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P. 2, note 2. • Auctoritatem apostolicam’should be a new quotation.
P. 4, line 12 de Lardar' should be bracketed.
P. 12, last side-note, read Oct. 4.
P. 17, read Lavagna. Add to note: must be Chinchius.'
P. 23, first heading, read Register sede vacante, A.D. 1296–1298; in side-

note, July 3; line 7, to 'electus,' append note: Archbishop Newark el.
May 7, 1296, cons. June 15, 1298, so that these extracts belong to the

period sede vacante. P. 34, lower side-note, read in præbendam. P. 42, ib., read clerici. P. 65, headline, omit (II). P. 77, add to note: See further in Fasti Ebor. 391, 393, 395 n. P. 93, line 11, read le Smale. P. 109, note 1, read 6 Edw. P. 124 n. Marlpas or Malpas is the same as Malerpast. P. 148, line 5. Append note to "duæ': The archbishop seems to be

included, unless there be a clerical error here. Line 6, read (septem

persone). P. 158, line 13, the order should be, William, John, Wilfrid, see p. 164. P. 175, side-note, for 1537 read 1539. P. 194, line 29, read Rugmere. P. 194 and 238. It is remarkable if Scrope succeeded Fenrother both at

Catton and in two stalls at Ripon. * Sharow' in Bowet’s Reg. is probably a clerical error, and if so, both men go out of Sharow p. 238,

and Brommesgrove probably succeeded Ilermesthorpe there. P. 199, line 19. To ‘Monkton'append note: This is the third different

prebend in the same church that he is said to have held. There may

be clerical errors somewhere. P. 218, line 5 &c. from end should be : 1460, April 19, Edm. Chaderton,

of the diocese of Cov, and Lich., ordained acolyte in the chapel at Scrooby by John Green, bishop of the Isles; subdeacon, September 20

following. See Test. Ebor. iv. 67 n. P. 224. WILL. DE GRENFELD ought perhaps to precede Rad. de Stanford.

See corrigenda to p. 199. P. 238, line 34, read Le Scrop. P. 263, line 37, read Whitaker. P. 281, line 3, to preferments' append note : Dugdale mentions one Lindale

as subdean 1630. See above, i. 91n. P. 284, line 24, p. 304, line 16, for Queen's read Queens'. P. 287, line 21, for Chr. Lyndall read Anth. Higgin.


P. 323. Mr. Darnbrough has communicated the following interesting Will of Robert Hutton :

“In the name of God, Amen, the xiiiith daie of Aprill, anno D'ni, a thowesande five hundreth eightie-two, and in the xxiiih year of the reyne of our Sou'ayne ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God, quene of England, France, and Ireland &c. I Robert Hutton of Rippon in the countie of York, clerk, one of the mynisters of the collegiat church of Rippon, within the saide countie of York, beinye sicke in bodie, yet in good and p'fect remembrances, thanks be unto Almightie god, do ordeine, and make this present testament, my last will, in man' and forme followinge: ffirst I give my soule unto Almightie god, my Savoure and redeemer, and my bodie to be buried within the church yard of St. Peter and Wilfrid of Rippon aforesaide. Item I give and bequethe unto my wiffe, and Alexander my sone, all my goods and cattels, Rights, creditts, moveable and unmoveable whatsoever, equallie to be devided betwene them. Item I do give unto Sir Alexander Bannantyne, my fellow mynister, the tutorshipp and government of my said sone, and all his porc'on until he come to lawful aige, and he to dwell, and to be brought upp with his mother, and to be well and honestlie used at the sight of the saide S’ Alexander his godfather, and if it chance that she like not thereof, at any tyme, that then the child to be committed unto the custodie government of the said S' Alexander his godfather, until the term of his lawful aige, and if it fortune that my sone to dye before he come to laweful aige, then I will that his porc'on of goods to be equallie devided, the one halfe to the said Sir Alexander, and the other halfe to my said wiff.

Also I give to my brethren the mynisters of the church, to every one of them viii., and to ev'ry one of the clerks iiia. Item I give unto Margaret Haryson my doughter in lawe iiiis. Of this my saide last will and testament, I do ordeine and make my saide wiffe and my sone myne executors jointlie together. These witness, Alexander Bannantyne, Nicholas Dixon, Willm. Suthill, James Adleson, and others. Et nono die mensis Augusti, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo octogesimo secundo, decanus de Rippon certificavit de approbacione hujusmodi testamenti per testes in eodem nominatos, juratos, etc. Commissaque fuit administracio bonorum ejusdem Helenæ relictæ dicti defuncti, coexecutrici eodem testamento nominatæ, juratæ, etc. et Salvo jure cujuscumque-reservato, etc."

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THE series of Archbishops' Registers at York is complete from A.D. 1225 to the present time, with the exception of a break of ten years after the death of Archbishop Gray in 1255. The first, that of Archbishop Gray, is contained in two rolls called major and minor, a description of which will be found in Canon Raine's Preface to his edition of it. (Surtees Soc. vol. lvi.) The rest are in folio volumes, some of which are very bulky, written on vellum. The present series of notes and extracts has been made with especial reference to the Collegiate Church and the Hospitals of Ripon; but much will be found to illustrate the secular jurisdiction of the Archbishops in that ancient Liberty. No attempt has been made to include all the collations, etc., recorded in the Registers and noted by Torre.

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1230. Jun. 19.

mus of


The first ten years are missing. Rot. Major

Mens. Jul. Omnibus, etc. Inspectis cartis dilectorum in dorsoz 54'. filiorum capituli Ripon de quinque libris ceræ a Johanne filio Inspexi

Hugonis de Winkesse et ipsius hæredibus, et tribus libris ceræ

a Willelmo filio Hugonis de Winkesse, et ipsius hæredibus, charters for annuatim reddendis ; inspectis etiam cartis Alduse quondam providing

uxoris Roberti Sueini, et cartis Willelmi filii ejus et Aldelinæ Light at de Prestele, de uno tofto ad sustentacionem luminis tumbæ of 'st. Wil. Beati Wilfridi de consensu capituli perpetuo assignatis, assig

nacionem tam ceræ prædictæ quam tofti ad lumen tumbæ gratam habentes, ipsam concedimus et auctoritate pontificali confirmamus, et præsentis scripti nostri patrocinio communimus, sub pæna excommunicacionis firmiter inhibentes ne ad alios usus quisquam ullo tempore prædicta convertere præsumat. Quod ut ratum, etc. Dat. apud Ripon' per manum magistri Simonis, xiij kal. Jul. anno xv.

the tomb



Nov. 13.
of the
Church of

in the Church of

Rotulus Omnibus etc. (Christi fidelibus ad quas præsens scriptum Major 219,

pervenerit]? W[alterus] Dei gracia, etc. [Ebor. archiepiscopus, A.D. 1230. Angliæ primas, salutem in Domino). Cum dilecti filii R., abbas

et conventus Sanctæ Agathæ jus patronatus et ordinacionem perpetuo duraturam ecclesiæ de Steinweg nobis concessissent, nos, de assensu et voluntate R.3 decani et capituli Beati Petri

Ebor., de prædicta ecclesia ita ordinavimus. Videlicet quod Portion ag- totam porcionem quam in ordinacione nostra inter dictos

assigned for a abbatem et conventum et magistrum Laurencium de Toppclive . prebendary

factam eidem magistro Laurencio assignaveramus, ecclesiæ Ripon, who Ripon in præbendam assignamus; statuentes ut quicunque shall be

illius præbendæ fuerit canonicus, sit rector chori et perpetuo residens in eadem ; concedentes, ut supra [etiam ut prædicta

(1) The marginal numbers here used are those which were inserted by Torre.

(2) The words in brackets are supplied by Canon Raine (Gray's Reg. p. 51) from MS. Lansdowne, ccccii. 54a, where we find that this grant was confirmed by Alexander IV. id. Jan. anno 1 (1255). The bull is printed above, vol. i. p. 111. The Lansdowne MS. reads "Staynwegg' in Ripon’’; dummodo nullum per hoc hiis qui auctoritatem apostolicam '; eciam omnino,' and has some little differences in the order of the words.

(3) Roger de Insula occurs 1221 and 1226. He died 1230 or '35. Le Neve.

ruler of the choir.

tion as to

portio a præstationibus et consuetudinibus episcopalibus et archidiaconalibus libera sit et immunis. Ita tamen quod in Reservaejusdem parochianis salva nobis sit et successoribus nostris et

jurisdicar id' excessuum correctio (et) plenaria jurisdictio, quas tion. ejusdem ecclesiæ capellani archidiaconis, officialibus, vel decanis nostris, denuncient, ipsorumque mandatis, invocationibus, et coercionibus faciendis reverenter pareant et devote. In propriis autem ipsius portionis hominibus eandem, quam aliæ ecclesiæ Ripon' præbendæ habent, concedimus libertatem]. Quod ut ratum, etc. [et stabile perseveret in posterum, præsens scriptum sigillo nostro, una cum sigillo capituli Ebor., fecimus communiri]. Actum ut supra. Teste ut supra. [Teste ejusdem ecclesiæ capitulo. Actum in majore ecclesia Ebor., id. Novembris, anno Domini mocco tricesimo.]

A.D. 1232.


Omnibus, etc. w. divina miseracione, etc. Noveritis nos (239)

( ordinacione qua ecclesiam de Stainwegges præbendam Ripon’ Sept. 30. ecclesiæ constituimus, ac immunitatem ac libertatem illi con- Staincessam, Archidiacono Richem. qui pro tempore fuerit, reservasse wegges. in parochiis prædictæ ecclesiæ, exceptis propriis hominibus The Church ipsius ecclesiæ, excessuum correccionem et plenariam juris- made a

prebend in diccionem, quorum excessus capellani ejusdem ecclesiæ archi- Ripon, with diaconis et eorum officialibus atque decanis denuncient, ipso- to the archrumque mandatis, invocacionibus, et choercionibus faciendis re- deacons of

Richmond. verenter pareant et devote. Quod ne in posterum vertatur in dubium, præsenti scripto nostro id duximus protestandum. Dat. apud Torp, pridie kal. Octobr. anno xvijo.

Consimilis indulgencia concessa est ecclesiæ Ripon', archi- (278) 1

A.D. 1233. (1) This refers to an indulgence for Southwell, printed in Raine, p. 64,

Nov. 27. as follows:-ccclxxvii. TORP, 9 kal. Dec. xix.-W. Dei gratia, etc., venerabilibus fratribus episcopis et dilectis filiis, universis archidiaconis, etc. Quoniam, ut ait Apostolus, omnes stabimus ante tribunal Christi recepturi prout in corpore gessimus, sive bonum fuerit sive malum, oportet nos diem messionis extremæ misericordiæ operibus prævenire, ac æternorum intuitu seminare in terris quod, reddente Domino, cum multiplicato fructu recolligere debeamus in coelis. Cum igitur facultates ecclesiæ Suwell' ad inceptæ dudum fabricæ consummationem non sufficiant, ac dominus papa omnibus qui de bonis sibi a Deo collatis ad constructionem dictæ fabricæ grata (subsidia] impenderent, confessis et vere pænitentibus, viginti dies de injuncta sibi poenitentia relaxaverit, u[niversitatem] vestram ro[gamus) attente et exhor(tamur] in Domino quatenus subditos vestros mo[neatis] et efficaciter inducatis, ut de bonis sibi a Deo collatis pias elem[osinas] et grata caritatis subsidia ad hoc studeant erogare, ut per subventionem suam opus hujusmodi

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