The History of Scotland: From 21 February, 1436. to March, 1565. In which are Contained Accounts of Many Remarkable Passages Altogether Differing from Our Other Historians; and Many Facts are Related, Either Concealed by Some, Or Omitted by Others

Baskett, 1728 - 239 Seiten

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Seite 102 - And if any man believe that this description of the ship be not of verity, as we have written, let him pass to the gate of Tullibardin, and there, before the same, he will see the length and breadth of her planted with hawthorn by the wright that helped to make her.
Seite 141 - And the halls and chambers were prepared with costly bedding, vessels, and napry, according for a king; so that he wanted none of his orders more than he had been at home in his own palace. The king remained in this wilderness at the hunting the space of three days and three nights, and his company, as I have shown. I heard men say it cost the Earl of Athole every day in expenses a thousand pounds.
Seite 97 - English, and Irish. Their two Bodies long continued, to the age of twenty-eight years: and the one departed long before the other, which was dolorous and heavy to the other; for which many required of the other to be merry.
Seite 97 - Burden, dead, cold, and unsavory, on my Back, which taketh all earthly Pleasure from me in this present Life: Therefore I pray to Almighty God, to deliver me out of this present Life, that we may be laid and dissolved in the Earth, wherefrom we came.
Seite 140 - Further, there were two great rounds on ilk side of the gate, and a great portculleis of tree, falling down with the manner of a barrace, with a drawbridge, and a great stank of water of sixteen foot deep, and thirty foot of breadth. And also this palace within was hung with fine tapestry and...
Seite 97 - ... two parts, the one the treble and the other the tenor, which was very dulce and melodious to hear...
Seite 105 - He desired to speak with him ;' while, at the last, he came whe,re the king was sitting in the desk at his prayers : but when he saw the king, he made him little reverence or salutation, but leaned...
Seite 101 - Norroway ; for she was so strong, and of so great length and breadth, all the wrights of Scotland, yea, and many other strangers, were at her device, by the king's commandment, who wrought very busily in her, but it was a year and...
Seite 141 - The ambassador of the pope seeing this great banquet and triumph which was made in a wilderness where there was no town near by twenty miles, thought it a great marvel that such a thing could be in Scotland...
Seite 141 - Scotland, and that there should be such honesty and policy in it, especially in the Highland, where there was but wood and wilderness. But most of all, this ambassador marvelled to see, when the king departed, and all his men took their leave, the Highlandmen set all this place in a fire, that the king and ambassador might see it.

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