The Second Book of History: Including the Modern History of Europe, Africa, and Asia

Carter, Hendee and Company, 1832 - 180 Seiten

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Seite 34 - ... had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, he would not have given me over in my gray hairs.
Seite 41 - Age, as we were told, very Majestic; her Face oblong, fair, but wrinkled; her Eyes small, yet black and pleasant; her Nose a little hooked; her Lips narrow; and her Teeth black (a Defect the English seem subject to, from their too great Use of Sugar); she had in her Ears two Pearls, with very rich Drops; she wore false Hair, and that red...
Seite 27 - Ternois at Blangi, he was surprised to observe from the heights the whole French army drawn up in the plains of Agincourt, and so posted that it was impossible for him to proceed on his march without coming to an engagement.
Seite 30 - Here, my friend, I commit to your care the safety of your king's son.
Seite 30 - Margaret, flying with her son into a forest, where she endeavoured to conceal herself, was beset, during the darkness of the night, by robbers, who, either ignorant or regardless of her quality, despoiled her of her rings and jewels, and treated her with the utmost indignity. The partition of this rich booty raised a quarrel among them ; and while their attention was thus engaged, she took the opportunity of making her escape with her son, into the thickest of the forest, where she wandered for some...
Seite 10 - They considered the oak as the emblem or rather the peculiar residence of the Almighty; and accordingly chaplets of it were worn both by the Druids and people in their religious ceremonies ; the altars were strewed with its leaves, and encircled with its branches ; the fruit of it, especially the misletoe, was thought to contain a divine virtue, and to be the peculiar gift of heaven.
Seite 42 - A conduct less rigorous, less imperious, more sincere, more indulgent to her people, would have been requisite to form a perfect character. By the force of her mind, she controlled all her more active and stronger qualities, and prevented them from running into excess : Her heroism was exempt from temerity, her frugality from avarice, her friendship from partiality, her active temper from turbulency and...
Seite 79 - The church and Dr. Sacheverel." The clergy were actuated by a spirit of enthusiasm, which seemed to spread like a contagion through all ranks and degrees of people, and had such effect...
Seite 140 - ... the assembly. 3. Gustavus IV., son of the former, now succeeded to the' throne, under the regency of the duke of Sudermania. In 1800, he joined the Northern Confederacy against England, but made peace with that power the next year. In 1805, he united with Austria and Russia, in the war against France. He soon after, lost Pomerania and Rugen, and in 1808, Finland, which was conquered by Russia. He was dethroned in 1809, and the crown given to the duke of Sudermania. § The conduct of...
Seite 40 - Effingham, a man of courage and capacity, was admiral, and took on him the command of the navy : Drake, Hawkins, and Frobisher, the most renowned seamen in Europe, served under him. The principal fleet was stationed at Plymouth.

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