A General Abridgement of Law and Equity: Alphabetically Digested Under Proper Titles; with Notes and References to the Whole, Band 17

G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1793

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Seite 246 - ... heretofore been or may lawfully be exercised or used for the visitation of the ecclesiastical state and persons, and for reformation, order and correction of the same and of all manner of errors, heresies, schisms, abuses, offences, contempts and enormities, shall for ever, by authority of this present' Parliament, be united and annexed to the imperial crown of this realm...
Seite 209 - ... may grant by charter unto him, that he only shall use such a trade or traffic for a certain time, because, at first the people of the kingdom are ignorant, and have not the knowledge or skill to use it. But when that patent is expired, the king cannot make a new grant thereof...
Seite 121 - Where a patent is granted to the prejudice of the subject, the king of right is to permit him upon his petition to use his name for the repeal of it.
Seite 151 - And when any claimed before the Justices in Eyre any franchises by an ancient charter, though it had express words for the franchises claimed; or if the words were general, and a continual possession pleaded of the franchises claimed, or if the claim was by old and obscure words, and the party in pleading, expounding them to the court, and averring continual possession according to that exposition; the entry was...
Seite 151 - Sed secundum earuudem plenitudinem judicentur, that is, to have a liberal and favourable construction for the making of them available in law, usque ad plenitudinem, for the honour of the King.
Seite 194 - Third, which fays, that men of arms, hoblers, and archers, c'hofen to go in the king's fervice out of England, fhall be at the king's wages, from the day that they depart out of the counties, where they were chofen, till they return.
Seite 91 - ... ought to be and shall be for ever hereafter examined, heard, tried and determined, by and according to the common laws of this realm, and not otherwise.
Seite 190 - SE 3 taxations were made of all the cities , boroughs , and towns in England , and recorded in the exchequer, and that rate was at that time the fifteenth part of the value of even' town, and therefore retaineth the name of the fifteenth still.
Seite 288 - The defendant traverfed the prefcription, which was found for the plaintiff; and it was moved in arreft of judgment, that the plaintiff * had not * Cro.j.44. dieted that the 60 ßeep which he put in the place where, &c. ^'¿Ь-,,^ас' ° , J , ,• ,-ri BRFrance •Hiere levant and couchant upon his tenements ; and it they were not, v.

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