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Sancte Gregori, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Johannes, ora pro

Sancte Wilfride, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sancti Confessores, orate pro nobis.
Sancta Agatha, ora pro

nobis. Sancta Agnes, ora pro nobis.

Sancta Cæcilia, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sanctæ Virgines, orate pro nobis.
Omnes Sancti, orate pro nobis.

Kyrie eleyson. Christe eleyson.
Christe audi nos.
Sancta Virgo virginum, ora pro nobis.

Sancte Raphael, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sancti Angeli et Archangeli, orate pro nobis.
Omnes sancti Patriarchæ et Prophetæ, orate pro nobis.

Sancte Bartholomæe, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Jacobe, ora pro nobis.

Sancte Matthæe, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sancti Apostoli et Evangelistæ, orate pro nobis.

Sancte Vincenti, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Georgi, ora pro nobis.

Sancte Dionysi, cum sociis, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sancti Martyres, orate pro nobis.

Sancte Augustine, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Willelme, ora pro nobis.

Sancte Cuthberte, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sancti Confessores, orate pro nobis.
Sancta Lucia, ora pro

nobis. Sancta Petronilla, ora pro nobis.

Sancta Juliana, ora pro nobis.
Omnes sanctæ Virgines, orate pro nobis :

Omnes Sancti, orate pro nobis.
Propitius esto: parce nobis, Domine.
Ab omni malo, libera nos, Domine.
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine.
Per mysterium sanctæ Incarnationis tuæ, libera nos, Domine.
Per Passionem et Crucem tuam, libera nos, Domine.
Per sanctam Resurrectionem tuam, libera nos,

Domine. Per admirabilem Ascensionem tuim, libera nos, Domine.

Per gratiam Sancti Spiritus Paracliti, libera nos, Domine.
In die Judicii, libera nos, Domine.
Peccatores, Te rogamus, audi nos.

Ut pacem et concordiam nobis dones ; Te rogamus, audi nos.
Ut sanctam ecclesiam tuam regere ac defensare digneris; Te rogamus,

audi nos.

Ut domnum apostolicum et omnes gradus ecclesiæ in sancta religione

conservare digneris ; Te rogamus, audi nos. Ut archiepiscopum nostrum et omnem congregationem sibi commissam

in sancta religione conservare digueris ; Te rogamus, audi



Ut cunctum populum Christianum pretioso sanguine tuo redemptum conservare digneris ; Te rogamus,

audi Ut gratiam Sancti Spiritus cordibus nostris infundere digneris; Te

rogamus, audi nos. Ut cunctis fidelibus defunctis requiem æternam donare digneris; Te

rogamus, audi nos.
Ut nos exaudire digneris; Te rogamus, audi nos.
Fili Dei; Te rogamus, audi nos.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi; Parce nobis, Domine.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi; Exaudi nos, Domine.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi; Miserere nobis.


Dominus vobiscum.
Initium sancti Evangelii secundum Matthæum.
Gloria tibi, Domine.

Liber generationis Jesu Christi filii David, filii Abraham. Abraham genuit Isaac. Isaac autem genuit Jacob. Jacob autem genuit Judam, et fratres ejus. Judas autem genuit Phares et Zaram de Thamar. Phares autem genuit Esrom. Esrom autem genuit Aram. Aram autem genuit Aminadab. Aminadab autem genuit Naason. Naason autem genuit Salmon. Salmon autem genuit Booz de Raab. Booz autem genuit Obed ex Ruth. Obed autem genuit Jesse. Jesse autem genuit David regem. David autem rex genuit Salomonem ex ea quæ fuit Uriæ. Salomon autem genuit Roboam. Roboam autem genuit Abiam, Abia autem genuit Asam. Asa autem genuit Josaphat. Josaphat autem genuit Joram. Joram autem genuit Oziam. Ozias autem genuit Joathan. Joathan autem genuit Achaz. Achaz autem genuit Ezechiam. Ezechias autem genuit Manassem. Manasses autem genuit Amon. Amon autem genuit Josiam. Josias autem genuit Jechoniam et fratres ejus, in transmigratione Babylonis. Et post transmigrationem Babylonis Jechonias genuit Salathiel. Salathiel autem genuit Zorobabel. Zorobabel autem genuit Abiud. Abiud autem genuit Eliachim. Eliachim autem genuit Azor. Azor autem genuit Sadoch. Sadoch autem genuit Achim. Achim autem genuit Eliud. Eliud autem genuit Eleazar. Eleazar autem genuit Mathan. Mathan autem genuit Jacob. Jacob autem genuit Joseph virum Mariæ, de qua natus est Jesus, qui vocatur Christus.


Dominus vobiscum.
Sequentia sancti Evangelii secundum Lricam.
Gloria tibi,

Domine. Factum est autem cum baptizaretur omnis populus, et Jesu baptizato et orante, apertum est cælum; et descendit Spiritus Sanctus corporali specie sicut columba in ipsum : et vox de cælo facta est; Tu es filius meus dilectus, in te complacuit mihi. Et ipse Jesus erat incipiens quasi annorum triginta, ut putabatur, filius Joseph, Qui fuit Heli, qui fuit Mathat, qui fuit Levi, Qui fuit Melchi, qui fuit Janne, qui fuit Josephi, Qui fuit Mathathiæ, qui fuit Amos, qui fuit Nahum, Qui fuit Hesli, qui fuit Nagge, qui fuit Mathat, Qui fuit Mathathiæ, qui fuit Semei, qui fuit Joseph, Qui fuit Juda, qui fuit Johanna, qui fuit Resa, Qui fuit Zorobabel, qui fuit Salathiel, qui fuit Neri, Qui fuit Melchi, qui fuit Addi, qui fuit Thosan, Qui fuit Helmadam, qui fuit Her, qui fuit Jesu, Qui fuit Heliezer, qui fuit Jorim, qui fuit Mathat, Qui fuit Levi, qui fuit Symeon, qui fuit Juda, Qui fuit Joseph, qui fuit Jona, qui fuit Eliachim, Qui fuit Melcha, qui fuit Menna, qui fuit Mathatha, Qui fuit Nathan, qui fuit David, qui fuit Jesse, Qui fuit Obeth, qui fuit Booz, qui fuit Salmon, Qui fuit Naason, qui fuit Aminadab, qui fuit Aram Qui fuit Esrom, qui fuit Phares, qui fuit Judæ, Qui fuit Jacob, qui fuit Isaac, qui fuit Abrahæ, Qui fuit Thare, qui fuit Nachor, qui fuit Saruch, Qui fuit Ragau, qui fuit Phalech, qui fuit Heber, Qui fuit Sale, qui fuit Cainan, qui fuit Arphaxat, Qui fuit Sem, qui fuit Noe, qui fuit Lamech, Qui fuit Mathusale, qui fuit Enoch, qui fuit Jareth, Qui fuit Malaleel, qui fuit Cainan, qui fuit Enos, Qui fuit Seth, qui fuit Adam, qui fuit Dei. Jesus autem plenus Spiritu Sancto regressus est a Jordane.


At the begynnynge God and holy Chirche curses all those that the fraunches of holy Chirche brekes or distourbes; and all that is ageynst the peas or right or the state of holy Chirche, or therto assentes with dede or councell ; and all that holy Chirche pryues of right, or makes of holy Chirche lay fee that is halowed or sanctifyed.

Also all those that wyttingly or wylfully tythes falsly; and that gyues nat to God and to holy Chirche the tenth parte or the x. peny of euery thinge lefully wonne in gayne, marchandyse, or with any other craft, withdrawynge only the expences and the costages that nedefully behoues be made aboute the thynge that the wynnynge is goten of; not tendynge the wynnyoge of (one) marchandyes with the losse of an other.

And also all those that of the frute of the erthe, or of the catell, or of any other thynge that renewes in the yere, gyues nat theyr tythes hooly, without any withdrawynge of the costages.

Also all those that for euyll wyll of the person or the parysshe preste, or the clerke, or of any other minyster of holy Chirche, withholdes tendynges, rentys, offerynges, or any thinge that ought to be gyuen to or to holy Chirche.

Also all those that the fredome of holy Chirch lettes, or breke, or distourbs; that is to say, if a man fle to the chirche or chirchyerde, whoso him lets, or out drawe, or therto procure or assentes.

Also all those that dose sacrilege ; that is to saye, for to take any holy thynge out of any holy place, or that that is nat halowed out of any holy place.

Also all they that letters pourches in any Lordes courte, that processes of right may nat be determyned ne juged.

Also all those that the lande distourbes.

Also all those that blode drawes of any man or woman in violens or in any other felonye in chirche or in chirchyerde; wherefore the chirche or the chirchyerde is enterditid, or susspended, or pollute.

Also all those that are ageynste the Kynges right.

Also all those that the warre susteynes ageynst the Kynges peas wrongfully.

Also all robbers and reuers or men slears, but if it be hym selfe defendante.

. Cambridgo MS._"SBYTESTIE MAJORIS EscoMMUNICATIONIS.” The form of this Great Cursing, and of the Bidding Prayer which follows, as given in Sir Jolin Lawson's MS., will be found in the Preface to this volume.

+ York 31S. adds “mortuaryse.” So Cambridge MS.

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Also all those that are ageynst the Kyoges great charter, the whiche is confermed by the courte of Rome.

Also those that falce witnes bereth or procures, theym wittynge ; and namely in cause of matrimonye, in what courte so euer it be, or out of courte.

Also all those that falce witnes bringes forth right matrimony to distourbe, or any man or woman, or diseryte of lande or of rente, tenement, or any other catel.

Also all fals aduocates that for mede putteth forthe falce excepcyons and quarels, wherfor right matrimony is fordone.

Also all those that for mede or for fauour or for any other enchesoune malyciously onther man or woman bringes out of theyr good fame into wycked fame, or causeth* them lose theyr worldly goodes or honours ; or putteth wrongfully to theyr purgacyon, of the wbiche they ware neuer infarned of before.

Also all those that maliciously distourbes or lettis the right presentacion of a chirche, the whiche the very patron sholde present, or therto procure with worde or dede, or with fuls enquest, or with

other power.

Also all those that maliciously dispyseth the commaundement to take a cursed man that hath layne in the sentence xl. dayes and no remedy will seke; and all that the takers distourbs with jugement or fals enquest

Also all those that mede takes to breke peas, where as loue sholde bo, or contake or stryfe mayntagnes with worde or dede, tyll they haue yelde agayne the mede to theim of whome they it toke, they may nat be assoyled.

Also all that houses, maners, graunges of persones or vicars, or of iny other men of holy Chirche agcynst theyr attourney wyll any maner cf good mouable or unmouable away beres, or with strength or wrong. fully away drawes or wastis : of the wbiche cursynge they may nat be assoyled tyll they haue made restitucyont to them that the wronge is done to.

Also all those peple that any maner of good berith out with violens of holy Chirche or of lowses of relygion, the whichc is layde therin because of warentyse or socour or to kepe; and all that therto assentis or procuires. Also all witches, and all that on them bylenes.

• York JS.-" parros." So Cambridge NS.
† York and Cambridgo SS.—“made a sat!:c.'

Om. York MS.

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