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that that I have doon at Hartes Haye then I will my executour paye hym twenty poundes in money at his full age, and yf he be not so contented then I will he have noo parte of that twenty poundes. Also I will that my executour doo make a juste accompte unto my sonne George and unto my sonne Barnarde of suche money as belongith to them over their fynding and to content them the same according to my boke of accompt of my brother Sayton hand writing. I geve unto my sonne Markham

husbondes silver

cup doble gilte with the cover to the same, and to my nece Mary Wellys myn owne silver cupp doble gilte with a cover to the same, and to my nephew Sir George Griffith, knyght, another silver cupp doble gilte with a cover to the same, and other thre silver cuppes I wille shalbe bestowed in making a chaleis to serve the aulter in the said newe chapell at Kyngston. To Thomas Babyngton, parson of Gotham, one fether bedde, twoo mattresses with shetes, and all other thinges mete for suche beddes, and oon great broche, twoo pottes and oon kettell of xvj galons. To my servaunt Humfrey Dukmanton half a hundreth of share wedder hogges and to Thomas Coke twenty ewe hogges. I will that my executour doo paye unto Philip Pereson twenty markes which was bequested to him by his father and delivered into my handes to kepe to his use, and do make a juste accompte to my nephewe, John Griffith, of suche money as my husbonde and I have receyved to his use by the bequest of his father. I geve unto the said John half a hundreth of share wedder hogges or ewe hogges at his pleasure, towardes setting up of a stock for him. I will that my executour do make a juste accompte to my nece Margaret Griffith of such money as my husbonde and I have receyved to hir use by the bequest of hir father, and to satisfie hir. I geve the said Margaret my cheyne of golde, and to Margery Oker my gentilwoman thre kye, and to Agnes Hassarde twoo kye and to Elyne Sayntandrewe one kowe, to my suster Sayton my blak gowne of clothe furryd with conye, and to Sir John Creswal x s. for a trentall, and to Sir William Babyngton other x s. for a trentall, and to every oon of my servaunt yomen a angell a pece, and to every one of my hynde servauntes and serving women oon twynter calf. I make my sonne John my fool executour, and my nephewe Sir George Griffith and my cosyn Humfrey Welles my overseers. I will every one of my overseers have tenne markes and my brother Sayton fyve markes. The residue of my housholde goodes not bequethed, wolle, corne and plate excepted, be egally devided in foure partes, and that my sonne John have the first choice, my sonne George the secunde choice, my sonne Barnarde the thirde

choice, and my nece Margaret Griffith the fourth parte. And where as my husbonde Sir Anthony Babington by his will declared that all his oore leade and blakwerke and twoo boolys and all his dettes shulde be bestowed in workes of mercy and in amending of high wayes, and specially that a cawsey shulde be made from Kyngeston unto Kegworth brigge, which cawsey I have begonne to make and as yett is not fynyshed. I will that my executour have all my wolle, leade oore and blak werke unsolde, and all the residue of my goodes not bequethed, shall bestowe them in making of the said cawsey and other werkes of mercy according unto his father's will. Witnesses, George Babyngton, esquier, Barnarde Babington, esquier, Humfrey Wellys, esquier, Humfrey Dukmanton, gentilman, Robert Whitworth, Sir John Creswall, chapleyn, and other.

[Proved 20 Feb., 1537–8.]



[Ayloffe, 26.] 3 Aug., 1519. Dame Joyce Percy, late the wif to John Holme, deceased. My body to be buried in the parishe churche where it shall please Almyghty God to calle me unto his mercy before the image of our Ladye. My best beaste for my corpspresant. I will that xxx masses be said for


soule. To the hye aulter of Aubrough x s. for my forgoten tythes. Also I will at my buriall day be dalte unto every comer willyng to receive almes j d., and to all prestis and clerkes at the discrecion of myne executours. To Seint Peter Guylde of Auldbroughe vjs, vijd. To oure Lady Guylde of Auld. broughe vjs. viijd. Also I will that a secular prest be hyred to syng for my husband is soule and myne and all oder of my fryndes the spacie of x yeris, and that he shall saye thre tymes in the weke duryng the aforsaid yeris dirige and comendacion for our soules and all Christian soules. And every day when he is disposed to saye masse to praye for us, for the whiche he sball yerely receive and take of myne executours vij marc and v tapers of wax to be brennyng afore our Lady in the church every Sondaye and doble feastes duryng the terme of x yeris. To the makyng of the Roode loofte of Auldbrough Church x marces. Únto the aforesaid chapell of our lady of Auldbroughe iiij kyen to be at the disposicion of our ladies gild brethern, so that thei kepe a stokke to that entent to uphold and support the chapell of oure ladye, and every yere to doo a dirige and a masse for my soule, and to give x d. to x poore soulles. To the Lady Chapell of Auldbroughe a vestiment of blacke velvet cremysyne and clothe of gold. To our Lady of the aforesaid chapeil an Agnus of gold with viij perlis. Also I woll that the iiij mother churches of Yorke yche oon xijd. To the freris minors of Westwodd in Beverley a cope of tany damaske broudered with lylly floures to the entent that they shall every Fryday when thei kepe chapitire and pray for theire benefactours to rehersse thes names followyng and to be wryten in theire generall recomendacon perpetually: Dame Joyse Percy, Norman Wasburne, and Elsabeth father and mother, Richarde Serkeld, Syr Robert Percy, John Holme, Elynour Wyndame vel Crope, and Dame Anne the Countes of Shreusbury. Also I gyve my doughter Mary More xx marc sterling, also to my sonne More and Mary my doughter I gyve a standyng cuppe with a cover gylt, ij sylver bolles, a salt of silver gilt with a cover, vj silver spones with achis in the endes, thre gilted spones, my best fetherbed, a paire of fustianes, the best counter paynte of verdur, oon counter poynt of saye stayned, a borde clothe of diaper warke, ij yerdes brode and vj yerdes long, a long towell of diapur warke, iij fyne napkynges of diaper and an oder napkyn fyne, a paire of shetis of thre bredis, ij paire of ij bredis and an half carpett, a crosse of gold with three diamantes and a perle hangyng at ytt. And if it fortune other of theym to departe, all this stuff to remayne to my godson Thomas More, and if he departe to my godson Robert. To my godson Thomas More xx marc. To my sonne Robert xx markes, and to Frances x markes, and to John x markes. Also I gyve if Gode sende hir a doughter, yt to have my name and to have xx markes. I bequethe Edward Holme if God fortune hym to be a prest to syng the foresaid x yere and have that as is aforesaid vij marc, yf not whome the executours will. Also I gyve hym a fetherbed with the bolster, a paire of blankettes, a counter poynte, six silver spones, a silver pece, vj paire of shetes, a borde clothe of twylle warke ij yerdis brode, and other ij borde clothes, a garnysshe of peauter vessell, iij candell styckes, a basyn and a laver, ij pottes and a posnet, vj napkyns, thre towells, a sparver to a bed of whit clothe, a blewe mantell, a horsse, vj kyne, twoo cofers vigilate et orate et legenda_aurea, also a masse booke, which masse booke after his dethe I wyll that it remayne to the chapell of oure Ladye in Auldbroughe. To my servauntes beyng goode and true a yeres wagis besydes theire covenantes. To hym that is my prest at my departyng an horsse and a yere is wagis. To Elsabeth Dobson if she be with me at my departyng a fetherbed with a bolster, a paire of blankettes, a paire of shetes, ij bredis and an half, ij paire of lenen shetis ij yerdis brode, a paire of harden shetes, a sperver of whyte with a coverlete. Also it is my will that my sonne More shall have my ferme of Lenwyke, according to the indenture betwix my Lord Hastinges and me, with the stocke theruppon. I make my executours my doughter Mary More, Edward Holme, my godsonne John Thorpp, and Robert Garthome and eyther of them twoo x S., and my sonne John More overseer. The residue of my goodes I will myn executours dispose yt as they thynke best. Wytnesses, Nicholas Helliotson and Raulf Medley.

* There does not seem anything known of this lady. Probably she was the second wife of Sir Robert Percy of Scotton, comptroller to Richard III, slain at Bosworth (see Hunter's Min. Gent., Harleian Society, 873).

[Proved 8 May, 1520.]



[Manwayryng, 22.] In the name of the Trinitie, the fader, the sonne and the holy goost. I Richard Cholmeley, knyght, the xxvjth day of December in the yere of our Lord God, 1521, make this my will. First, I commende my soule to Almighty God, our lady Saint Mary, and to all the holie company of hevyn, and I will that my body be buried within the chapell of our blissed lady of Barking, besides the Towre of London, on thoder side agaynst where Sir John Rysley, knyght, lyeth buried in the same chapell, yf the maister and wardeyns of the said chapel will therunto agre with me or


And yf the said maister and wardeyns woll not agree that I shall there lye and be buried, then I will my body be buried in the church of the Crossed Freres besides the Towre of London before the image of our Lady in the same church yf the priour of the said churche will so be contented, or elles in some other convenient place within the said church, as I or my said executours with the assent of the said priour of the said church shal appoynt. And I will all my dettes be paide. And I geve to my brother Roger Cholmeley of my plate to the value of one hundred poundes, to be delivered to him by myn executours. Item, I geve to my said brother my best cheyne, which is aboute the value of viij li., to

Item, I geve to Dowlce Striklond, my wifes doughter, eight score poundes be me before graunted toward her mariage, besides the xl li. that the Maister of the Rolles must paye to her for the same entent. Item, I geve to my cosyn, Richard Cholmeley, ten

for me.


* Son of John Cholmley, of Golston. He was of Thornton on the Hill and Lieutenant of the Tower of London. He had an illegitimate son, Sir Roger Cholmley, Chief Justice. He is said to have married Elizabeth Nevile, of Thornton Bridge. His brother, Sir Roger, was ancestor of the Whitby line.

markes to bringe hym home into his cuntrey. Item, I will that every of my servauntes, aswel men as women, being in housholde with me shall have their wages paide, and over that

every of theym shal have one half yeres wages more. Item, I geve to William Cholmeley twenty poundes. Item, I will that myn executours and all my said servauntes shalhave blak gownes, and my burielles to be doon after the discrecion of myn executours. Item, I will that Thomas Sewell, my servaunt, shalhave every yere xls. during his lyfe aslonge as he wille abide in service with my said wife, and she to paye him the same. Item, the residue of all my goodes I geve the same to Elizabeth my wife to pray for my soule, praying her to remember my soule as she shall thinke best. Item, my lady of Salisbury oweth to me a hundred markes, for the which she and ту

lord Mountacu ben bounden by obligacion. Item, my lord Mountacu, for his charges, costes and fees, oweth to me lxxij li. iiijs. iiijd., for the which he is also bounden to me. Item, my Lord of Burgavenny oweth to me lxxij li. for like thinges. Item, Sir John Savage the younger oweth to me vij li. Item, Sir William Skevington, knyght, oweth to me twenty poundes for satisfaction of part therof I have receyved two barelles of horse shoes and thirty shepe skynnes. Item, I have in woll att Caleis to the value of a hundred poundes in a stock. Item, I owe to one Mattok twenty poundes, to one Bele seven poundes. Item, of this my last will I make my wyfe to be my principall executrice, and Sir Henry Wyat, Sir John Daunce and Sir Richard Broke, knyghtes, and my said brother Roger to be executors with hir, and Maister Lovell to be surveyor of my testament, and he to have xx li. for his labour, and every


said executours to have x li. for their labours, and my wife to have the custodye of all my goodes.

Item, as to disposicion of my manours, landes, tenementes and reversions, first wher before this tyme I declared and willed the manor of Thornton upon the hille, Wykton, Hesell, in the countie of York, Blyncolgoe in the countie of Cumberland, and Forsett in the countie of York, and all my londes in Thornton upon the hill, Wykton, Blyncolgoe, Hesell, Beverley, and Forsett to Elizabeth my wife for terme of hir lyfe, and after hir deth to remayn to my said brother Roger and to the heires males of his body, and for defaulte of suche issue the remaynder to Richard Cholmeley, of Cholmeley, in the countie of Chester, which ben aboute the yerely value foure score poundes xjs. And I willed yf my wife wolde have any of my londes in Stowgwye in the countie of Cambrige, or in Kent, to leve asmoch of the other befor remembred to hir appoynted

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