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Also all those that layse hande on preste or clerke in violence, but it be hymselfe defendinge.

Also all that Sarasynes counsayle or helpe agaynst Cristen men.

Also all women that their generacion or children destroyes as with drinkes or other craft.

Also all they that their children wrongfully faders or wytes on any man malyciously.

Also all they that wylfully lese theyr children, or leuys them in felde, or in towne, or in chirche dore,* or in any other place, and leuys them socourles. +

Also all falce mony makers and their consentours.
Also all they that good money clips for theyr auantage.

Also they that falces the pope's bulles or counterfaytesthe Kynges seale.

Also all they that byes or selles with fals mesures or fals weghtes; that is to say, to bye with one and selle with another.

Also all they that falces the kynge's standarde.

Also all they that malyciously distourbes man or woman, wedded or onwedded, to make theyr testament lawfully, and they that lets the execucyon lawfully made.

Also all they that forswere them on the holy dome, wyllynge or wittynge, for loue or for hatred, or for to cause any man to lose his good or his honoure.

Also all they that brennis chirches or houses of any mannes in lande

of peas.

Also robbers or reuers openly or prively by daye or by night that any mannes good steles, be which good men were worthy to suffre dethe.

Also all they that withholdes any mannes goodes that hath be asked openly in holy Chirche themselfe wittinge.

Also all feloners and their maynteners.
Also all conspiratours or fals sweres in assises or in any other court.

Also all they that any fals playntes puttes forthe ageynst the fraunches of holy Chirch or of the Kynge or of the royalme.

Also all they that offringes that is offred in chirche, or in chirche yerde, or in chapel, or oratory, or in any place within the province of Yorke, that is withiholden or put away in any other place ageynst the

• Cambridgo and York MSS. add_“or in ga:c-scbadels."
† Cambridge and York MSS. add—“when t'ic children are of unpower."
* York MS._"controves."
§ York and Cambridge MSS.—" to gar."

persones wyll, or his parissh preste of the parisshe that it is offred in, but if they be priuylegid.

Also all they that their goodes gyues in drede of dede in fraude of holy Chirche, or for to forbere their dettes and all that therto counsayls or helps.

Also al they that lettes prelates or ordiuares of holy Chirche for to hold consistorye, sessyon, or chapter for to enquere of sinne or of excesse that nedes to be for the helth of the sowle.

Also all heritikes that bileue nat in the sacrament of the auter, the which is Goddes owne body in flesshe and blode in forme of brede, and other sacramentis that toucheth the helth of manne's sowle.

(York MS.—“ Also all usures, as if a man len his catell or his gude till another to tak avawntage be covenande for lennyng of his catell. For if thare war any swylk in a citee, the citee sulde be enterdited that na sacrament sulde be done thare in, to thai war putt oute of that citee."]*

These be the poyntes of the grete cursinge that our holy faders, popes, and archebisshops bathe ordegned, for to be published at the leste iii. in the yere, in eury parysshe chirche : that is to saye, the first Sonday of Lente or the seconde; and also some Sonday after Mawdlen tyde, or ellis before, as it may best fall; and also some Sunday in the Aduente before Cristmas, and thus holy Chirche uscth throughout all the places in Cristendome.

DE Exco MONICATIONE. Si quis excommunicat, excommunicationem in scriptis proferat, et causam excommunicationis expresse conscribat, propter quam exconmunicatio proferatur. Exemplum vero scripturæ hujusmodi teneatur excommunicato tradere infra mensem si fuerit requisitus, super qua requisitione fieri volumus publicum instrumentum vel litteras testimoniales confici, sigillo autentico signatas.

Quando quis sollemniter excommunicat, dicat hoc modo :

Ex auctoritate Dei Patris omnipotens et Filii et Spiritus Sancti et sanctorum apostolorum et sanctorum canonum et nostri ministerii anathematizamus atque a liminibus sanctae Dei matris ecclesiæ sequestramus illos qui hoc mala fecerunt vel consenserunt, vel terras sancti Petri depopulati sunt; ut non habeant partem cum Deo neque cum sanctis ejus. Et nisi restitueriut et ad satisfactionem vencrint, sic extinguatur lucerna eorum in sæcula sæculorum. Fiat, Fiat.

• This is added in the Cambridge MS. on the margin in a later Land.



Deprecemur Deum Patrem omnipotentem pro stabilitate sancte matris Ecclesiæ et pro pace terræ.

We shall make a specyall prayer unto God Almyghty, and to the glorious virgyn his moder our lady saynt Mary, and to all the gloryous compony of heuen, for the state of all holy Chirche and for the peas of the royalme. And for all that are trewe to the kynge and to the

Specially for our holy fader the pope of Rome and all his trewe Cardynals.* And specially for the holy crosse that God was done upon, that God for his merci bringe it out of the lethen mennes handes into Christen mennes kepynge.

We shall pray specyally for our holy fader the archebisshop of this see; and for all other archebysshops and bysshops, abbottes, pryors, monkes, chanons, and for all maner of men and women of relygion that God gyue them good perseuerance in honest and clene relygious lyuynge.

We shall pray specially for the person of this chirche that hath the cure of mannes sowles, that God gyue them grace well for to teach theyr subgettes enery curat in his degree: and the subgettes so well to worke after helefull techynge, that both the techers and the subgets may come to the blys euerlastinge.

We shall pray also for all prestes and clerkes that redys or singes in this chirche or in any other; and for all other thrughe whome Goddis seruice is in holy Chirche mayntayned and upholden.

We shall pray specyally for the kynge and the quene, and the peers and lords, and all the good commeners of this londe; and specyally for all those that hathe the good counsayle of the londe to gouerne; that God gyue them grace, such counsayle to take and ordeyne, and so for to worke therafter that it may be louinge to God Almighty and profite and welfare to the royalme, and t gaynstandinge and refrayninge of our enmyes power and malice. I

We shall pray especially for all those that worshippes this chirche or any other with boke, belle, vestimente, chalice, auterclothic or towell,

• York MS. adds" for the Patriark of Jerusalem." † York MS."and schame and senclyp to our enmybe gayostandyng," et cetera.

York MS. adds—“We sall pray specially for the meer, the xii., the schirrives,' and the xxiii. and for all gode communers of this cite, and for thame that has this cite for to govern, that God gife thamc grace so weil to rowle itt that may be to God lovyog, and sauyng to the cite, and profet and help to the communers."

In the Corporation of York two sheriffs were substituted for three bailiffs ia 1397.

or any

other ornament thrugh the whiche holy Chirche is or may be in any poynto nat honowred or worshipped.

We shal pray also specially for al that giues or sendes* in testament any good to the right mayntenaunce and upholdinge of the worke of this Chirche; and for all theym that fyndes any lyght in this Chirche, as in torche, taper, + lampe, in worshippynge of God or of our lady or of any of his sayntes.

We shal also pray specially for all our good parisshens wheresoeuer they be, on water or on londe; that God of his goodness saue theim frome all maner of peryls and brynge them safe where they wolde be inf helthe of body and sowle and also of goodes.

We shall praye specyally for all those şthat are in detteş or in dedely synne; that God for his great mercy brynge them sone therof: and for al those that are in good lyuynge, that God maynten them, and gyue them good perseuerance in their goodnes. And that these prayers may be herd and sped the sooner throughe your prayers, euery man and woman that here is, helpe them hertely with a Pater noster and an Ave Maria, et cetera.

Deus misereatur nostri et benedicat nobis ; illuminet vultum suum super nos, et misereatur nostri.

Ut cognoscamus in terra viam tuam, in omnibus gentibus salutare tuum.

Confiteantur tibi populi, Deus; confiteantur tibi populi omnes.

Lætentur et exultent gentes; quoniam judicas populos in æquitate, et gentes in terra dirigis.

Confiteantur tibi populi, Deus ; confiteantur tibi populi omnes : terra dedit fructum suum.

Benedicat nos Deus, Deus noster; benedicat nos Deus, et metuant eum omnes fines terræ.

Gloria Patri.
Kyrie eleyson. riste eleyson. Kyrie eleyson,
Pater noster. Et ne nos. Sed libera.
Sacerdotes tui induantur justitiam:

Et sancti tui exultent.
Domine, salvum fac regem :

Et exaudi nos in die in qua invocaverimus te.

• York MS._" or scades or in testament wytes any gode.” So Cambridge MS. † York and Cambridge MSS.—“ serge."

1 Cambridge and York MS.-"in qwarte (quart) and hcol (1:eill) both of body,' et cetera.

$ York MS.-"that er bun in dett."

Salvum fac populum tuum, Domine, et benedic hæreditati tuæ :

Et rege eos, et extolle eos usque in æternum. Domine, fiat pax in virtute tua :

Et abundantia in turribus tuis. Exsurge, Domine, adjuva nos :

Et libera nos propter nomen tuum. Domine Deus virtutum, converte nos :

Et ostende faciem tuam, et salvi erimus.
Domine, exaudi orationem ineam :

Et clamor meus ad te veniat.
Dominus vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo.
Oremus. Oratio.

Ecclesiæ tuæ, quæsumus, Domine, preces placatus admitte, ut destructis adversitalibus et erroribus universis secura tibi serviat libertate.


Deus, qui caritatis dona per gratiam Sancti Spiritus tuorum cordibus fidelium infudisti; da famulis et famulabus tuis pro quibus tuam deprecamur clementiam salutem mentis et corporis, ut te tota virtute diligant, et quæ tibi placita sunt tota dilectione perficiant.


Deus, a quo sancta desideria, recta consilia, et justa sunt opera; da servis tuis illam quam mundus dare non potest pacem, ut et corda nostra mandatis tuis dedita, et hostium sublata formidine tempora sint tua protectione tranquilla. Per Christum.

Ye shall knele downe devoutly on your knese and make a specyall praer unto our blessed lady saint Mary and to all the felawshyp of heden, for all the brethren and sisters of our moder Chirche, * Saynt Peter of Yorke,* Saynt John of Beuerlay, Saynt Wilfred of Ryppon, and Saynt Mary of Suthwell; and specyally for all those that be seke in this parisshe or in any other, that God of his goodnes releas them of their peynes in theyr sekenes, and turne them to the way that is moste to Goddes plesure, and welfare tof theyre soules. +

We shall praye for all those that duely and truly payes theyr tendes and theyr offerynges to God and to the holy Chirche, that God do them mede in the blisse of heuen that euer shall last : and thoy that dose nat 80, that God of his mercy brynge them sone to amendemente.

• York MS._“Sajnt Petyr house of Yorkc." + York MS.—" heill.” So Cambridge MS.

| York MS. adds on tho margin :" Also wo sball pray specialy for the weder that God of his gtet graco wald send swylke woder, that corn might be getyn and saved unto mannes sustinance and fudo.”

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