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[Crumwell, 9.]

John Radclyf, of Newcastell uppon tyne, merchaunt. My bodie to be buried within the churche of Sanct Nicholas, before Saint Thomas alter beside my mother Reede. To my sone Cuthbert twenty poundes. To my sone George xx li. Unto my doughter Margaret xx li. To my sone Robert xx li. To my brother Rafe Radcliff xxvjs. viijd. To my curate Sir Robert Hexam iijs. iiij d. To my brother Bartram vj s. viijd. To my suster Agnes vj s. viij d. To John Landenetter of Anwarp xl s., for whiche I am owing hym. I will a preest to sing or saye masse of requiem for my soule and all Christian soules for the space of a yere after my deceas, as my executours can gett hym. I will that Roger Shawes sonne be forgiven the odde mony that standith in my boke more than lxvjs. viijd., and for this lxvj s. viij d. that he owith me still I will that he shall paie it to my executours as his promisse was before Raaffe Pottes, that is every yere xiij s. iiij d. till the saide some be paide. The residue of all my goodes I give unto Issabell my wif and Cuthbert my sonne, whome I make joint executours. Geven the xj daie of February one thousand five hundred xxxvij.

[Proved 29 April, 1537.]


[Crumwell, 13.]

13 Mar., 1537-8. John White, of Newcastell upon tyne, merchaunte. My bodie to be buryed within the churche of Sainte Nicholas in the saide towne before the ymage of our blyssed ladye, where Sir Richarde Bell dothe singe masse. Unto my doughter Anne a hundred markes in monye to hir maryage and all my lande. To John Rawe and my suster, his wif, tenne poundes. To Jane Lomley, doughter to George Lomley, five markes to hir maryage. To Bartram Lomley twentye shillinges, and I forgive cleerly all dettes that he is owinge unto me. Unto John Rawe and my said suster twoo of my best gownes save one. To Andrewe Bewyck, my especyall frinde, a pece of gold of tenne dokettes. To Sir William White, chapleyn, xs. To my brother Williams twoo doughters, eyther of them five markes to their maryage. apprentyses and other my houshold servauntes, every of them v s.. To Dame Horner a crowne of v s. I forgive to my cosen John Burghe, for his labor for the makinge hereof all suche dettes as he is owinge me. Also I will that the daie of my buryall when it shall plais God, the same daye to have

To my

dirige and masse to be songe after the lawdable custome in Sainte Nicholas chore to the lawde and honnor of God. And the iiij orders of freers to fetche my bodye to the churche with the pristes and clarkes belonginge to Sainte Nicholas churche, and every of them to be rewarded after the discretion of my wife. Also I will that a preste shall singe masse dayly at the awlter of our blyssed ladye afore rehersid. All the residue of my goodes I give all holye to Margaret my saide welbelovyd wif, whome I make my sole executrice of my goodes, she to dispoase as she shall thinke for the wealthe of my soule as my special and high truste is in hir above all other lyvinge. Presente, Andrewe Bewycke, alderman, John Rawe, William White, chapleyn, George Birdes wif, Dame Horner, and John Burghe, maker hereof.

[Proved 17 May, 1539.]

[Dyngeley, 22.]

10 Apr., 1538. John Berwicke, of Whetelay, of the parishe of Doncaster. My bodie to be buried within the parishe churche yerde of Sancte George in Doncaster. I bequeth the daie of my buriall a masse of requyem. I will that Alice my wife deale in almes to poore people within the towne of Whetelay vs. To my brother Christofer Berwicke my best gowne but one, my best velvet doublett but one, one bonnett, one paier of hosen and a shirte. I will that my father Robert Bewicke have his fyndyng of my wife after my decease duryng his lif, or elles my wife to geve hym xl s. yerely after my deceas during his life, and a russett gowne furred with fox, and a damaske doublett, one paier of hosen, and one shirte. Also I will that Alice my wife have my farmeolde at Wheteley duryng hir life, and after hir deceas then I will the said farmeholde remayne unto my daughter Alice and to hir heires during my termes, and if it fortune the said Alice my daughter to die then I wille the said fermeholde remayne unto my brother John Berwike daryng my yeris, and if my brother John dye then the said farmeholde remayne unto my brother Thomas Berwike. Also I will that Christofer my brother have my fermeholde at Doncaster after my deceas during the terme of xviij yeres, and he to geve my daughter Alice the daie of hir mariage twenty markes, and if my daughter dye or she be married then I will that my said brother Christofer have it duryng his lif. To Edmonde my servaunte a gray gelding going in Eltham parke, and one lether doublett. To John Warde, of Doncaster, a lether doublett. To Edmonde my servaunte xx s. To Gabriell my servaunte a ledder doublett

and tenne shillinges. The residew of my goodes unto Alice my wife, whome I make my executrix. Also I will that Alice my wife geve unto Alice my doughter the daye of hir marriage twentye markes. My father and my brother Cristofer supervisours of this my will. Witnesses, William Rawson, Richard Pastye, and John Warde. Also I bequethe to Richarde Pastye one damaske doublett.

[Proved 8 Oct., 1538.]

[Crumwell, 14.]


1 May, 1538. Petar Bewike, of the towne of Newcastell upon tyne, merchaunte. My bodie to be buried afore Sainct Katheryne chapell in Sainct Nicolas Churche. To John Bewike my eldest sonne all my landes in the towne of Newcastle upon Tyne to have and to holde to the said John and his heires males. And yf it happen the said John to dye withowte yssue male, then I will that the landes shall remayne unto Peter my sonne and his heires males, yf it happen Petar to dye without suche issue male I will that all the landes remayne to George my sonne, and for default of issue male unto Percivall my yongest sonne, and for defaulte of heires males unto Petar Bewike, sone to Percevall Bewike, deceased, and to theires males, and in default of issue to William, also sonne to Percivall, and in default of issue to Andrew Bewyke brother and to theires males of his bodie. And so I will that all the said landes shall remayne unto the residew of my brethern and to their males for ever in maner above wrytten except one tenement wherin William Bewyke my brother now dwellith, which I will bequethe to my wyfe Isabell for terme of her lyfe, and my said brother Willyam to inbabytt and dwell in the same the space of vj yeres yet to come and to pay yerely unto Isabell xliij s. iiij d. To Petar my sonne xl li., and Andrew Bewicke my brother to have the custodie of my said son with the sum unto Petar shall come to xix yeres. To George my sonne xl li., and I will that Thomas Patenson shall have the custodie of George till xix yeres full, and then the said sum of xl li. to be delivered. To Percivall my sonne xl li., and I will my wyfe shalhave the custodye of Percevall till xix yeres full, and then the sum shalbe delivered. Item, Adam Johnson owith to me x marces by his obligacon. his obligacon. I give five marces to Thomas Bewyke my servaunte, and the other five marces to Richard Anderson my servannte. Wheare Edward Maxwell

*The testator heads the pedigree of Bewick in Surtees' Durham, ii, 193. From his son Peter descended the family of Close House, co. Northumberland.

and Cuthbert Rey owe me lx li. vjs. viijd., I give iiijli. xiijs. iiij d.
to Isabell Delahey, widow, and her children. The residewe of
the debtt I will that it be given to five children of Percevall
my late brother, deceased, to every of them vj s. viij d., and
likewise to my suster Nelsones v children every of them
vjs. viij d., also to ij childer of Edward Bewike every of
them vjs. viij d. I geve to Henry Bewyke and Janett
Bewicke, unto Andrewe Bewicke, every of them vjs. viijd.
To Bartram Bewike a blacke gowne with blacke bogie. Το
William Bewyke my brother my gowne of browne blew furred
wth fitches, and a horsse colored baye. To my welbeloved
brother Avery Bewike my gowne lyned with blacke chamblett.
All suche debttes as Elizabeth Dawson owith unto me I forgive
her frely, and I will she have vj s. viij d. in money. To Peter
Bewyke, Henry Bewike, my brother sonnes, vj s. viijd. To
my brother Bewicke, his ij sonnes, every of them vj s. viij d.
To Katheryn Nichelson my servaunte x s. To William Bath
servaunte v s. To James Bowrye my servante x s., and to
John Nichelson my servaunte v s. To Katherin Selby my
servaunte v s. To Thomas Bewike my brother an aungell
noble. The residew I give unto my wyfe and John my eldest
sonne, whome I make myn executors, and I make my
supervisors Andrew Bewike, Thomas Bewike, and William
Bewike, my brethern. Hiis testibus, Andro Bewyk, William
Bewike, John Bell, one of the clerkes of the Custome howse,
and Thomas Bewike my servaunte.

[Proved 16 May, 1539.]

[Dyngeley, 26.]

In the name of God, Amen. The vijth day of June, 1538. I, Inggram Percy, knyght, make my will. First, I geve my soule to Almighty God and to his blissed mother our lady Saint Mary, and to all the holy company of hevyn, and my body to be buried within the church of Saint Anne and Agnes in the high chauncell before the Sacrament of Saint Anne aforsaid. To the high awter xxvjs. viijd. To my funerall expenses as my lord Preveyscall and my lord Maiour thinke necessary according to my powre as my servauntes cau certefye. To my doughter twenty poundes, the whiche twenty poundes I will that my lady my mother shalhave the use therof with the childe untill she be of lawful age. To the moder of the said childe twenty nobles. I will that my

*A younger son of Henry Algernon Percy, fifth Earl of Northumberland. A leader in the Pilgrimage of Grace, and imprisoned in the Tower, but afterwards released. His daughter Isabell was illegitimate, and married in 1544 Henry Tempest, of Broughton. (Dictionary of National Biography.)



servauntes shall have their wages paid and a quarter wages besides yf my goodes wille extende. To Tristram my servaunt the leasse of the tithe of Aubell in the parishe of Warkworth. To Richard Gill the tithe of Rock with the leasse. To William Wright the leasse of the tithe of Stanforth. To Humfrey the tithe of Acclyngoton. To John Anderson the tithe of nether Buston. To Parcyvall Galone the tithe of Renyngton. To William Elden the tith of Craft. To Roger Taillour the tithe of Dunstans, Broghmayns and Brokesfelde. To Robert Crafforth the tith of Falowden. To Rauf Corbe the tithe of Brunton. To the men aforsaid blak cottes. To Sir John Glyn a blak gown. To Davy Luntley thre yardes of blak clothe. To maisters Blaknoll xls. To my hostes, Davy Cappers wife, xx s. To maister Cawdwall a gown. To St John Glynne xls. to pray for me. To William Wright a gelding. To Tristram and to Richard Gyll the tithe of Newton by the To Rauf Korbat xx s. The residue of my goodes I geve to Tristram Brathwett and Richard Gill my servauntes, and theym to be my executores, and overseers of the same will I ordeyn my lord maior of the citie of London, and he to have a bonet of velvett with aglettes of golde, and my lady my mother a tablet of golde. I will that my servauntes shalhave my goodes distributed amonges them at the discrecion of myn executours and overseers. Witnesses, John Glyn, preest and curat there, William Elvyden, with other, Rauf Caldwall, John May.


[Proved 21 March, 1538-9.]


[Crumwell, 11.]

To my

21 July, 1538. John Plowghe, clarke, parson of Sainte Peters in Notyngham. Furste, I bequeth my soule unto Almigtye God, and my bodie to be buryed in the chauncell of Sainte Peters churche. To the churche warkes xs. brother Christofer Ploughe one advowson of the vacation of the churche of Sainte Peter's whiche I had of the gyfte of Thomas Hobson, Pryour of Lenton and the covente there, in the whiche I putt as my trustye fryndes to thuse of my nephewe John Ploughe,* sonne to my said brother Christofer, John Wyllyamson, of Notyngham, draper, Henrye Stathum, the maiers clarke of the same towne, and William Wareñ of the same, baker, the whiche advowson I putt to kepenge to John Allenson of the same towne, mercer, to thuse and purpose beforesaide. To my brother Gerarde Ploughe xls. To his

This nephew, John Plough, was also rector of St. Peter's, Nottingham, and an author. (See Wood's Athena, i, 301.)

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