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The Altruistic Review Co.,



Will you represent a helper in your district? We want to come in touch with all movements for good. We can only do this if we have on our books some one from every territory who will keep us posted as to all that is progressive. Write “yes” or “no” in this blank...

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Inclosed please find


for which send THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW for one year.


P. O.


State of

Subscription $2.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Postage to any foreign country in the Universal Postal Union 60 cents a year additional.



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* Any one sending a club of four new subscribers (4 at one time) and $8 will be entitled to one subscription free. WHAT PEOPLE SAY.


Count Bernstorff (Berlin):

Rev. Dr. Bolton: I think your plan a very good one.

Your excellent magazine is before me. It has Thomas Wentworth Higginson :

the right ring, and promises to be of real service The suggestion seems to me a good one.

to the busy readers of this hour.

Rev. F. W. Gunsaulus, D.D.:
Joseph Cook:
Your purpose, as to a magazine, is certainly

There can be no question concerning the poble.

worthiness of your purpose, and the nobility of C. J. Peer (London):

your success.

Rev. Dr. Withrow: Indeed a most refreshing mouthful of good things.

Your aim is excellent, and my good wishes are

for your success. Prof. R. M. Campbell (Winfield, Kan.):

Rev. P. S. Henson, D.D.: THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW will win anywhere

I trust your effort may be a pronounced sucon its own merits.

It ought to be, and I am greatly pleased Ballington Booth:

with your initial number. I wish the new-comer long life, and much usefulness in the field of Americau journalism.

George Dana Boardman, D.D., LL.D.:

Be of good cheer; you are on the right track. Rev. 0. P. Gifford, D.D. (Chicago):

I congratulate you on the pronounced success of I have read the REVIEW with great interest,

your REVIEW. and am delighted with it.

W. T. Stead, founder of Review of Reviews : Cornell University :

I am extremely interested in your enterprise. Future numbers will gladly be received and I shall be delighted to give you any help I can. preserved for reference.

I have read the numbers of your REVIEW with Pres. W. T. Stott, D.D. (Franklin College): great interest.

Inclosed please find $2.00 for Vol. II. Every Prof. James Bryce, M.P.: number seems to be better than the last, and I I have to thank you for a copy of THE ALTRUmost earnestly wish for your complete success ISTIC REVIEW.

The object you have in in so worthy an enterprise.

view is an excellent one, and the efforts you are Professor David Swing :

making cannot fail to do good. There must be a Your REVIEW grows rapidly in value. It is

large circle of readers in sympathy with your to me delightful.

aims. Leader, Springfield, Ohio:

Prof. Geo. B. Bergen (Elgin): It is ably edited and admirably arranged. All

The faculty and students of Elgin Academy scholarly people will appreciate this magazine. greatly enjoy THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW, which

lies on our reading-table. H. G. Garrett, in Daily Journal, Pa.:

Librarian Iowa College: It is a monthly which should find a place on

I have been much interested in the numbers the table of every minister or professional man.

of THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW sent to this college. M. Leon Drugman, Ph.D. (Rio de Janeiro):

Ohio State University: I read your REVIEW with great interest. I

The copies of your excellent ALTRUISTIC wish you every success in your new venture.

REVIEW have been read with great interest. We Rev. F. A. Noble, D.D.:

shall be very thankful to receive it, and can The times have suggested the idea of an assure you it will be well used and appreciated ALTRUISTIC REVIEW and made it possible. It by our students. would seem as though the times demand the The College of the City of New York: issuing of such a REVIEW.

We find yours a very worthy publication.

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Pres. John H. Finley, Ph.D. (Knox College

Ed. Charities Review): May I expect you to continue to send me your periodical during the coming year in exchange for the Charities Review Such a favor will be greatly appreciated. I am the more anxious to make this exchange because it gives our students here an opportunity to see and read your periodical. Rev. Wm. M. Lawrence, D.D.:

The principles which underlie THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW are excellent. The copies which I have seen are most assuring. I have been much interested in favor of the REVIEW, and shall be greatly pleased at its success. It has manifested unusual discretion in the selecting of its topics, as well as its choice of those who write them. William Dean (San Diego, Cal.):

I am pleased with your motto. There has come to be something like Noah's flood of waters-a flood of books, pamphlets and papers, so that it requires a pilot to point out what is worth reading. In looking over your sample copy, the style seems pure enough for a sage to read, and simple enough for a school-boy to understand, and the contributors indicate that the articles will be worth remembering. Fred E. Morgan, B.A. (Central University):

I regard THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW as a faithful herald of the dawn of a nobler brotherhood. I sincerely trust that you may find an answering chord in the heart of every true American.

Prof. J. Henry Thayer (Harvard):

Relative to THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW, permit me to say that lists and summaries of the best current publications treating topics of general interest to students and thinkers have become well nigh a necessity, a necessity the imperativeness of which bids fair to increase rather than abate. Prof. H. B. Adams (Johns Hopkins University):

I think so well of THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW that I wish you would send me a bound copy of Vol. I., for which I will remit. The spirit of your REVIEW is excellent, and it cannot fail to accomplish great good, not only in Chicago, but throughout the country. Watauga Valley News :

It is replete with good cheer, and an intellectual feast from first page to the last, without a dull paragraph in it. Indianapolis News:

It is a monthly record of whatever is worth remembering.

The Journal of Education (London):

It gives a digest of all standard reviews and magazines. Kansas City Gazette:

All the features of this excellent magazine are distinctively original and characteristic. It is a publication well worth any one's subscription, Indiana Baptist:

It is a pleasure to notice from month to month the steady improvement in this unique publication. Review of Reviews:

It will attempt to "organize the good impulses of the world." It prints letters breathing good will from Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Stead and others. Daily Journal (Middletown, Pa.):

It is composed of the best taken from the best, and is highly recommended by all the leading educators of the world. Rockville Tribune:

It is a neat and attractive publication. The Star (Franklin, Ind.):

The matter to be treated finds place in no other magazine. W. A. Harris, D.D. (President Virginia College):

We appreciate your REVIEW. It occupies a new field of advanced thought. It is destined, I hope, to accomplish great results as a powerful and beneficent force in developing and quickening all the best elements of human progress. A. B. Chaffee, M.A.:

The January REVIEW is just in. It is fine. It grows, as wine, better with age. Permit me to congratulate you. The Old Homestead:

THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW is full of good things. The photogravures are excellent.

It is an inspiration to have such a work outlined on the literary horizon. It has the glow of the East. Its warmth is already felt. The greater day is coming.

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Mme. Marie Le Poids (Paris):

Nous avons lu vos journaux avec beaucoup d'interet et nous faisons les meilleurs voeux pour que vos efforts soient couronnes de succes.



“ Attempt great things for God.”
« Expect great things from God."

Through the interest taken in those who are attempting to become self-made men and women—and these are the hope of the nation—by Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick, we are now able to afford every energetic young person an opportunity of earning a free scholarship at a large number of leading institutions. We want you to represent the REVIEW, the LADIES Home COMPANION and FARM AND Fireside. A few months ago we expressed the hope that 1,000 worthy young people would take up this work. A large proportion of the 1,000 have already signified their intention of taking up the work, and there now remains little doubt but that by the middle of June 1,000 students will be in the field. The daily returns which are coming in would encourage any one to take up the work. Mothers are taking subscriptions to add to the club of the loved son or daughter. Fathers and friends are taking a name here and there, "to encourage the boy or the girl, you know.”


IF Five Subscribers a Day for Thirty Days

will Give You a Whole College Year FREE! There is no longer any excuse. Every boy and girl can obtain an education. If you have

any grit or energy you can go through college. The plan is meeting with such favor that there is little doubt but that 1,000 young people

will enter college in September at our expense. Shall you or one of your friends be

among that number? Tell your friends who long for the advantages of an education, but who have not the means.

We will help you, your friends will help you, Providence will help you if you are in real earnest. We are going to help one thousand young men and women to enter college next September-an array of Altruistic workers who will graduate in a few years to devote their lives toward making the world better. Write at once and be one of the first hundred. Remember that

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SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, or CHICAGO, ILL. THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW is indorsed by Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Professor

James Bryce, M.P., Ex-President Harrison, Professor H. B. Adams, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, W. T. Stead, Edward Everett Hale, Ballington Booth, Joseph Cook, Rev. George Dana Boardman, D.D., LL.D., Prof. David Swing, Rev. Drs. Henson, Noble, Withrow, Thomas, Gunsaulus, etc.

THE ONLY MAGAZINE OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD. 'In everything it points to higher ideals. Send for sample copy and begin work at once.

Join the Student's Self-Help Association, and win your own way through school. Address THE ALTRUISTIC REVIEW.

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