The Odes, Epodes, and Carmen seculare of Horace, Band 1

C. Hitch & L. Hawes, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Ward, G. Keith, J. Wren, P. Stevens, S. Crowder and Company, P. Davey and B. Law, J. Marshall, and T. Field, 1760

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Seite iii - Wardens, and Company of Stationers, are to take Notice, that due Obedience may be rendered to our Will and Pleasure herein declared.
Seite xxv - Immodest words admit of no defence ; For want of decency is want of sense.
Seite 86 - In some accounts it had the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon.
Seite iii - Prefents, fo far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that Behalf made and provided, grant unto...
Seite 347 - Vernique, jam nimbis remotis, Infolitos docuere nifus Venti paventem; mox in ovilia Demifit hoftem vividus impetus; Nunc in reluftantes dracones Egit amor dapis, atque pugnae: Qualemve laetis caprea pafcuis Intenta, fulvae matris ab ubere Jam lafte depulfum...
Seite 414 - Thefe lafted till the next Day, when the noble Matrons, at the Hour appointed by the Oracle, went to the Capitol to fmg Hymns to Jupiter.
Seite 67 - Conditum leyi, datus in theatro Cum tibi plaufus, Care Maecenas eques ; ut paterni Fluminis ripae, fimul et jocofa Redderet laudes tibi Vaticani Montis imago. Caecubum, et praelo domitam Caleno Tu bibes uvam : mea nec Falernae Temperant vites, neque Formiani IN DIANAM ET APOLLINKM.
Seite 413 - BEATUS ille, qui procul negotiis, Ut prifca gens mortalium, Paterna rura bobus exercet fuis, Solutus omni fœnore.
Seite 89 - Me quoque devexi rapidus comes Orionis Illyricis Notus obruit undis. At tu, nauta, vagae ne parce malignus arenae Offibus...
Seite 414 - Quindccemviri, commanded three altars to be raised on the bank of the Tiber, which they sprinkled with the blood of three lambs, and then proceeded to burn the offerings and the victims ; after this they marked out a space of ground for a...

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