The History of England: From the Revolution in 1688, to the Death of George II : Designed as a Continuation of Hume, Band 2

J.F. Dove For Baynes, 1822

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Seite 39 - An Act for the effectual securing the Kingdom of England from the apparent dangers that may arise from several Acts lately passed in the Parliament of Scotland.
Seite 293 - ... who have power to execute it, to pursue me to the scaffold. My blood was to have been the cement of a new alliance, nor could my innocence be any security, after...
Seite 374 - The king having recommended to the commons the consideration of proper means for lessening the national debt, was a prelude to the famous South Sea act, which became productive of so much mischief and infatuation. The scheme was projected by sir John Blunt, who had been bred a scrivener, and was possessed of all the cunning, plausibility, and boldness requisite for such an undertaking. He communicated his plan to Mr.
Seite 342 - Sermon were censured, as tending to subvert all government and discipline in the Church of Christ ; to reduce his kingdom to a state of anarchy and confusion ; to impugn and impeach the royal supremacy, in causes ecclesiastical, and the authority of the legislature to enforce obedience in matters of religion by civil sanctions.
Seite 153 - ... the hearty desires of her subjects, as to entertain thoughts of a second marriage : she told them, that the provision she had made for the protestant succession would always be a proof how much she had at heart the future happiness of the kingdom ; but the subject of this address was of such a nature, that she was persuaded they did not expect a particular answer.
Seite 93 - Majesty's reign there be such conditions of government settled and enacted, as may secure the honour and sovereignty of this Crown and Kingdom, the freedom, frequency and power of Parliaments, the religion, liberty and trade of the nation, from English or any foreign influence...
Seite 324 - Mackintosh, and twenty of their confederates. Forster escaped from Newgate, and reached the continent in safety : the rest pleaded not guilty, and were indulged with time to prepare for their trials.
Seite 459 - A motion being made for a resolution, importing, that for the honour of his majesty, and the preservation and security of the trade and commerce of the kingdom, effectual care should be taken in the present treaty that the king of Spain should renounce all claim and pretension to Gibraltar and Minorca, in plain and strong terms: a debate ensued, and the question being put, passed in the negative, though not without a protest. Then the majority resolved, that the house did entirely rely upon his majesty,...
Seite 105 - ... a work of so much difficulty and nicety in its own nature, that till now all attempts which have been made towards it in the course of above a hundred years have proved ineffectual ; and, therefore, I make no doubt but it will be remembered and spoke of hereafter to the honour of those who have been instrumental in bringing it to such a happy conclusion.
Seite 390 - Upon this article the company's loss exceeded six million nine hundred thousand pounds ; for many debtors refused to make any payment. The proprietors of the stock loudly complained of their being deprived of two millions; and the parliament in the sequel, revived that sum which had been annihilated. While this affair was in agitation, petitions from counties, cities, and boroughs, in all parts of the kingdom, were presented to the house, crying for justice against the villany of the directors. Pamphlets...

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