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(Copy of Circular Letter.)


Archie M. Stevenson, Chairman; Charles M. Campbell, Secretary,
Joint Committees on Entertainment and Arrangements.

16 Hughes Building, Denver, June, 1901. Dear Sir—By direction of the Joint Committees on Entertainment and Arrangements of the Colorado members of the American Bar Association and the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations, I have the pleasure to inform you that the American Bar Association will hold its Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting at Denver, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 21st, 22nd and 23rd of this year. As Denver is easily reached from the East, the South and the Middle West, the Northwest and the West, it is hoped that many members of the bar, who have planned trips to Buffalo and elsewhere, can arrange for a few days in Denver, so as to have the benefits of meeting with the Association. Denver is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and the scenery of the State is unsurpassed. Denver is the commercial center of one of the wealthiest sections of the country, which stretches westward from the · Mississippi and Missouri Rivers to the Pacific Ocean. These facts, as well as the climatic advantages of Colorado render Denver at once convenient and attractive for the meeting of the Association.

In addition to the historical and antiquarian material of Colorado that proves so attractive to the modern inquirer, many lawyers, who visit Colorado for the first time, will be brought in touch with two important systems of law-Mining, and Irrigation Law. These systems of law have not only been the subject of much legislation and frequent litigation within the past twenty years in all of the Rocky Mountain and Trans-Rocky Mountain region, but also afford, notwithstanding their points of resemblance to the legal history of other countries, most instructive examples, not merely of the growth of law, but of the inherent vitality of common law principles and their adaptability to changed conditions and new surroundings.

The sessions of the Association will be held at the Broadway Theater, The headquarters of the Association will be the Brown Palace Hotel.

The Colorado members of the American Bar Association, and the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations will extend an invitation to the members of the American Bar Association and the ladies of their families to make an excursion to Cripple Creek, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, Marshall Pass and Colorado Springs, August 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th.

As the Association has not previously visited a city west of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the choice of Denver as a place of meeting by the Association is an important event for the bar of the West. The honor conferred by the Association upon the State is fully realized and appreciated by the Bar of Colorado, who will not only do everything within their power to make the meeting a memorable one, but will also bespeak for their visiting brethren a cordial reception and a hearty greeting and welcome.

The presence within the State of the Association that has been of so much assistance in the development of professional education, will assure the active personal interest of lawyers and laymen of the State alike in the work and deliberations of the Association, as well as stimulate among the members of the bar of the West that laudable pride and ambition which every lawyer has a right to feel in so great a profession. Trusting that you will be able to attend the meeting, I remain,

Very truly yours,


The Secretary:

The details of the program of the meeting have not yet been -if determined upon-at least made known to anyone that I know of in this community. The qualification for membership is indicated here-perhaps I had better read this card:

NOMINATION OF NEW MEMBERS. Any lawyer who for five years next preceding has been a member in good standing of any State Bar, is qualified for membership in the Amer. ican Bar Association Annual dues are five dollars, for which a member is entitled to attend the annual dinner, as well as receive all publications of the Association free of charge. Annual dues are payable only to Treasurer of Association on notification of election by Secretary of Association. There is no admission fee required. It is desirable that all applications for membership, as far as possible, shall be submitted to the Local Council for Colorado, to be voted upon not later than Monday, August 12th, 1901, so that the recommendations for election made by the Local Council can be referred to the General Council of the American Bar Association at its first session, Wednesday morning, August 21st. For further information apply to or address,

Secretary Local Council Denver, Colo. P. O. Box 771.
The President:
Any action desired ?

The Secretary:

Mr. Chairman, something probably should be done regarding this committee. We have a committee authorized at a previous meeting of the Association, and if this committee is to be continued the Association should at this time so decide; otherwise,

with the closing of the year of the Association this committee will probably be superseded by another. The committee appointed by the President consists of the following: L. M. Cuthbert, J. H. Voorhees, R. H. Whiteley, A. T. Gunnell, E. C. Stimson, Joseph II. Maupin and John A. Ewing.

Charles E. Gast:
I move that the committee be continued.
Motion seconded and carried.
The President:

The next in order is nominations. I am told that it has been the practice to name a committee for making nominations. What is the pleasure of the Association in that respect?

Albert A. Reed:

Mr. President, I move that the President appoint a committee to make the nominations for the various offices to be filled by the Association-a committee of five.

Motion seconded and carried.
The President:

I will name Mr. Gast, Mr. Dines, Mr. Hodges, Mr. Ilood, Mr. Downer. This committee can report at what time this afternoon? Two o'clock?

Charles E. Gast:
Half past two.
The President:
We will expect the committee to report at 2:30.

The next subject in order is the place of meeting next year. Any suggestions upon that subject?

Charles E. Gast:

Mr. President, I move that the next meeting of the Association be held at Colorado Springs, or some place in the immediate vicinity thereof, the particular place and the particular time to be left to the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Motion seconded and carried.

The President:

There are now to be appointed some delegates to the American Bar Association. As the society meets in Denver this year I suppose it is especially desirable that there be delegates.

James W. McCreery:

Mr. Chairman, I move that that matter be referred to the Committee on Nominations, with authority to nominate persons as delegates in the same report officers are nominated.

Charles E. Gast:

I think the rules of the American Bar Association limit to three.

The Secretary:
Not more than three.
The President:

Your motion is that the committee appointed name three persons?

James W. McCreery:
Yes, sir.
Motion seconded and carried.

The Secretary:

We are in receipt of this letter from Mr. A. McDonald, Washingtor, D. C., which requires action:

“The Cairo," Washington, D. C., July 9th, 1901. Moses Hallet, Esq., President Colorado Bar Association, Denver, Colorado:

Dear Sir-I am desirous of getting a few of our leading State Bar and other legal associations to pass a resolution (enclosed) in favor of a laboratory for the study of the criminal, insane and defective classes. Will you be so good as to bring the resolution before your association at its next meeting. The endorsement would be of great assistance here in Washington. Fifteen of the leading Medical Associations have passed the resolution from their point of view.

That the plan has the support of the best specialists may be seen from the enclosed list of those who have written letters in favor of it. The resolution is simply to suggest points that might be acted upon. If


you wish for any of the Government works on enclosed list, kindly let me know. When and where does your association meet?

Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience and thanking you for any thing you can do, I am,

Very respectfully,


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(Resolution enclosed.) Resolved, That we are in favor of the establishment of a PsychoPhysical Laboratory in the Department of the Interior at Washington, for the practical application of physiological psychology to sociological, jurisprudential and abnormal or pathological data, especially as found in insti. tutions for the criminal, pauper and defective classes and in hospitals and also as may be observed in schools and other institutions.

Harry N. Haynes:
I move that we adopt this resolution.
Charles E. Gast:

I do not think, Mr. President, that we ought to adopt that resolution without knowing something about the matter. The fact is that man doesn't know what he wants; that resolution is couched in rag-time, and I don't think we ought to pass it in the absence of more precise information.

Tyson S. Dines:

In order that we may not, possibly, turn down something that may be good when we understand it, I move that the Secretary of the Association be requested to refer this matter to Mr. John F. Shafroth, our member of Congress, for such information as he may be able to obtain for the use of the Association upon that subject.

Motion seconded and carried.

The President:

The Association will be in recess until 2:30.

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