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Se schulleh also bidde for alle þe soules þat ben in paġn of purgatorie, þat God for his merci for youre bedus pe raþur bringe hem to blisse and to reste, and for alle be soules ze han hed of her godus wher fore' zeo beop in dette fort bidde and for alle cristen soules Pater noster et Ave.

l'salmus. De profundis. . Pater noster. Et ne nos.

Sed libera.




preces sequentes dicuntur in omnibus Dominicis diebus ad altam Missam, nisi quando Duplex Festum in Dominica evenerit, quia tunc ncu dicentur :

Ze shall knell down on your kneis and praie devoutle and mekle to the Fader, the Son, and the Holi Gost, thre persons and o Gode : To ye holy made and moder seynt Marye, and to all the holy court of herene, specialy for the state and pees of all holy churche and all Crysten kyngdoms and especiall for the kyngdom of Yglond, that Jhu Crist of heven kynge and prynce of pees graunte rest, unite and pees amonge all Cristen pepyll.

Ye shall praie also speciali for the holi lond and for the holy crosse upon the whych owr Saviour Christ Jbs sufferd peyn and passyon for owr redempcion, that he be his mygth and mercy brynge it owt of the hondish of the haythyn men into the roull gorernaunce and worship of Kristen men, when his wöll is and the soner for praier.

Yee shall praie also for the pope of Roome speciali and all his cardinall, for the Patryake of Jerusalem, for owr lorde and fader the erchebyshope of Canterbury and for owr fader and lorde the bisshope of London and all other crchebisshope and bisshope, speciali of this londe, that Jesus Crist yere hem myth and strengthe to mayntene the Staat and lawe of holy Chirche, and for to rewll well henself and after that prestes and clerkes and all men and women of order and Cristen people Jesu to serve and plees.

Also ye shall praie for abbottes and priours abbatis and prioris ; for monkes, chanons, frers and nunnys and for all other men and women of religion, that Jesu Crist yeue hem grace hym to serve and well to kepen her ordre, and for to end lyf in clennes. Also


shule praye spicialy for the patron and for the parson of this chirche and for all ye prestes and clerkes which servene Gode in this chirche or in any other, that Gode of his myche mercy hem helpe aud mayntene to his worshype, and graunte hem grace so to do in this worlde, yat it may be the savacion of here soules and of alle Cristene folk.

Also ye shule pray specially for trew tythers and devout offerers,


shulle pray

which trewly pays her tythes and devotly offers, that God of his godnes encresce heme gostely and bodely. Also

for tham whiche gythe or be qwethe un to this chirche any ornamente, as buc, bell, chalesh, vestymente, lampe or lygth or ony thynge, that God reward tham gostyly and bodely.

Also yee shall pray hertely for our leggh lorde, Kynge of Ingelond, and for our lady the Quene, and for our prynce * whom Crist save gostly; for dukes, erlis, barons, knygthtes, squyers, and for alle gude communers of this lond, that God yeue hem alle grace so to do and orden so, yat it be so soveraynlly likynge to hym and profyt and salvacion of his londe.

Yee shall praie also for all palmers and pilgrems, for all manere men and wymmen which any gude gate hath gone, goth or shall go, that Gode yeue hem grace

wele to


and wele for to come and unto us parte of pe gude gates, dedes and prayers and thame of ours.

Yee shule also pray specialy for the welfayr and prosperite of this worshipefule cyte of London, for my ryth worship and reverente maister our maier, with all my maisters his bretherne aldermen: for the schereffys and all of offycers and dwellers in the shame; and specially for oure parishos here present, yche man prayeth for other and for tham which be absent and walde be present and may gnoth : and for tham that may and wil noth, yat Gnd amende tham: and speciale for seek and all that er dezesyd in body or in soule, that God of his gudnes conforte tham gostly and bodely: and for women that ben we chelder 1, that God graunte to tham e gud delyveraunce and purificacion, to there childern crystendome and confirmacion.

shale praye for all lande tilland and lee ferund; for women which briggeis or way makygth or mendigth. Also yee

sbale praye for the fruete that is in the erthe, and that is for to be into ye erthe, that God graunt it fructificacion unto cristen men sustinaunce.

Also ye shall pray for the gudman and gudwyff that this day brogth or sent brede unto the chyrch, of yo which holy brede is to be made, and for tham that first be gon and longest holdeson ; for tham and for us and for all we beth to pray in speciall or generall, and for all Cristen folk, ich man and woman for cherite sügth devoutle : Pater noster et Ave Maria.

Sed libera.
Ostende nobis : Et salutare.
Sacerdotes tui : Et sancti
Domine, salvos fac regem, reginam, et principem :
Deus meus, sperantes in te.
Salvos fac servos tuos et ancillas tuas : Deus meus.
Salvum fac populum : Et rege.
Domine, fiat: Et abundantia.
Domine, exaudi : Et clamor.
Dominus vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo. Oremus.
Ecclesiæ tuæ, Domine, preces, et cetera.

Deus, qui caritatis dona addendo et pacem tuam nostris concede temporibus. Per Christum Dominum. .

Also yee

men and

Et ne.

Et tunc oret et commendet Sacerdos animas omnium fidelium defunctorum precibus suorum parochianorum.

Yee shale pray also for your ffaders soules, and your moders soules, for your godfadir soules and your godmoder soules, for your bredern soules, your sustir soules, for your enis soules, your auntis soules and for all your elder soules.

Also yee shall pray speciale for the soules for whych ye have had any gode by yefte or by qwest, whereby that ye have your lý vynge and your sustynaunce.

Yee shall pray also for all the soules which have yone or be qweth any gude to this churche, wherefor it is better mayntende.

Also yee shule pray for all tho soules of the whych myndes* ere kepyd and holden in this chyrch gerly; and for all the soules whose bodyse and bones resten in this chirch or in this church yeerde or in any other.

Also ye shall pray speciale for all the soules that ben in the payns of purgatory, that Gode for his mercy brynge hem out ther of to the blisse that ever shall last.

Also yee shull pray for all thoo soules for the which yee and I ben bonden and holden to pray for, for hem and for all Cristene soules ich man and woman for charite seith a Pater Noster and a Ave Maria.




XV. We shalle make oure prayers to God besechyng his mercy for alle holy churchye, that God hit kepe in good estate. In especial oure mother churche, this churche, and alle other in Cristendome * * *

For archybysshoppes and bysshopes, and in especial for my lorde the bysshop of this see, that God hym kepe in his holy service.

For my lorde ye dean, iny masters the chanons, vikers, prestes, and clerkes, and alle other mynysters that this churche servyth.

For the holy land that God hit deliver oute of hethenhandes.

For oure soverayne lorde the kyng, the queene, and alle her children, and alle other lordes, dukes, merkeises, herles, and barons, and alle tho that have this land to governe.

For the pees of thes landes Yngland and Fraunce, that God make perpetual pees bytwix them.

And for the goode estate of the lord verdon, now my lord therl of

• On margin—"anniversaria.”


Shrowvsbury, that findý ye continuall lyght at the hie auter *

and alle this churches frendes, oure brethern and sustern, and alle our paresshens, wyth alle tho that any good dooth to this churche, and alle trewe Crystyn pepill.

Pater noster.

Hic revertat se Sacerdos et dicat Psalmum Deus misereatur nostri, ex utraque parte chori cum Gloria Patri et Sicut erat. Sequatur. Kyrie eleyson. Christe eleyson, with Preces and Collect as No. iii. supra.

Item conversus ad populum dicat Sacerdos :

We shalle pray and beseche God of his mercy for alle trewe Chrystyn sowles. In especial for alle bysshopes sowles, whos bodyes resteth in this holy place.

For the bysshopes sowle Robert, the bysshopes sowle Jocelyn, &c., &c. *

* All the rest is for special individuals—bysslopes, kyngs, erles, &c., with long lists of names and numerous erasures.






129, 107*
Agni Paschalis

Albæ benedictio

Amictus benedictio

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Clipei et baculi proficiscentis ad duellum

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Fructus novi benedictio

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