Nugæ Antiquæ: Being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers in Prose and Verse: Written in the Reigns of Henry VIII. Queen Mary, Elizabeth, King James, &c

J. Dodsley and T. Shrimpton, Bath, 1779

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Seite 128 - Majesty then got up and would dance with the Queen of Sheba, but he fell down and humbled himself before her and was carried to an inner chamber and laid on a bed of state...
Seite 130 - I will now, in good sooth, declare to you, who will not blab, that the gunpowder fright is got out of all our heads, and we are going on, hereabouts, as if the devil was contriving every man should blow up himself, by wild riot, excess, and devastation of time and temperance.
Seite 264 - I wish I waited now in her presence-chamber, with ease at my food and rest in my bed. • I am pushed from the shore of comfort, and know not where the winds and waves of a court will bear me ; I know it bringeth little comfort on earth ; and he is, I reckon, no wise man that looketh this way to heaven.
Seite 257 - ... a lance with much skill. The day well nigh spent, the queen went and tasted a small beverage, that was set out in divers rooms where she might pass, and then, in much order, was attended to her palace, the cornets and trumpets sounding through the streets.
Seite 323 - King in supreme acts is not to be advised by men of whom the law takes no notice, but by his Parliament, the Great Council of the Kingdom, in whom — as much as man is capable of — he hears all his people, as it were, at once advising him, and in which multitude of...
Seite 3 - ... as long for it; then excufed himfelf to me that he could no better call to mind myfelf, and fome of my friends that had done him fome courtefy in England ; and been oft in his company at my Lord of Ormonds ; faying thefe troubles had made him forget almoft all his friends.
Seite 121 - I pede fausto ; but having good reason to thinke your highnesse had goode will and likinge to reade what others have tolde of my rare dogge, I will even give a brief historic of his goode deedes...
Seite 128 - In some sort she made obeisance and brought gifts, but said she would return home again, as there was no gift which heaven had not already given his Majesty. She then returned to Hope and Faith, who were both sick and spewing in the lower hall.
Seite 64 - Essex's honour of knighthood. She is quite disfavoured and unattired, and these troubles waste her much. She disregardeth every costly cover that cometh to the table, and taketh little but manchet and succory potage. Every new message from the city doth disturb her, and she frowns on all the ladies.
Seite 322 - But the king, misled by evil counsellors, or through a seduced heart, hath left his parliament, under God the best assurance of his crown and family. The maintaining of this schism is the ground of this unhappy war on your part, and what sad effects it hath produced in the three kingdoms is visible to all men.

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