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Bell. Let those, who view this fad Example, know,
What Fate attends the broken Marriage Vow's
And teach their Children in succeeding Times,
No common Vengeance waits upon these. Crimes,.
When such severe Repentance could not save,
From Want, from Shame, and an Untimely Grave.


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Who lead with horrid Husbands, decent Lives;
Tou, who for all you are in such a taking,
To see your Spouses Drinking, Gamin, Raking,
Yet make a Conscience fill of Cuckold-making.
What can we say, your Pardon to obtain ?
This Matter here was prov'd against poor Jane :
She never once deny'd it, but in port,
Wbinper’d --- and cry'd, - sweet Sir -- I'mn forry for’t:
'Twas well be met a Rind, good-natur’d Soul,
We are not all so easy to controul:
I fancy one might find in this good Town,
Some wou'd ha' told the Gentleman his own;
Have answer'd Smart, To what do you pretend,
Blockhead! As if I must n't see a Friend :
Tell me of Hackney-Coaches Jaunts to th’ City -
Where hou'd I buy my China Faith, I'll fit ye
Our Wife was of a milder, meeker Spirit ; ;.
You ! Lords and Masters ! was not that some Merit?
Don't you allow it to be virtuous Bearing,
When we submit thus to your Domineering ?
Well, peace be with her, she did


most surely;
But "so do many more ruho look demurely.
Nor shou'd our mourning Madam weep alone,
There are more Ways of Wickedness than one.

If the reforming Stage Sou'd fall to Maming
Ill-Nature, Pride, Hypocrisy and Gaming ;
The Poets frequently might move Compaffion,
And with She-Tragedies o'er-run the Nation.
Then jxdge the fair Offender with good Nature ;
And let your Fellow-feeling curb your Satyr.
What if our Neighbours have some little Failing,
Muft we needs fall to damning and to railing?
For her Excuse too, be it anderstood,
That if the Woman was not quite so good,
Her Lover was a King, Me Flets and Blood.
And fince she has dearly paid the finful Score,
Be kind at luft, and pity poor Jane Shore.

F 1 N 1 S.


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naturalis Philofophiæ Oxon.

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