A Dictionary of the English Language: In which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals, Explained in Their Different Meanings, and Authorized by the Names of the Writers in Whose Works They are Found

W. Strahan; J. and F. Rivington; J. Hinton; T. Davies; Hawes, Clarke, and Collins; R. Horsefield; W. Johnston; W. Owen; T. Lowndes; T. Caslon; S. Crowder; T. Longman; B. Law; Beckett, and De Hondt; E. and C. Dilly; J. Dodsley; W. Nicoll; W. Griffin; G. Robinson; T. Cadell; J. Knox; Almon; W. Goldsmith; J. and J. Ridley, 1773

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Seite 51 - Excise. A hateful tax levied upon commodities, and adjudged not by the common judges of property, but wretches hired by those to whom excise is paid.
Seite 51 - ... its motion ; and yet, with its own peculiar motion, carries the body of the planet fastened to it round about its proper centre.
Seite 61 - In arithmetic^, the increasing .of any one number by another, so often as there are units in that number, by which the one is increased. MULTIPLICATOR,(mul-te-ple-ka'-tnr)n.!. The number by which" another number is multiplied.
Seite 61 - The application of a word to an use to which, in its original import, it cannot be put: as, he bridles his anger; he deadens the sound; the spring awakes the flowers.
Seite 8 - Johnson gives this definition of the cycloid : " A geometrical curve, of which the genesis may be conceived by imagining a nail in the circumference of a wheel : the line which the head of the nail describes in the air, while the wheel revolves in a right line, is the cycloid.
Seite 51 - In mathematics or the parabolic spiral, is a curve which rises from the supposition of the axis of the common Apollonian parabola's being bent round into the periphery of a circle, and is a line then passing through the extremities of the ordinates. which now converge toward the centre of the said circle.
Seite 51 - A curve generated by the revolution of the periphery of a circle along the convex or concave part of another circle.
Seite 51 - In architecture, that part of a pillar in vaults and arches, on which the weight of the building...

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