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This publication of the Irish MS. Missal preserved in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, is due to a suggestion made by Mr. Bradshaw in a communication addressed to the “ Academy,” on January 12, 1878, and to a general expression of the desirability of such an undertaking on the occasion of its exhibition by its present editor before the Society of Antiquaries at Burlington House on May 16, 1878.

The manuscript has a two-fold interest, liturgical and palæographical, and amid the increasing activity in these two departments of research, both within and without the University of Oxford, it is hoped that there may be some persons to whom such a volume as the present may prove not altogether devoid of attraction or destitute of information.

The variations of the Canon of the Mass in the four extant Irish Missals have been exhibited in parallel columns, the Canon of the Sarum Missal being adopted as the standard of comparison. An alphabetical list has been appended of the first lines of Collects, Secrets, and Postcommons which occur in the Corpus, but not in the Roman or Sarum Missals. It has not been thought needful to tabulate in a similar way the numerous variations in Lections, Offertories, and other component parts of each missa.

The marginal notes to the text of the Missal indicate only the more important, not all the

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