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tion especially ought not to sign these applications unless this Association pass or form some rule by which these things ought to be done. And I know that I was somewhat embarrassed just what to do under the circumstances; yet in this particular instance I thought it might be working a hardship on this man, who I felt was not wholly to blame. Nevertheless, I feel the Grievance Committee has done nothing in these matters which it ought not to have done, and certainly the Supreme Court has not. But in a few cases perhaps there is certain conduct which would warrant the Association and the lawyers generally to extend a helping hand. Under these circumstances I feel that probably the members of the Association ought not to sign these applications unless there was some rule adopted or some concerted action as to what ought to be done in cases of that kind. It certainly is not right to disbar a member who ought to be disbarred and then turn around and undo the work by signing the application for reinstatement, and it seems to me there ought to be some concerted action in that direction.

The President:
Any further remarks, gentlemen ?
Harry N. Haynes:

There is one remark that I would like to make to the committee. I notice in the report that where the committee regarded cases of such lack of gravity as not to require permanent disbarment but of sufficient gravity to, in their judgment, perhaps require censure, the committee did not proceed in court. I desire to inquire whether in cases of that character attention is called to the member who has violated some rule of professional propriety advising him of the committee's investigation and cautioning him as to great care in the future; or what action, if any, out of court, was taken in such cases.

Platt Rogers :

I may say in answer to that inquiry that it has not been the custom of the committee to bring the members of the bar before it to censure or caution them, but it has, however, been done in certain cases, and in a certain sense in other cases—that is, friends of the person against whom charges have been preferred have appeared before the committee. They have learned generally of the character of the charges and have put themselves into communication with the attorneys, and I think in one or two cases at least this may have resulted in some good to the attorney whose name is under consideration. But we have not made that a matter of official record at all.

The President:

Other remarks, gentlemen? Was there any motion made in respect to this report?

Tyson S. Dines:
I move that the report be received and approved.
Motion seconded and carried.

The President:

At this hour a paper was to have been read by Mr. Robert G. Withers. He has been unable to attend and he has sent his address to be read by Mr. Dubbs of the Association.

Henry A. Dubbs then read Mr. Withers' address on "Some Kinks of the Law."

(For address see the appendix.)

The President:
The Association will be in recess until 11 o'clock.
The President:
We will now listen to an address by Mr. Charles W. Water-


Charles W. Waterman of Denver then delivered an address on “Alexander Hamilton.”

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(For address see the appendix.)
The President:

There are some business matters that come before the Association at 12 o'clock, and an address in the afternoon at 3 o'clock,

open to the public. I ask members of the Association to remain for the business meeting at 12 o'clock.

The President:

The gentlemen will please come to the front here to have you all in a body. The report of the Committee on Law Reform.

The Secretary:

Mr. President, I read the report of the Committee on Law Reform.

(For report see the appendix.)
The President:
Any action upon this report, gentlemen ?
Charles E. Gast:
Mr. President, I move the adoption of the report.
Motion seconded.

The President:
Is it nece

cessary to continue the committee?
The Secretary:
It is a standing committee.
The President:

Gentlemen, you have heard the motion. Those in favor will say aye.

Motion carried.

The President:
Report of the Committee on Legal Education.
Charles E. Gast:

Mr. President, that committee at the present time is not in a situation to make a report. It was intended to get together all the statistics and incorporate them into a report relative to admissions to be made to the bar in this state particularly under the late rules promulgated by the Supreme Court. It was impossible to get together all the data in order to make up a report prior to this meeting, and the committee, with the consent of the

Association, will make up a report and ask leave to have it printed among the proceedings of the Association.

The President:

If there is no objection the suggestion of Mr. Gast will be accepted.

(For report see the appendix.)

The President:

Next is the report of the Committee on Legal Biography.

The Secretary:

Mr. President, the chairman of that committee, Mr. Butler, is not here, but I will say there is no report—there having been no deaths in the Association during the past year.

The President:

Committee on the American Bar Association.

The Secretary:

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert, the chairman of the committee from this Association was unable to be here to-day; he therefore wrote to Mr. Charles M. Campbell, the secretary of the joint committees on Entertainment and Arrangements and asked him to make a report to the Association. He has done so in the form of a letter which I will read.

Denver, Colorado, July 6, 1901. Lucius W. Hoyt, Esq., Secretary Colorado Bar Association, Ernest & Cran

mer Building, City:

Dear Sir-Having been informed by Lucius W. Cuthbert, Esq., of this city, that you desire to make some sort of a report at the meeting of the Colorado Bar Association, which is to be held at Manitou on the 9th and 10th insts., as to what has been done by the Committee of the Colorado Bar Association appointed by its President to confer with a like committee of the Colorado members of the American Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association, permit me to refer you to the enclosed invitation, 1,700 of which have been sent to John Hinkley, Esq., Secretary of the American Bar Association, to be mailed by him to the members of that Association.

Permit me to also call your attention to the enclosed circular letter which has been mailed to the Judges of the United States Supreme Court, the Attorney General of the United States, to the Solicitor General of the United States; also to the Judges of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, the Judges of the United States District Court, United States District Attorneys, as well as to all the Judges of the State Supreme Courts, and Attorney Generals of the Middle West, Northwest, and West. Furthermore, this circular letter has been mailed to the Presidents and Secretaries of all the Bar Associations in the United States. I may also add that this circular letter has been mailed to all the Judges, District Attorneys, County Attorneys, and the members of the bar generally in Colorado who are not members of the Association, accompanied by the enclosed card giving information as to nomination and qualification of members in the American Bar Association.

This circular letter has been also mailed to many judges and lawyers in the East and South.

All United States Judges, and Judges of the State Courts in the East and South have been communicated with in reference to the meeting of the American Bar Association, by the Secretary of the American Bar Association.

In closing I take pleasure in writing that I have received letters from all parts of the country which assure that the meeting of the American Bar Association at Denver will be one of the most noteworthy and profitable meetings that the Association has ever held.

Very truly yours,

CHARLES M. CAMPBELL, Secretary Joint Committees on Entertainment and Arrangements.

(Copy of Invitation.)

The Colorado Members of The American Bar Association,
The Colorado Bar Association,

The Denver Bar Association,

Extend an Invitation to
The Members of The American Bar Association,

and the Ladies of Their Families, to an
Excursion to Cripple Creek, Glenwood Springs,

Leadville, Marshall Pass and

Colorado Springs,
August 24, 25, 26 and 27,

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