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Let him who walketh in high places, when he becomes unclean and filthy in
his life, be relegated to that station and condition which will best fit him for penance,
lest the people be contaminated by his nastiness.


As loyal and devoted subjects of the United States, who recognize that our
standing as a nation depends upon our moral standard as a people, we wish to enter our
protest against the defilement of the sacred ties of home and the purity of womanhood,
as by his own admission has been practiced by W. C. P. Breckinridge during the
past nine years.

For the sake of our country and all that goes to make up its purity and greatness,
we appeal to that spark of the divine which must even yet find lodgment in the heart
of W. C. P. Breckinridge, and we demand that he retire from public life.

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To be detached and forwarded to The Altruistic Review, Chicago, Illinois.

it to be held equally guilty for violating the moral law, kindly sign this petition and send some standard of morality and decency, or if you hold that man and woman should If you are in sympathy with the movement to show public men that they must maintain THE EDITOR OF THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW,

Secure as many signatures as you can.

Blanks furnished free upon application.



With this issue THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW begins Volume III. Probably no other periodical founded in America has made such a record. Not that any great things have been accomplished; but that so much has resulted from such small beginnings.

I wish I might know you all personally, and feel the inspiration and encouragement which would come from a closer relationship.

I would like to tell you how deeply gratified I have been at your generous responses to the appeals made in this REVIEW, especially in the case of W. C. P. Breckinridge, who still persists in soliciting the franchises of the people, and hopes to represent a constituency in the legislative halls of the nation.

His persistence only shows his deeper degradation. Had he the smallest particle of manhood in his make-up, he would, for the sake of example, end his days in private life and repent of having so basely outraged the sanctities of home; of having so cowardly debased young girlhood, and having for nine years lived a lie.

Such a character should stink in the nostrils of all good men. It does. For the sake of humanity let him seclude himself.

But I took up my pen to tell you something about our work, for this is as much your work as mine.


We may well feel some measure of pride in the notable record which has been

Moved by some Power which up to the present I have not been able to stand against, this work was undertaken. I landed in Chicago a month before the first number of this REVIEW was published, and with the sum of $164.00, the full measure of my financial capital. We have had stringent times. In spite of all that has come up, the REVIEW has steadily improved, has been enlarged, and to-day it has its patrons in eight different countries and in almost every state and territory in the Union. Such a record could have been possible only through the endeavors of the many who feel that the ideal aimed at is worthy.

The REVIEW should again be enlarged. The editor needs assistant editors to better bring about the ideals which we all hope to attain in this publication. This can be brought about by doubling, during the next month or two, our present circulation.

Will you engage to add at least one new name to the list? Will any one who reads these lines, if not already a subscriber, become one? And may all our endeavors make toward the higher realization of all that goes to make up true manhood and true womanhood.

"Attempt great things for God."

"Expect great things from God.”

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