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Chaloner wiffe, of Stanley, my crymsyn goune furride wth budge. I will my executours do make restitucon for suche wronges as I have done to any person if theye be provide, and if the prove be doubte full rather to inclyne to the complaynt than unto me. Unto the abbot and covent of Whitby xls. Unto the pryncypall and the companye of Brode yate in Oxforde vjs. viij d., to be applyed upon the chapell stuffe within the chapell of Seynct John, and xiij d. unto the churche of Aldait. Unto the heigh Alter of Seynct Marye churche within Oxforde iij s. iiij d. To the highe alter within the chapel of Seynt George within the castell at Oxforde iijs. iiijd. To everye on of my god children vjs. viij d. Amonges poore people within the parishe of Buknell* within Oxforde shire xx s., and to the warke of the Soule church xx s. To John Higdon and Bryan my neveys, and to either of them, on stondyng goblett. To the parishe churche of Kirke upon Wharff vj s. viij d. I will that a prest shall synge for me fyve yeres, and have fyve poundes yerly. I make Sir Robte Huyte, vicar of Poklyngton, John Good, and Sir Robte Norham, myn executors, the supervisours my brother, Mr Wyllyam Clyfton, subdeane of the churche of York, and I do give unto hym for his laboure onne couple of gildyde saltes with on cover which was Mr Robte Newtons, and Mr Robte Chaloner, of Stanleye, lernyd mann, and I do give unto hym for his laboure v li. Witnesses, Sir Cristofer Catall, vicar of Kirkbye upon Wherff, Mr Thomas Leedes, William Hargille, Roger Hornley, and Robte Wylson.

[Proved 5 May, 1540.]


13 Julye, 1539. Robert Dawson, of Kyllwike Perseye, in the dioces of Yorke. To be buryed in the cherche of Kyllwykepsey. Unto William Woddall x quarters of barley, a mare and a foole. To Henry Dawsone my brother a mare. To Thomas my brother a bay geldinge. To Alexander my sonne my best gowne and ij spones of sylver. To John Dawson my sonne the next best gowne and ij spones of sylver. To my sonne Thomas the third best gowne and a cote and ij sylver spones. To every of my ij dowghters, Elyn and Alison's children, an ewe and a lambe. To John Rokysbye my godson an ewe and a lambe. To Robert Garbett a nother ewe and a lambe. To the cathedrall churche xvjd. To the churche of Poghelington xvjd. To the vicar of Poghelington xijd. To the churche of Kyllwykepsey xvjd. To the vicar of Bucknell, co. Oxford,

Kyllwykepsey xijd. To the amendinge of a hight waye called Kexbye bridge viij d. To John Martyn a swerde, and to Richard Rokesby an ewe and a lambe. The residewe unto my wyfe and to my sonnes Alexander, John and Thomas, whome I make my executours. Witnes, John Martyne, Richarde Rokysby, and Robert Harper.

[Proved 2 Dec., 1539.]

[Crumwell, 17.]

18 Sept., 1539. In the name of the father, the sonne, and the holy goyoste, Amen. I, John Blaxton, marchaunte of the Toune of Newe Castle upon Tyne, hole of body, doo make my will. Fyrst, I doo legate my soule to God Almyhtie and to the virgyn Mary, and to all the celestiall companye of heven. My body to be buried within the churche of Seynct Nycholas besides the rewestre doure, and nyghe where Willm Dawell is buriede, as maye be convenyently hade. Also I give to my vicare for forgotten tythes iij s. iiijd. To the churche warke of Seyncte Nycholas churche xx s. Also I give to syxe prestes of Corporis Christi gylde for beryng of my bodye to the grave ijs. To the other prestes of the seide gylde for a trentall x d. a pece, and to all other prestes of the seide towne to sey psalmes and dyrige for my soule vj d. a pece. To my wiffe my house yt I dwell in, with all other landes by me purchased, and to her assynes duryng her lyff naturall, and if she stonde at such a necessitie at any tyme duryng hir lyff I will yt she shall at hir libertie sell the same and put the moneye taken therfore to hir owne use for relif of hir necessetie, and if she do not sell yt then I will yt after hir deth the seide house and landes shall go to my doughter Anne Mytforthe and hir children and heires lawfully of hir bodye begotten for ever. Also I will that Roger Mytforth have for the behove of his and hire children lx li., yt is to wytt, in moneye, playte and ware, after the trewe rate and value therof at the discrestijon of myne executrixe. I will that Roger Mytforthe have a standyng gylte_cuppe. To my doughter Anne Mitforth a spongede pece demy gilted, with a coverynge. I will yt the seide Roger have the seide legaces before reserfid to hym and his children, so yt the saide Roberte make seale and delyverye unto my wyff a generall acquytance in due forme to be devysede by councell learnyde of my seide wyff, orelles all the seide legaces to be voide and of none effecte. I will yt Dorothe Bothe have xx li. of my wyff yf she and hir husbonde will make and gife hir a generall acquytance, or elles nothyng

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at all. I will that John Syngleton synge for me and my father and mothers soulles, and Mr John Underwoodes soulle, and for my wyves soules, and for all Christen soules, syxe yeres, yerly to have for his wages xl s., and to have his boorde with my wyff duryng the seide yeres. I will that my brother Roberte Dawell, doctor, Archedeacon of Northumberlonde, by (sic) my supravysor of this my will, to whome I give a ryall. Also yt my brother Richarde Blaxtonne have towarde his lyvyng at the discrescyon of my wyff. Also I will yt Anne Deyne have vjs. viij d., Agnes Laxtone vj s. viij d., Christofer Blaxetone iiij markes. Also yt my brother Willyam Chartseye and my sister, his wiff, have ij Angell nobles. Also that my sister Swynborne have a noble. Also that Mary Chertseye, at the discrescyon of my wyff, have xx li. Also that John Panterson have a noble. Also that Nicholas Sharpraye have a noble. John Atkynsone a noble. Agnes Glower ijs. My wyff my soole executrixe, to whome I give all the resydue of my goodes. Wytnese, Mr Doctor Dawell, Archydyacon of Northumberlande, Mr Willyam Blythman, gentilman, notarye publike, Mr George Dawell, marchaunte, Sir John Syngelton, and Sir Barthram Hartquycke, preestes.

[Proved 14 April, 1540.]

[Crumwell, 16.]

22 Sept., 1539. George Borrell, merchaunt, of Newcastell uppon Tyne. To be buryed in the churche of Sainte Nicholas before owr lady aulter and under the greate stone nexte unto Mayster Brandlyng, and I make my executors my wife Margarett Borrell and my cowsen James Lawson. I will that my wife have the thyrde of all my landes without the towne according to the lawe, also my howse that I dwell in during her life, and after her decease I give yt unto John Borrell, son unto William Borrell, deceased, my eyre, and to the heires of his body, allweyse provided yf his mother will be contente to take her rente of my tenementes yerely as they payde to me in tyme paste withowte trowbling the tenementes by hyr or anny in hir name, and she to be bounde by obligation with suerties she and her husband, then I will that John Borrell have the howse after the decesse of my wyfe yf she will perfourme as is aforesayde. And yf she will not then I will that my dowghter Elizabeth Lylborne have yt, and the heires of her body, paying yerely to the howse of Tynmouth x s., and to the howes of Bodas viijs. iiij d., and faylyng of her yssue I give yt Alexaunder Borrell and to his heires. To the churche warke and for my layre stone xx s. To the iiij orders of freeres that

goeth before me every oon of them a boll of rye. I will that all the preestes of the iiij churches go before me. I will that a preeste singe for me a yere, and to have for his stipend vij markes. Unto Mayster Sir George Lawson a ryoll, to my lady his wyfe a ryoll. To my cowssen James Lawson a ryoll, to my cossen his wyfe a ryoll. To my cowssen Edmonde Lawson and his wyffe a ryoll. To Cutberte Blunte and his wiffe a ryoll. To James Fenwyke and his wyfe a noble. To my cowssen Thomas Lawson a noble. To George Bartram iij s. iiijd. I will that my wyfe take half a chalder of rye and give it uppon Thursdaye nexte comyng to xxxij of my neyghbours that is mooste nedefull, eche oon of them a kemyng. To John Borrell, when he cometh to the yeres of xxi, vj li. xiij s. iiij d., and Robert Lylborne to have the sayde money in custody, and he to be bounde to my cowsen James Lawson for the delyvery of the same, and yf yt shulde so happen that John shulde dye before the age of xvj then I will the sayde vjli. xiij s. iiij d. remayne to my dowghter Elizabeth Lylborne. I give Mabell my son Williams dowghter iiij li., to Margarett his dowghter iiij li., provyded that there mother fulfyll all suche articles as is before written, or elles they never to have peny of this eight pounde. And this eight poundes to be putt in the custody of Alexander Borrell, and yf they doo not marry before the yeres of xxti of age then I will that they have their mony. And if they dye then I will that the viij poundes com to the handes of John Borrell, and in defawte of his issue to my dowghter Elizabeth and her heires, and in defawte to Alexander Borrell. To Willm Borrell my brother son iiij li. To Edward Greve iiij li. To Elizabeth Watson my brothers dowghter xs. To my brothers dowghter Katherine Rewellaye xs. To my son Robert Lylborne iiijli. To Alysaunder Borrell iiij li., and I will that my wyfe give to my dowghter Elizabeth iiijli. The residue I remytt to the discrecion of my executors. Sir John Rage, preeste, Gerrard Fenwyke, marchaunte, Thomas Lawson of Cañdlyngton, Esquire, Cutberte Blunte, marchaunte, with other moo.

[Proved 5 Nov., 1539.]


5 Jan., 1539-40. Cristoffer Mitforde, of Newcastell upon the Tyne, gentylman. To be buryed within the churche of Seynt Nycolas before o' Ladies alter as nygh my late wyffe

*A merchant and alderman of Newcastle. His son Christopher's will is printed in Durham Wills, vol. ii, 30 (Surtees' Society). See also a pedigree of Mitford in Flower's Visitation of Yorkshire.

Isabell as convenyently maye be. To the vicarye of the toune for all my forgotten tythes iij s. iiij d. To my sonne Francys Mytforde for his portion cxvj li. xiij s. iiij d., with my lease of the manor mansyon of Heton in the countie of Northumburlond, but upon condycon that the said Fraunces shall stand to this my will and bequest, and if he at any tyme refuse so to doo then I give the said lease to Cristoffer Mytforde my sonne, and Francis to take his advantage otherwyse of my goodes as the lawe shall give hym. To my said sonne Cristofer Mytforde for his porcyon cxvjli. xiijs. iiij d., my dymyssons of Ovingham cole pyttes of Elswike in the countie of Northumborlonde, Butterby and Kiblesworth in the countie of Duresme, duryng all such yeres as be conteynyde in the same dimissions. To Christofer my sonne my housse wherin I dwell within the towne of Newcastell, with the cellars adioynyng to the same, and all manner of implementes conteynyde. That is to seye all manner of beddyng, chymneys, napry, copbordes, chistes, farme vassell, and all manner of houshold stuff, my plate only excepted. To my sonne Bartram Orde and Sibill his wyff, my doughter, fiften poundes, and if Bartram be contentid with the same I give to Henry Orde his sonne xxli., and to his sonne Robte Orde xx li., and to suche issue as my seide doughter Sibill is nowe adiudged to be with, be yt man or woman, xx li. To Henry Brandelynge and Margerett his wyfe fyftie poundes yf the seide Henry will accepte the same for his seide wyfes porcyon, other wise to take hir advauntage as the lawe wille. I will a good honeste and virtuouse preest shull pray for the helth of my soule duryng iiij yeres nyxte after my departyng, and my executours yerly to pay the prest vij marckes. I will yt myne execoutoures shall bye a threwgh stone and laye upon my mother in Seynt Andrewes Church. I will yt myne exeutours shall fynde a preste of my costes to syng for the helth of the sowles of Wyllyam Shaftowe and other his frendes duryng on hole yere after my departure, at which churche the frendes of the said Willyam Shuftowe shall name and myn exeutours shall paye to the preest for the same yere vij marckes. To Jane Mitforde my brothers doughter, nowe being at London, xij li., so that she followe the advyse of myn executours in hir mariage. To my nevewe John Mytforde xx li., so yt he will renewe my lease of Heton to my sonne Cristoffer for twenty yeres mo then in the seide lease ys conteynyde, and if he will not do so than I will that myn executours shall paye yerlye xx s. to the said John my nevewe duryng xx yeres in recompence of such profittes as I have taken upon the grounde of Heton. I will that myn executours shall at my costes fynde a preste to syng for the helth of my soule, of Wyget Harbotle, Esquyer, at Prudhowe

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