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Cf. supra, pr. 123 and 134.

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OXFORD. Sæc. X. Oremus, fratres carissimi, Domini misericordiam pro fratribus ac sororibus nostris ab oriente iisque ad occidentem, ut et illi orent pro nobis unusquisque in diversis locis, per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Oremus etiam pro unitate ecclesiarum, pro infirmis, pro debilibus, pro captivis, pro pænitentibus, pro laborantibus, pro navigantibus, pro iter agentibus, pro eleeniosynas facientibus, pro defunctorum spiritibus, et pro his qui non communicant, ut det illis Dominus dignam agere pænitentiam, per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Oremus etiam Domini misericordiam pro spiritibus carorum nostrorum pausantium ill., ut eis Dominus placidum refrigerium tribuere dignetur, et in locum quietis ac refrigerii sanctorum suorum intercessione cos transferat, per Jesum Christum Dominum nostrum.

Offerimus tibi, Domine Jesu Christe, hanc orationem ab ortu solis usque ad occidentem a dextera usque ad sinistram in honorem et gloriam divinitatis Christi et humanitatis, in honorem et gloriam omnium graduum cælestium, Michaelem Gabrielem archangelum, in honorem et gloriam patriarcharum prophetarum apostolorum ac martyrum, pro omnibus virginibus fidelibus pænitentibus, pro omnibus matrimoniis, pro bonis non valde, pro malis non valde, pro omnibus merentibus oratiouem et deprecationem nostram.

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Et statim post aspersionem certat se Sacerdos ad populum et dicat preces in lingua materna in ecclesia Sarum hoc modo :

Se schullen stonte vp and bidde goure bedes to oure Lord Ihū Crist, and to oure ladi seint Marie, and to alle be compaine of heuene for be stat of boli chirche and for oure modur chirche of Rome, for oure lord pe pope, for be patriarke of Ierusalem, for the cardenals, for pe archebischop of Canturbury, for al archebischoppes

* The following are the English forms in this MS. in the office for Matrimony :

" * et postea dicat hoc modo :

“ Godemen and wymmen, as for the most party of yow fat here beth, habbuþ y herd of bades that habbeb ben yasked solempneliche here as the lawe of holichurche wol for wuche banus askyng no lettyog nis git y founde, bote for more sykernesse of yow and eke of me zit y aske be banes by twixt N. and N., wiche mon hath y spoke with here to habbe here to his wyf as te lawe of holichurche wol and ferfor Ich amonische and comaund yow by auctorite of holy churche bobe men and wymmen, that here bus apon fe perel of oure soulus as ye wol onswere at fe dai of dome, that gif þer be eni man or wommon that kuowep any letting by twene hem as by wey of kinred or eny con

and bischopes, and nomeliche for be bischop of N., for pe patron of pis chirche, and for youre gostliche fadur, and for prestus and clerkes that herin seruep or haue i serued, for al men and wymmen of religion, and for al oper men of holi chirche, and for al pilke pat habbeb stát of holi churche in kepinge, þat God for his mercy graunte hem suche grace so hit meintejne and kepe þat God be berwib apaid. Se schulleh bidde for the holi lond and he holi cros, bat God send hit in to criston men hond wen his wille is.

See schulleh bidde also for pees of his lond, and for oure lord be king and for þé quene, and for dukes, erles, and barons, and for al þilke bat habbeb be pees of his lond to kepe, pat God for his merci send hem gode conseil and grace ber aftur to worche.

See schulleh bidde for be meir of pis toun, and for al be communite, and for oure parchens pat beob here or elles were in watur or in lond, þat God for his merci graunt hem grace saf to goo and saf to come, and spede hem in alle here nedes.

See schulleh bidde for be gode mon and pe gode wif þat bis day brougt þe loof and be candul, and for alle thilk that furst hit bigan and lengust halt on.

And for alle wymmen þat bebe in oure lady býndes that God for his mercy so hem vnbynde as hit be best to lyf and to soule, and for alle pat dop trewliche her types and her offringes to God and to holichirche, and for alle pilke pat dop nougt þat God for his mercy send hem grace to com to amendement.

Se schulleh bidde for alle the seke of his pariche here or elles where and principalliche for alle pilke bat liggep in dedly synne y bounde, pat God send hem such helpe as hit beo best to lyf and to soule, and for alle po pat beop in good lyf þat God graunt hem grace to hold hem per inne, and pilk pat beop not to turne hem to amendement.

Se schulleh also bidde bat God for his mercy suche widdringes

tracte y made priueilich or oponlich of that ye know suggep now or elles neuur.

Eadem monitio-Sacerdote docente :

“Ich N. take thee N. to my wedded wif for betur for wors, for richere for porere, in sekenes and in hele, til deth us departe, as holy churche us ordeinep, and þer to y pligte the my treube: manum retrahendo.

Deinde dicat mulier Sacerdote docente :

“Ich N. vndurfonge fe N. to my weddud housbonde for betere for wors, for richere for porere, in sekenesse and in helthe, to be boxom to the, as holy churche us ordeynep, til dep us departe, and per to y pligt be my treupe : manum retrahendo.

"Wip this ring y the wcdde, and this gold and suluere y the yere, and wiþ'my body y the worschipe, and wiþ my worldliche catel iche be sese."

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ve Mart us and more oure souteunt

vs sende on erbe þat pe fruýt þat is per inne thriue and is fort to don turne cristen men to help.

Se schulleh also bidde specialliche for al þat þis chirche helpub wiþ eny manner thing, wher God and seint N. bup be feirur ý serued and ý worschepid.

Se schul also bidde for youre self, þat God for his merci graunt gow grace so goure lif here to lede, hým fort to queme oure soule to saue, and pat hit mot so be for yow and for us and for alle christen people suggep a Pater noster and Ave Maria par charite.

Deus misereatur nostri et benedicat nobis : illuminet vultum suum super nos et misereatur nostri.

Ut cognoscamus in terra vitam tuam: in omnibus gentibus salutare tuum.

Confiteantur tibi populi Deus : confiteantur tibi populi omnes.

Lætentur et exultent gentes : quoniam judicas populos in æquitate, et gentes in terra dirigis.

Confiteantur tibi populi, Deus, confiteantur tibi populi omnes : terra dedit fructum suum.

Benedicat nos Deus; Deus noster benedicat nos Deus: et metuant eum omnes fines terræ.

Gloria Patri. iicut erit.
Kyrie eleyson. Christo eleyson. Kyrie eleyson.
Pater noster. Et ne nos. Sed libera.
Ostende nobis, Domine, misericordiam tuam. Et salutare.*
Sacerdotes tui induantur justitiam. Et sancti tui.
Domine, salvum fac regem. Et exaudi.
Salvos fac servos tuos et ancillas tuas. Deus meus.

Salvum fac populum tuum, Domine, et bencdic hcreditati tuæ. Et rege eos.

Domine, fiat pax in virtute tua. Et abundantia. : Domine, exaudi orationem meam. Et clamor meus.

Dominus vobiscum. Oremus.

Deus qui caritatis dona per gratiam Sancti Spiritus tuorum cordibus fidelium infundis, da famulis et famulabus tuis pro quibus tuam deprecamur clementiam salutem mcntis et corporis; ut te tota virtute diligant, ct quæ tibi placita sunt tota dilectione perficiant, ct pacem tuam nostris concede temporibus. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Se schullep kneling bidde for youre fadres soules, for oure modre soules, for youre broþur soules, for sustur soules, for youre godsadur soules, for godde modur soules, and for alle your kinnes soules.

Se schul also bidde for alle pe soules whos bones restup in pis chirche or chirchehey or in ený obur holi place, and for alle pe soules pat habbep zife in her lyf or by quepe eny manere good to pis place, wher for Godes seruice is þc feiror y do in pis holy stede.

* Cf. supra, p. 134.

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