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Elder & Co., I am indebted for permission to print here the articles on "Mr Benson and Shakespearean Drama," and "Shakespeare and Patriotism," both of which originally appeared in The Cornhill Magazine. The paper on "Pepys and Shakespeare" was first printed in the Fortnightly Review; that on "Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Playgoer" in "An English Miscellany, presented to Dr Furnivall in honour of his seventy-fifth birthday" (1901); that on "The Municipal Theatre" in the New Liberal Review; and that on "A Peril of Shakespearean Research" in The Author. The proprietors of these publications have courteously given me permission to include the articles in this volume. The essay on "Aspects of Shakespeare's Philosophy" was prepared for the purposes of a popular lecture, and has not been in type before.

In a note at the foot of the opening page of each essay, I mention the date when it was originally published. An analytical list of contents and an index will, I hope, increase any utility which may attach to the volume.

1st October, 1906.


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I. The Reception of the News of Shakespeare's Death
II. The Evolution in England of Formal Biography
III. Oral Tradition concerning Shakespeare in Theatri-
cal Circles

IV. The Testimonies of Seventeenth-century Actors

V. Sir William D'Avenant's Devotion to Shakespeare's

VI. Early Oral Tradition at Stratford-on-Avon

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IV. Pepys's Criticism of Shakespeare. His Admiration
of Betterton in Shakespearean Rôles

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VI. The Saving Grace of the Restoration Theatre.
Betterton's Masterly Interpretation of Shake-

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