Fra Magazine: A Journal of Affirmation, April to December 1908

Kessinger Publishing, 01.07.2003 - 408 Seiten
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This volume of The Fra magazine includes the issues from April 1908 to December 1908. The Fra stands for art. Art is not a thing separate and apart, art is a way. Art is the beautiful way. Art should extend to every function of life, for our environment as well as our actions should be graceful, harmonious, beautiful. The Fra stands for the art of living. Sample contents: How to Live a Hundred Years; Phases of the Boy Problem; Help Mates; Prison Experiences of a Suffragette; Border State Soldier; A Thought is Mental Dynamite; Marriage and Divorce; When the People Rule; Send the Whole Boy to School; and much more. These magazines represent an incredible wealth of Americana.

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