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10:30 o'clock a. m.

Friday, September 19, 1924. The meeting was called to order by President Gast, in the Rose Room of the Antlers Hotel.

By consent, the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with.

The report of the Committee on Membership was read by Secretary Humphreys.

(See Appendix, page 376.)

SAMUEL FREUDENTHAL: I move that the by-laws be set aside and the fourteen persons, the names of whom were just read by the Secretary, be elected to membership at this time.

This motion was seconded.

PRESIDENT GAST: The motion is that the by-laws be set aside and the applicants for admission whose names have been read be now admitted. I take it that that requires unanimous vote, because it involves the setting aside of the by-laws.

The motion was put and carried unanimously, and it wag announced by the President that the persons whose names were read had been duly elected to membership in this Association.

PRESIDENT Gast: The Executive Committee has no formal report to present.

The Treasurer's report Ivaş read by Mr. Humphreys, Secretary and Treasurer.

(See Appendis', page 324.)

TREASTRER HUMPHREYS: Since the preparation of the report yesterday. about $25 additional has come in. The balance on deposit -atthis time with the Colorado National Bank is $3,623.85. But the amount on hand does not represent what you can spend today. We cannot afford complimentary printings, inasmuch as this money must last through the year, until June 30, 1925.

On motion of Samuel H. Kinsley the report of the Treasurer was referred to an Auditing Committee to be appointed by the President.

President Gast appointed as such Committee George P. Steele, of Denver, C. B. Horn, of Colorado Springs, and Benjamin F. Koperlik, of Pueblo.

PRESIDENT Gast: Having postponed the evil hour as long as possible, the President will obey the constitutional mandate to address the Association on a subject of timely interest. I am sure you will understand that I give no unwarranted importance to any conclusions that I have arrived at on unsettled questions and the essentials of this subject are matters that are unsettled for no one realizes more keenly than do I the danger of falling into error in the course of solitary study.

At the request of the President, Second Vice-President W. W. Platt took the chair during the reading of the President's address, which here occurred.

(See Appendix, page 167.)

CHAIRMAN Platt: I am sure that you will all agree with me that this is a very interesting and able paper, and that the President has performed well the duties cast upon him by our bylaws. Is there any discussion of this paper at this time?

PRESIDENT Gast: The reference to discussion leads me to express my regret that my professional associate in crime is not here. He never read the paper, and I do not know whether he knows what point I was getting at. It is just possible that he would have contradictory views that would at least be interesting. It is impossible for him to be here today, to my regret as to yours. There is no reason, of course, why the paper of the President should escape the criticism which attaches to papers of others.

There are one or two announcements to be made. The Executive Committee this year decided to print and distribute among the membership, in advance of the meeting, so many of the reports of committees as had been prepared, with the result that you have received copies of most of the reports. The reason for that is, of course, two-fold: One, that you might be thoroughly prepared to take action on such reports as require action; the other, to save time in the presentation of the reports. If any have not read the reports which are to be considered this afternoon, we hope you will take advantage of the noon hour to do so, so that you may be prepared to discuss them if you wish, and at least to act and vote on them without unnecessary delay in the presentation of the report.

Upon motion a recess was taken until two o'clock p. m. of this day.


2 o'clock

Friday, September 19, 1924. The meeting was called to order by President Gast, in the Rose Room of the Antlers Hotel.

The report of the Committee on Grievances was read by W. W. Grant, Jr., Chairman of the Committee.

(See Appendix, page 326.)

PRESIDENT Gast: Wbat shall we do with the report?

W. W. GRANT, JR.: I move the adoption of the resolution embodied in the report; and if I may make a double motion, I move that the report be received and placed on file.

This motion was seconded.

HENRY J. HERSEY: An instance of such a happening as is mentioned in the report came before my knowledge on the bench this year. One of these soliciting attorneys, from one of the largest firms in St. Paul, I understood, tho I did not know it at the time, had a case involving a claim for $30,000 damages, in my division of the District Court in Denver, and there were cases immediately afterwards in two of the other three civil divisions. After I non-suited the Minnesota attorney and his client I found that the former was one of these soliciting attorneys, from one of the larger firms of attorneys there in that line of work, and that he had been to San Francisco and in different states, and had local attorneys in these different states representing him and entering their appearances. In that way it was called to my attention as being a local evil.

The motion of Mr. Grant was here put, and carried without dissent, and it was declared that the resolution was adopted, and ordered that the report be received and filed.

PRESIDENT GAST: The next in order is the report of the Committee on Legal Biography.

EDWARD RING: May I make an informal report on behalf of the Chairman of that Committee?

PRESIDENT Gast: We shall be glad to have you do so.


EDWARD Ring: V[r. Holme, the Chairman of the Committee is either in the hospital or just out of the hospital, after a serious operation. I talked with him over the 'phone a day or two ago, and he said he wished I would make known to the Associa

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