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Ackermann, Miss Jessie, a Character Sketch,

267 Altruist's Corner, The, 47, 100, 151, 200, 256, 307 Among the Weeklies, 39, 95, 144, 191, 252, 302 A New

Utopia, 187

By Clifton M. Nichols.
A School of the Kingdom, 54

By C. A. Kent and Archibald H. Bradshaw,
A Story from Pullmantown, 300

Arranged by Paul Monroe.
Book Reviews, 49, 153, 201, 308
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 271

By James L. Onderdonk.
First American Treaty with Japan, The, 36

By Ernest W. Clement.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 245

By Joseph Cook, LL.D., and James L. Onderdouk. How Rich Have I a Right to Be ? 92

By Walter Rauschenbuscb.
Jew, The: Is It a Question of Religion? 16

By Walter B. Murray.
Labor and the Popular Welfare, 148
Leavitt, Mary Clement, a Character Sketch, 163

By Hazlitt Alva Cuppy. Lincoln, John Larkin, a Character Sketch, 108

By Arthur B. Chaffee, M.A.
Monthly Round-up:

Abroad, 53, 158
Alexander III., 206
A New Departure, 206
Anotber Illustration, 3
Anti-lynching Movement, The, 10
Armenian Massacre, The, 263
Booth, General, 205, 261
Bravo! 104
Breckinridge Defeated, 158
Breckinridge Persists, 104
Carnot, President, 1
Carnot's Successor, 3
Casualities, 159
Catholicism and the Saloon, 51
Catholic Total Abstinence Union, The, 105
Chicago Aroused,

156 Civilization, The Salt of, 1

Monthly Round-up-Continued.

Comte de Paris, The Late, 159
Dionysios Latas, Death of, 158
English Interference, 157
Froude, James Anthony, 209
Goff, John W.,

260 Gold Reserve, The, 53 Helmholtz, The Late Prof., 159 In Brief, 4 Ingersoll Throws Light on What Infidelity

Is-Suicide Justifiable, 105 Japan Progressive and Victorious, 260 Lewis Institute, The, 206 Lottery, The, 2 Municipal Reform, 259 New German Chancellor, A, 209 New Impetus Toward Reform, 156 Newspapers Assuming Conventional Forms,

New York's Mayor, 260
New York's Opportunity, 52
Our Later Development, 155
Party Failure, 104
Political, 159
Providing for the Rainy Day, 106
Pullman Boycott, The End of, 51
Pullman Strike, The, 4
Reform in Philadelphia, 208
Review, The Altruistic, 53, 107, 209
Revolutionary Statesmanship, 262
Strike Among Miners, The, 4
Tariff Legislation, The, 52
The New Bond Issue, 261
Trial, Prof. Ely's, 106
Two Great Gatherings, 52
Union of The Altruistic Review and Qur Dar,

War in the East, The, 158, 207
War in the West, The, 103
What One Man Can Do, 2



Monthly Round-up-Continued.


W. C. T. U. Convention, 262
Woman's Federation of Clubs in Ohio, 209

Woman's Sphere, 4
People's Palace, The, 160

By Francis Handley.
Philanthropy of Administration, 210

By President W. T. Stott, D.D.
Photogravures :

Miss Jessie Ackermann, 267
M. Sadi Carnot, 1
Russell H. Conwell, 1
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1
Emperor of China, 103
Oliver Wendell Holmes, 205
King of Siam, 103
Mary Clement Leavitt, 163
Mikado of Japan, 103
Rev. F. A. Noble, D.D., 259
Rev. C. H. Parkhurst, D.D., 155
Professor David Swing, 213
Bishop J. H. Vincent, 1

Hon. Henry Watterson, 51
Recent Municipal Reform Movements, 219

By H. H. Van Meter.
Soine Articles in the Monthly Magazines and

Reviews, 50, 102, 154, 204, 258, 312 Stead, W. T., as a Practical Reformer, 135

By Dr. Isaac Kay.
Stories in a Nutshell :
A Yellow Aster, 44

By Iota.
Fishin' Jimmy, 195

By Annie Trumbull Slosson.
Struggle for the Life of Others, The, 5

By Prof. Henry Drummond.
Swing, Professor David, a Character Sketchi,

By Rev. John Henry Barrows, D.D., LL.D., Rev. S.
J. McPherson, D.D., Rev. Frank W. Gunsaulus,
D.D., Rev. H. W. Thomas, D.D., and Hazlitt Alva

Tennyson, Personal Recollections of, 13

By R. Pearsal Smith.
Twentieth Century, A Mortgage on the, 117

By Augustine s. Carman, M.A.
Whitman, Walt, a Character Sketcb, 64

By James L. Onderdonk.
A Blue-grass Cycling Tour, 132

By J. B. Carrington.
A Day of the Pinochle Club, 225

By Julian Ralph.
A Last Word on the South Carolina Liquor

Law, 86

By Hon. B. R. Tillman.
An American Utopia, 285

By Edward Porritt.
A New Disease, 30

By Elbert Hubbard.

A Recent Phase of Relief Work, 86
A Social Reformer, 236

By Henry Latchford.
Brownies Through the Union, 186

By Palmer Cox.
Catholic Church and the Saloon, 229

By Most Rev. John Ireland, D.D.
Church and Its Relation to Labor, The, 241

By Mr. A. E. Fletcher.
Coal Mine, In the Depths of a, 126

By Stephen Crane.
Common Sense of Christmas Gifts, The, 295
By Mrs. Margaret Bottome, Mrs. Wm, Tod Hei-
muth, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Grannis and De Wolf

Constitutional Home Rule for Cities, 29

By Wm. H. Hotchkiss.
Cook's Monday Lectures, 242, 243
Cooper, James Fenimore, 133

By Brander Matthews.
Coxeyism, 83

By W. T. 'Stead.
Early Environment in Home Life, 184

By B. O. Flower.
Election Night in the Newspaper Office, 288

By Julian Ralph.
Fads, Hobbies and Recreations of Famous

People, 120, 121
By Frances Willard, Hamilton W. Mabie, Edward

E. Rice and Senator W. A. Peffer.
Faults of the Early Christians as Shown in

the Epistle of James, 298
First Plot to Assassinate Lincoln, 294

By Cleveland Moffett.
Foods in the Year 2000, 175

By Henry J. W. Dam.
French Aid in American Independence, 81

By M. Doniol.
French and Anglo-Saxon Immorality, 283

By Max O'Rell.
Funny Stories, 82, 83
By Hon. Chauncey Depew, Buffalo Bill, Napoleon

Sarony and Beatrice Harraden.
Health, 29

By Eugene Sandow.
Heroine, The Evolution of, 181

By Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen.
High Buildings in England and America, 78

Translated by Alphonse de Caloune.
Higher Evolution of Man, The, 85

By Henry Wood.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 291

By Edward Everett Hale.
How to Purify National Legislation, 127

By Senator Wm. Vincent Allen.
Indictable Art and Corrupt Classics, 241

By Anthony Comstock.
Intemperance, Cure of, 79
In the Land of the Bread-fruits, 35, 131, 175

By F. M. Turner.
In the Hospital, 230

By J. West Roosevelt, M.D.
Labor War in the United States, The, 233

By Mr. J. S. Jeans.

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