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his lordeship to be good lorde unto myn executours. To Ellyn Milwarde, my kynneswoman, fyve poundes. (Bequests to servants.) To Sir Richarde Smithe, parrishe preest, tenne shillings. To Roger Denham, my wifes sonne, tenne poundes. To litle Christea, my sonne William daughter, forty shillinges. To the priores and covent of Clarkinwell, tenne poundes, to have a dirige and masse. To the maister and wardeynes of the felowshipp of merchaunte tailours in the cittie of London one of my best standing gilte cuppes, for a perpetuall remembraunce there to be kepte in their hall. To Jane Denham fourty shillinges. To my nevew John, the sonne of Thomas Fitzwilliam, my brother, ten marces. I make John Baker, recorder of London, Antonny Cooke the yonger, esquier, Richard Waddington and Richard Ogle the yonger, executours, and overseer Sir William Fitzwilliam, knight, treasorour of the kinges howseholde, and to have my three best gilte boolles with a cover.

John Baker shalhave twoo greate gilte pottes, and Antonny Cooke fifty markes. The residew into twoo partes, thone half amongest my childerne, the other parte to my poore kinnesfolkes and to the poore and nede.

Codicil, last July. To Christofer, my sonne, one white pott of silver, matche unto that to hiun afor bequethed. To Thomas, my sonne, a litle salte gilte whiche was gevyn him by his god mother. Wheras I had gevin unto my sonne William a crosse of golde, now I will for diverse consideraconnes that Dame Jane, my wife, shalhave the saide crosse to hir use uppon condicon that she shall yerely pay during tenne yeres forty shillinges, that is to say, twenty shillinges yerely unto my son William and twenty shillinges to William, eldest sonne to said sonne William. I will that my pece of fyne lynnen clothe to be divided betwene Dame Jane, my foure dowghters, and Anne Waddington. To Dame Jane my best gowne of blacke velvit when the furre is taken out, and she to were it for my sake. To my sonne William, my new single gowne of satteyne, never woren. To my cousen, Richard Waddington, my ringe with a turkezz.

[Proved 5 Sept., 1534.]


[Crumwell, 4.) In Dei nomine, Amen. 1535. I, Rauf Carre, of Newecastell upon Tyne, merchaunt, doo make my will. Furst, I give my bodie to be bured where it shall pleas God and my frendes, the daye of my buriall x s. for a trentall of masses, to every ordre of freers within this towne a lode of whete. To my sistir Elianor five markes in money, or els in wares of a resonable price. To my sistir Anne ij li., in like maner. To my brother in lawe Mathue Baxttor, and Edwarde Baxttor, either of them a slep of silver weing tene grotes a pece, also I give my said bretherne in lawe a nother of them, a longe bowe withe all my shafies, Mathewe to take his chose. To my brother in lawe, Jolin Holland, my foxe furred gowne.

To Bartilmewe, my serraunt, my sad tawny gowne furred with black boge, fourtie shillingis in wares or dettes that bee payeable. To Bele, my servaunt mayde, xiij s. iiijd. I will the reste of my goodes be devided to my wif and my children, and she to have the order of the said goodes and children during hir wydowhode, and at such tyme as she shall marge then I will that my children and there porcions be put in to suche frendes handis as wilbe bound to bring them up and deliver them the said goodes at xxj yeres of aige, at the sight and by thadvise of my grondfather and my father in lawe, whiche I make supervisours of this my dede and will. My wif to have her feoffament and third of all my landes during her lif, and for the rest of all my landes I will they goo to the helping and bringing up of all my children to myn eldest sonne be of xxj yeres.

[Proved 5 Feb., 1536-7, by Isabell, relict.]



[Hogen, 36.] 9 Apr., 1535. Bartilmewe Wastnes, of Wollaton. To be buried in cristen mans buriall. To the parson of Wullaton for tithes and oblacons, xs. To my suster, being unmaried, vjli. xiijs. iiijd. To my brother Georges childern, vjli. xiijs. iiijd. equally. To Margery Shrygley, doughter to Thomas Shrigley, of Lychefelde, vj s. viij d. To Anne Mylaborn, of Ecclesall in the countie of Stafford, vj s. viij d. I do release Walter Savege vj s. viijd., John Bowde as for vj s. viij d., that they may pray for the helthe of my soule. And the residue of my goodes not geven I geve to Henry Zouche, gentilman, that he may order them for the helthe of my soule, and the same Henry I make my sole executour, and my brother Georg Wastnes supervisour. In witnes, Sir John Smyth, John Bowde, Richard Baker, and Edward Canton.

[Proved 12 May, 1536.]



[Dyngeley, 16.] 21 May, 1536. James Johnson, clerk. My bodie to bo buried in the parishe church of Thirske. Also such goodes

There is a pedigree of Wastnes of Hedon in the Visitation of Nottingham. (Harleian Society, iv, 68.)


and stuffe as I have lefte and not dispoased I will John Bowman shall bringe me forth withall and dispoase for my soule the day of my buriall, and yf any thinge remayn of my said goodes then I will that the said John shall departe and dispoase it betwixt him and my powre frendes after his discrecion. Wittenes, Edward Hanforth, Baily of Thirske, and Edward Baccon, with other.

[Proved 21 May, 1538.)



[Dyngeley, 13.) 15 July, 1536. Thomas Farrande, draper, of London. First I bequethe my soule to Almighty God my Creatour, and to our blissed Lady and to all the hollye company in hevyn, my body to be buried in Saint Michell in Cornehill churchyarde. To the high awter of the church to the mayntenance of the light afore the blissed Sacrament vs., and to saint Anne brotherhede xx d., and to the beame light and Saint Kateryns iij s. iiijd. To the mending of the waye where moost nede is next to London, xls. To the making of the kawsey in Skypton, from the house where my father did departe till ye come to the church, xls. To Mawde my suster twenty poundes, and to every brothar and suster iij li. vj s. viij d. To every servaunt in my house xls. To James Vykers twenty poundes, and unto Maistres Freman twenty poundes. Unto Thomas Knyght, Robert and Elizabeth, the children of William Knyght, threscore poundes, so that they save my executours harmeles agenst every man and make no more clayme of their fathers goodes. Unto Elyn, my maide, iij li. vjs. viij d. and a gowne. Unto the Drapers hall, soe that they make Richard my brother free, fyve poundes. And unto my landlord and the covent of Saint Mary Overeys xl s., so that they lett my brother Richard remayn in the house as tenant. And the rest of my goodes, catalles, juelles or dettes, my will fulfilled to be egally devided in thre partes after the laudable custome of the citie, one parte to my welbeloved wife Annes, and another to Andrewe my sonne, and my parte unto my brother Richard Farrande, the which I ordeyn my full executour to receyve all my dettes and paye my dettes. And if it happen to call to his mercy Andrewe my sonne afore he come to lawfull age or mariage I give the hoole and for the more suertie I will that my brother Richard shalhave both Andrewe

* Son of Robert Ferrand, of Skipton. His brother William was one of the executors of Henry, second Earl of Cumberland, and ancestor of the Ferrands of Skipton, Carlton, and Flasby. (See Dugdale's Visitation.)

and his parte in his kepinge till he come to lawfull age or mariage. Maister Richard Travys, Richard Stansfelde, William Hilton and George Croche, overseers, and I geve them xls. a pece and a blak gown.

[Proved 12 Jan., 1537-8.]




(Crumwell, 6.] 10 Aug., 1536. Margaret Reede, wydowe, of Newcastell upon Tyne, late the wyfe of Thomas Reede, marchaunt, deceased. My body to be buryed in the parisshe churche of Seint Nycholas afore the aulter of Saynt Thomas there. To the reparacon of Seynt George porche within the saide churche

To every order of fryers within the towne x s. To the vj almes howses, to every one of them iijs. iijd. I will an abill preest shall singe for my soule at the aulter of seynt Thomas during thre yeres, and I give for his salary xiiij li. To my poor neghbors v li. To Thomas Reede my sonne the tenement wherin I now do dwell, with all the implementes in the halle, that is to seye, on payre of overse hanginges, thre counters, oon coberd, on yron chymnay, oon dossen of quishens, on fetherbed, my best sault with a cover sylver and gylte, xiij sylver spones with the appostelles, one silver pece pounced. To John Reede my sone a hundred markes, of entent that he shuld provyde hymself a house and a fetherbedd. To William Reede my sonne a tenement in a streate called the Clothe Markett, wherin John Ratclyfe now dothe dwell, all maner of implementes belonging, a hundred markes, on fetherbedd. To Elinour Reade my doughter one hundred markes, one dossyn sylver spones of the maydenhedd, one garnysshe of pewter vessell, a kichynmaye, ij pottes of brasse, ij pannes, vj table clothes, vj towelles, vj payre of lynnyn shetes, iiij payre of harden shetes, one nest of compteres, ij chestes, two dossyn napkyns, one twilled towell, and iij pillowes with coverynges. To John Orde my sone in lawe one gilt pece with coveringe and ij lawe peces parcell gilted that I bought last at London. To Henry Orde xx li. To John Blenkynshope my sone in lawe one sylver saulte, one pece of the fassion of the boll. To John Blenkynshope the yonger xx li. To John Ratclyfe my sonne in lawe and to his children xxx li. To Isabell Patenson, doughter of Thomas Patenson, merchaunt, tenne markes To George Sybby my brother one silver pott gilted. To Robert Lame my brother in lawe one sylver pece that I bought of George Taylour. To my brother in lawe Henry Fenele xls. To my suster, his wyfe, my best gowne but one. To Nicholas ffenele, my servaunt, v li. To Elizabeth Clarkson, my servaunt, xl s. I forgive Christofer Carr and my cosyn Elizabeth, his wyf, Richard Thomson my cosyn, all such dettes as they owe to me. To Johannett Bewycke my neice, three yardes of the best brode clothe nowe beinge in my shoppe, one half yarde of velvit with as moche worsted as will lyne the same. The rest of my goodes I give to John Orde and Thomas Reade, whome I make myn executours to dispoase for the helthe of my soule. Wyttnes, Sir Robert Hyxsonne, parishe preest and curat of Saynte Nicholas churche.

[Proved 16 June, 1537.]



[Crumwell, 8.] In the name of God, Amen. The xxj daie of October, 1537. I, Thomas Reade, marchaunte, of Newcastell uppon Tyne, make my wyll. To be buried in Saynte Nycolas churche within Sainte George porche. Unto the vicar vjs. viij d., also for my laye stone vj s. viijd., and to my curat and the parishe clark vj s. viij d. To the saide porche of Sainte George for reparacons xx s. I will my two brether, John Reade and William Reade, be my executours. I will my brother John have full possession of all my landes that my father did give me, and more, iij s. iiij d. by yere whiche I purchased of my cosyn Robert Greme, of Anwyke. To my brother John Reade my cloth shoppe, with all the dettes and money pertynynge to the saide shoppe syns my mother departed. To my brother John Orde my best gowne, and to my sister, his wyf, my best belt. I will that my brother Orde paie out of the saide shop to my suster Elianore lvj li. vjs. viij d. To my brother Blenkinsopp and his children xx li., and to my suster, his wyfe, a gowne unshapyn, and her best pyn chest, her amber beades and her best crokes, and to hym self my next best

owne. To my brother John Ratclif and his children xx li. and a gowne to bym self, and to my suster, bis wyf, my wyffes best sylver beades. To my suster Elianor, to her mariage,

Also I will that my executours give to my susters doughters Eliz. Patenson xl li., and if it chaunce the said Eliz. shuld departe or she be maryed I will the bequest shall come to John Reade, William Reade, Elianor Rede, and to all my susters children by evyn porcions. To my uncle Seilbe my best jacket and my best doblet, and to my uncle Lambe my next best doublet and jacket. To my cosyn George Clerkeson children, of Anwyke, xxtie markes. To my servaunt Thomas Clarkson xx li., and to my servaunt George Clerkson xl s.

xx li.

* He appears to be son of Margaret Reade, whose will precedes this.

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