Ellis's British Tariff for ...

A.H. Baily, 1837

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Seite 56 - An inch is the smallest lineal measure to which a name is given, but subdivisions are used for many purposes. Among mechanics, the inch is commonly divided into eighths. By the officers of the revenue and by scientific persons it is divided into tenths, hundredths, &c.
Seite 88 - Morocco, which may be imported from places in Europe within the Straits of Gibraltar : Goods, the produce of Asia or Africa, which (having been brought into places in Europe within the Straits of Gibraltar from or through places in Asia or Africa within those Straits and not by way of the Atlantic Ocean) may be imported from places in Europe within the Straits of Gibraltar.
Seite 57 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Seite 12 - Pounds of good and lawful Money of Great Britain, to be paid to our said...
Seite 314 - Heirs and Successors; to which Payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves and every of us, jointly and severally, for and in the whole, our Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, and every of them, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals.
Seite 70 - The number to be divided is called the dividend. The number by which we divide is called the divisor. The number which shows how many times the divisor is contained in the dividend is called the quotient.
Seite 57 - These will probably continue to be used in practice. For Wine and Spirits, there are the Anker, Runlet, Tierce, Hogshead, Puncheon, Pipe, Butt, and Tun ; but these may be considered rather as the names of the casks in which such commodities are imported, than as expressing any definite number of gallons. It is the practice to gauge all such vessels, and to charge them according to their actual content. Flour is sold nominally by measure, but actually by weight, reckoned at 71b.
Seite 59 - The carat, used for weighing diamonds, is 3£ grains. The term, however, when used to express the fineness of gold, has a relative meaning only. Every mass of alloyed gold is supposed to...
Seite 59 - Degrees, or 12 Signs = 1 Circumference, Formerly, the subdivisions were carried on by sixties ; thus, the second was divided into 60 thirds, the third into 60 fourths, &c. At present the second is more generally divided decimally into lOths, lOOlhs, &c.
Seite 59 - Calendar Month 12 Calendar Months = 1 Year 365 Days = 1 Common Year 366 Days = 1 Leap Year In 400 Years, 97 are leap years, and 303 common.

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