History and Description of the Ancient Town and Borough of Colchester, in Essex, Band 2


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Seite 288 - The oysters are sick after they have their spat ; but in June and July they begin to mend, and in August are perfectly well. The male oyster is black-sick having a black substance in the fin ; the female white-sick having a milky substance in the fin. They are salt in the pits, salter in the layers, saltest at sea.
Seite 289 - When they have taken them, with a knife they gently raise the small brood from the cultch, and then they throw the cultch in again, to preserve the ground for the future, unless they be so newly spat that they cannot be safely severed from the cultch ; in that case they are permitted to take the stone or shell, &c. that the spat is upon, one shell having many times twenty spats. After the month of May it is felony to carry away the cultch, and punishable to take any other oysters, unless it be those...
Seite 433 - There is a vast deal of difference between a new charter granted to a new corporation, (who must take it as it is given,) and a new charter given to a corporation already in being, and acting either under a former charter or under prescriptive usage. The latter, a corporation already existing, are not obliged to accept the new charter in toto, and to receive either all or none of it; they may act partly under it, and partly under their old charter or prescription.
Seite 431 - Colchester still continue to have a right to common, or to vote for members of parliament ?" " I am clear upon principles of law, that the old corporation was not absolutely dissolved and annihilated, though they had lost their magistrates. Where there is a judgment against the corporation itself the case would be of a different consideration.
Seite 289 - These pits, from some quality in the soil co-operating with the heat of the su.i, will become green, and communicate their colour to the oysters that are put into them, in four or five days ; though they commonly let them continue there six weeks or two months, in which time they will be of a dark green.
Seite 288 - In the month of May the oysters cast their spawn (which the dredgers call their spat) ; it is like to a drop of candle, and about the bigness of an halfpenny. The spat cleaves to stones, old oyster-shells, pieces of wood, and such like things at the bottom of the sea, which they call cultch.
Seite 289 - ... the salt water until it is about a foot and a half deep. These pits, from some quality in the soil co-operating with the heat of the sun, will become green, and communicate their colour to...
Seite 281 - Garbally, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, one of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council in Great Britain and also in Ireland, Member of the Committee of the first for the affairs of Commerce and Colonies, Colonel of the Regiment of Militia of the County of...
Seite 431 - The Corporation is not dissolved by the Judgments of Ouster, and subsequent deaths of the Mayor and Aldermen, though they are without their magistrates.
Seite 286 - Grenville committee, appointed to try the election, reported the next day, that the sitting members were duly elected, and that the petition was not frivolous or vexatious.

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