A Collection of the Public General Statutes Passed in the ... Year of the Reign of ...

G. W. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, Printers to the Queen, 1852

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Seite 1 - Treasury to direct, in respect of such Rights, Titles, Claims, or Demands, such Payments or Transfers as Circumstances may require. CAP. IV. An Act to indemnify such Persons in the United Kingdom as have omitted to qualify themselves for Offices and Employments, and to extend the Time limited for those Purposes respectively. [20th April 1852.]
Seite 30 - the Fourth, intituled An Act to provide for the Regulation of Municipal 'Corporations in England and Wales, or in any other Act or Acts, to the contrary notwithstanding ; and every Justice who shall adjudge any Penalty under this Act shall, within Four Days at the farthest, report the same to the
Seite 132 - or as Compensation for such Enfranchisement, shall be applied in manner hereafter provided ; (that is to say,) shall, at the Option of the Person for the Time being entitled as aforesaid, be paid into the Bank of England in the Name and with the Privity of the Accountant General of the Court of
Seite 358 - LII. In this Act the following Words and Expressions shall have the several Meanings hereby assigned to them, unless there be something in the Subject or Context repugnant to such Construction ; that is to say, " Parish" shall mean every Place having separate Overseers of the Poor, and separately maintaining its own Poor
Seite 68 - the Court until it shall be duly approved ; neither will I, upon any account, at any Time whatsoever, disclose or discover the Vote or Opinion of any particular Member of the Courtmartial, unless required to give Evidence thereof as a Witness by a Court of Justice or a Court-martial
Seite 25 - of such Clerk, or by the Clerk of the convicting Magistrates, shall, upon Proof of the Identity of the Person of the Offender, be sufficient Evidence of the First Conviction, without Proof of the Signature or official Character of the Person appearing to have signed the same
Seite 229 - of Amendment, and Proceedings consequent thereon, or as near thereto as the Circumstances of the Case will admit, as in the Case of Amendments of Variances under an Act of Parliament passed in the Session of Parliament, held in the Third and Fourth Years of
Seite 115 - thing done in pursuance of this Act, if Tender of sufficient Amends shall have been made before such Action brought, or if, after Action brought, a sufficient Sum of Money shall have been paid into Court, by or on behalf of the Defendant. LXXXI. No Action or Suit shall be commenced against any Emigration Officer, his
Seite 150 - VII. Every Report which such Commissioners make to Her Majesty in pursuance of this Act shall be laid before Parliament within One Calendar Month next after such Report is made, if Parliament be then sitting, or if Parliament be not then sitting, then within One Calendar Month next after the then next Meeting of Parliament.
Seite 79 - Meaning of the said Acts, may be lawfully appropriated to public Purposes for the Benefit ' of the Colonies within which they may have respectively arisen ; and it is expedient that ' such Doubts should be removed :' Be it therefore declared and enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty,

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