The History of America, Band 4


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Seite 270 - These new adventurers, with the caution natural to men conversant in business, entertained doubts concerning the propriety of founding a colony on the basis of a grant from a private company of patentees, who might convey a right of property in the soil, but could not confer jurisdiction, or the privilege of governing that society which they had in contemplation to establish. As it was only from royal authority...
Seite 123 - Croix finished the term of his viceroyalty in New Spain with unsuspected integrity ; and, instead of bringing home exorbitant wealth, returned with the admiration and applause of a grateful people, whom his government had rendered happy.
Seite 62 - ... hemisphere. According to principles of computation, which appear to be extremely moderate, the quantity of gold and silver that has been regularly entered in the ports of Spain, is equal in value to four millions sterling annually, reckoning from the year 1492, in which America was discovered, to the present time.
Seite 255 - I am not so simple that I understand not, nor so forgetful that I remember not; and yet amidst my many volumes I hope God's Book hath not been my seldomest lectures, in which we find that which by reason (for my part) we ought to believe. ... I see many overbold with God Almighty, making too many subtle scannings of his blessed will, as lawyers do with human testaments.
Seite 55 - Proselytes adopted with such inconsiderate haste, and who were neither instructed in the nature of the tenets to which it was supposed they had given assent, nor taught the absurdity of those which they were required to relinquish, retained their veneration for their ancient Superstitions in full force, or mingled an attachment to its doctrines and rites with that slender knowledge of Christianity which they had acquired.
Seite 136 - Scotland, and his kingdom was not yet fully composed after the commotion excited by a formidable insurrection of his own subjects in the west. An ambassador from Ferdinand of Arragon was then in London ; and as Henry set a high value upon the friendship of that monarch, for whose character he professed much admiration, perhaps from its similarity to his own, and was endeavouring to strengthen their union by negotiating the marriage which afterwards took place between his eldest son and the princess...
Seite 342 - Both are received on the credit of the persons to whom they belong ; and only one instance of fraud is recorded, during the long period in which trade was carried on with this liberal confidence. All the coined silver...
Seite 234 - ... more beneficial and advantageous unto it in the further employment and increase of English shipping and seamen, vent of English woollen and other manufactures and commodities...
Seite 71 - Wealth, which flows in gradually, and with moderate increase, feeds and nourishes that activity which is friendly to commerce, and calls it forth into vigorous and well conducted exertions ; but when opulence pours in suddenly, and with too full a stream, it overturns all sober plans of industry, and brings along with it a taste for what is wild and extravagant and daring m business or in action.
Seite 135 - On their soil and productions, and brought off three of the natives. Continuing his course westward, he soon reached the continent of North America, and sailed along it from the fifty-sixth to" the thirtyeighth degree of latitude, from the coast of Labrador to that of Virginia. As his chief object was to discover some inlet that might open a passage to the west, it...

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