “ hero or a serving man," a Sovereign or a Slave.

Let all, then, who bear the name of CHRISTIANS, consider the real dignity of the character, and “ walk as children of the light amidst a crooked and perverse generation, looking for the glorious appearing of their Lord.” Let those who remain unconvinced of the truth of Revelation by the evidence derived from Prophecy, remember, that


other unanswerable proofs may be drawn from,





other sources. Let them examine the va.
rious arguments presented by the INTER-
them pursue the opening path of ORIEN-
TAL LITERATURE, and consider with par-
ticular attention the Chaldean sphere,
cording, as it were, the earliest annals of
the world first written in the HEAVENS".
Then let them search the EARTH for tes-
timony, for the earth itself bears constant
witness to the truth of the Mosaic Hif-
tory'. What shall I say more? “ IF THEY
WILL NOT" then



See Maurice's Hift. and Antiq. of India. • See De Luc's Letters on Geology, Howard on the Structure of this Globe, &c.



A D D E N D A,


NOTE to vol. ii. p. 64. 1. 17. at 758. The ingenious explication of the seventh and eighth horn of the Beast given in the Letter from the “ Layman” which I have already noticed, appears to receive confirmation from 'these opinions respecting the Rise and the Establishment of the Papal Antichrist at different periods of time: and displays in a very striking manner, the accuracy of the Prophecies, and the sound principles of interpretation, which have directed these excellent Commentators in their pursuit after truth.

Note to vol. ii. p. 274. 1. 17. and p. 366. 1. 24. The following extract from a Thanksgiving Sermon, for Victories obtained by the British arms, preached Nov. 9, 1759, by Bishop Warburton, is particularly recommended to the attention of the Reader.

« God, for the great ends of his universal Providence, inscrutable to us, was pleased to station his favoured creature man in a world abounding with natural and moral evil.

“ But this gracious God, whose mercies are over all his works, hath, as a curb and check to these evils, which it is man's duty as well as interest to oppose, and his merit as well as happiness to subdue, instituted two capital ordinances, Civil Government, and Religion : fupports as necessary for the moral world, as the Sun and Moon for the natural; the one to sustain and cheer us in this vale of miseries; the other to direct our benighted footsteps towards the happier regions of light and immortality. “ We may be certain therefore, that the same Provi


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