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or at Ovingham, during an holle yere after my departure, and paye vij marckes for his salurye. To everye of tenn poore husbondmen vj s. viij d. To everye on of tenn poore maydens maryage vjs. viij d. towardes theire dynners in the dayes of theire maryages. The rest of all my goodes to Crystofer Mytford my sonne, whom I make executour. I make Robte Lewyn supervisour. To my frende John Lynne twoo double ducattes. To my brother John Mytforde a cowe, a lode of wheate, and a crowne. To Peter Henryson my servaunt a rydyng jucket wherin I do ryd and vj s. viij d. in moneye. [Proved 7 Feb., 1539-40.]

[Crumwell, 19.]

16 Jan., 1539-40. Robert Cremor, of Newe castell upon Tyne, marchaunte. First, I bequeith my soule unto Almyghtie God, to the celestiall company of heven, my bodie to be buried in the churche of Alhallowes in the towne of Newecastell besides Seinct Annes alter there. To Agnes my wyfe all my landes for terme of hir lyfe, after the decesse of my saide wyfe unto George Cremor my sonne and his heires, and for defalte of suche issue unto Elizabeth Creamor, my daughter and hir heires. Unto Edithe Sympson my servaunte xls., the worst of my three best gownes. To Thomas Creamor, goldesmythe, iijli. vjs. viijd. To Willyam Johnson, of Gatishede, his chymneye and iij peces of peuter which lithe in pledge for viij s., so yt the saide Willyam do paye unto my executours viij s. Unto my cuirate Sir David Tailor iij s. iiijd. which I have paide. To Elene Colson x s. To Kateryn Glagge x s. To Robte Cremor, sonne of the saide Thomas Cremor, xxvjs. viijd. I will yt Stevyn Thomson, preste, synge and praye for my soule during onne yere, and I give unto hym v li. To Laurence Rockesbye my servaunte vj li. and iij li. over. The residue to Agnes my wyfe, George my sonne, and Elysabeth my doughter, whom I make executours, and Andrewe Bewicke, marchaunte, supervisour. Wytnesse, David Taylour, Stevyn Thompson, preastes, Thomas Creamor, goldsmyth, Edmunde Lambton, Richarde Clyffe, and Laurence Rokesbye, marchauntes, and Edith Sympson, with other. [Proved 21 Feb., 1539-40.]


[Crumwell, 19.]

19 Feb., 1539-40. Mariory Wrenne, of Sherburne house, wyddowe. To be buried within the quyre of Mary Magdelyn

*There is a pedigree of Wrenn of Binchester in Durham Visitations, edited by Joseph Foster, p. 337.

for me.

nygh unto my husbande. To the brynging forth the daye of my buriall xx li., wherof I will xxx s. be given for a trentall of masses to be done the same daye, and xls. therof to be delt to poore people at Barnachastell and xx s. to poore people at Auklonde. To an honest preste to synge iiij yeres for the soules of my husbonde and me and Anthonye my sonne xvj li., also I give for a yerly obbet to be done the space of x yeres next the daye after my buryall at the churche where my husbonde doth lye yf it maye be done there covenyentlye iij li. vj s. viij d., and lykwyse for the saules of my father and mother and the soules before reherside iij li. vj s. viij d. To the upholding of the enornamentes of or Ladies porch in Barnachastell vj s. viij d., to be prayed for. To the churche of Sharbourne house ij abbas, ij amassez, ij alterclothes, and ij towelles, and to the high alter of Pyttington church on alter cloth of foure yardes length, and to the high alter of Kellowe churche on alter cloth of foure yardes length, to be prayed for. To everye on of the iiij prestes of the house iij s. iiij d. to pray for me, and to Sir Richarde Johnson of Esyngton iijs. iiij d., and to Sir Thomas Cutberde iij s. iiij d. to praye To the buylding of Shynkley bridge, yf yt be buyldide ageyne vjli. xiijs. iiij d., and if it be not buyldyde agayne I will the money to be delte emongest poore people. Unto my sonn Frauncys Kylynghall and my doughter Kateryn his wyffe all my corne sowen and unsowen and xij drawe oxen with waynes, ploughes and other appurtenances which I have at Middleton George, and xij stootes, vij scowre shepe and foure going at Wynghous besides his awne goodes whiche he hathe going att Hartbõne. The residue of my moveable goodes going at Myddleton George and at Hartbõne I will go the performance of this my will. To my doughter Kateryn aforsaid a dowsen sylver spoonez, a sylver salte which lith in pledge of foure markes, orelles the money yf yt be loused, a garnishe of peuter vessell, a bason with a ewer of pewter, a dowson potagers and oversee coveringe and my best counteir clothe. To my sonne Jerrerd Salveyne and my doughter Eleyoner his wyffe xxiijti kye with theire calves, which I have going at my inkept at Crocdayll, and a hundreth hogge going of other my groundes. Unto my doughter his wyffe a dowsyn sylver sponys whiche I made last, a garnishe of pewter vessell, an oversee coveryng, a coupborde cloth, and foure markes in money to bye a sylver salt. To my son Rowlande Maddeson and my doughter Jane his wyffe xvijti stottes and v scoire shepe going at my inkest at Edy, and unto my doughter Jane a dowsyn sylver sponys wherof vj ys in theire awne handes, ij sylver saltes with a cover, a garnishe of pewter vessell and oversee coverynges lynde, a countercloth.

To my sonne Geffreye a dowsyn of my best quysshens, a dyaper bordecloth, a sperver of red and grene whic he hath in his handes, a countercloth, an iryn chymneye in the stewardes chamber, a sylver salte double gilte with a cover, on goblett gilte, xiij sylver sponys, markit with th' appostles, and after hym I will the said goublette, salt and thirtene sylver sponys remayne and go to his oldest sonn, and in defaulte, I will he give them unto onn of his frendes to praye for me. Unto my brother Christoffer Wrenne and to my son and sonnes Wrenne, either of them a riall in golde. To my son Cutbarde Wrenne xl s. to thentente he shall by housholde stuff to the same value, and to my doughter Parkynson xls. To my sister Wylson my best kirtle. To my son Wyllyame Wrenne v li., vj sylver sponys, a matteres, a fether bed, a bolster, twoo payer of lynnyn shettes, an oversee covering lynde, and to my doughter Kendall on materes, a fetherbedd, a bolster, a payer of blankettes, a payer of shettes, and oversee coveryng unlynde. To my nevewe Rauff Wakerfyld xl s. and too sylver spoones, and to eyther of his twoo brethren a kye with a calf, and to everye on of his two systers a payer of shettes. To Mathewe Hynde xl s., a fely stage, and his beddyng which he lyth in, and to his suster Elyzabeth a payer of shettes, a gowne, a kirtle. To Antonye Bucke xl s., and to Rauff Bucke and Thomas Bucke either of them vj s. viij d. To my servaunte Henry Lawson a fely stagge of thre yeres olde and twoo whyes or elles xx S. To everye Queryster within Sharburn house iiij d., and deacons viij d. To every man servaunt within my howse viij d. and ij yardes of hardyn cloth. To everye woman servaunt a whye stirke. To Mariorye Blythman a whye with a calf, a matteres, a payer of blankettes, a paier of sheites, a coverlet, a bolster. To Simon Bilbie a whie with a calfe, and to Robert Wren, sone of Garmanswey Willm Wren, a whie stirke. To Willm Harryson a colte stagge or a felie, and to his doughter Marion a whie stirke. The residue of my houshold stuff I will be equally devided emonges my thre doughters Jane, Elenor, and Katerine, savinge that they shall leyve suche stuff and perteyninge the stocke of Sherborne house, whiche I am bound to do and leave at the same house. All the residue of my goodes I will be at the ordre of Geffray my son, whome I make executor, and I desier Sir Robert Bowes, knight, and my cosin Thomas Blenkensopp to be supervisours, and I will Sir Robert have for his paynes vjli. xiijs. iiijd., and that he have the mariage of Isabell Perkinson, and Thomas Blenkinsopp have xls. Witnesses, Sir Willm Tode, curate, Sr Cuthbert Bell, Sir Robert Reson, Sir Thomas Cuthbert, Sir Rauf Crawe, preiste, Mathew Hinde.

[Proved 3 April, 1540.]


6 Mar., 1539-40. James Elyson, of Northauklonde, chapman. My bodie to be buriede within the churche of Seynte Andree above my mestres Lilburne settes. To the warkes of the seide churche for my layer stone iij s. iiij d. To the highe alter of the seide churche for offerandes and the tythes forgotten ijs. To the parishe preste xijd. To John Eleson my brother xl s. and my best garment. To Robt Chaumber my kynsman xls. To Margaret Allyson ij ryalles in golde. To Margarette Whorton xiij s. iiij d. To Kateryn Wryght my servaunt iij s. iiij d. To Jane Blakborne and hir sister ij bounde of lyne. To the amending of Nowton Bridge vj s. viij d. To Richarde Stevynson wyeffe a yarde of the best lyne in the shoppe. To the brother of Collage for dirige and masse in the day of my buriall x s. To Sir John Gyllys a silver spone with an image of the ende gilte. The rest of my goodes I give unto Emote Scrargwham my doughter child, whom I make my sole executor to dispose as she thinkes best by advise of Antonye Robson and John son of the seide Antonye. I constitute Mr Doctor. chauncelere to my lorde of Duresme, supervisor, and I give hym an olde rialle in golde. Witnesses, John Ednell, Antonye Robson, Roberte Alanson, and Richarde Stevynson.


[Proved (no date).]

[Spert, 8.]

22 Mar., 1539-40. Margarett Ryther, wydowe. To the high aulter of Heddyngham Castell Churche for dirige and masse for my husbande sowle, my sowle, and all Christian sowles, xx s. To the high aulter of the churche of Elres Colne iijs. iiij d., of Seynt Gyles churche in Mapulsted iijs. iiij d. I will that within the yere oon dirige and masse be songe within the parishe churche of Wakefeld within the countie of Yorke for my soule, my father and mother sowles, and all Christian sowles, and I give to the same xxs. To my ladie Dame Marie Kingston my ringe of gold with the fyve woundes. To Mrs Jane Brewes my lardgest payre of beades. To my

* If is difficult to say who this lady was, as her maiden name does not appear. Sir William Ryther, of Ryther, married Eleanor, daughter of Sir John Fitzwilliam, of Sprotborough. He had a younger son Nicholas (father of John Ryther, who succeeded to the Scarcroft estate), whose wife's name is not stated in the pedigree. She might have been the above testatrix, who seems to have had some connection with the De Vere family of Heddingham Castle and the Fitzwilliams, according to the will.


ladye Dame Fraunces Seyntclere a ryall. To Mrs Elizabeth Rede her doughter oone doble docket of goold. To Robert Seyntclere hir brother, my godsone, on olde noble. Mrs Ursula Brewes late sonne oon angell. To Mr Robert Rochester oon angell. To Mrs Elizabeth Brewes my spone of sylver with a squyrrell of thende. To Mistres Elizabeth Lovell my spone of sylver with the letters of J and R at thende. To Mrs Jane Fithwilliam my best partlet of blake velvet. To Mrs Elizabeth Miche my gowne of blake clothe, to Mistres Anne Goldingham oon payre of sheetes. To Mysters Emlyn Badbye my payre of beades of blacke jette gawded with beades of sylver and gilt with awmber abowte the gardes. To my sonne John Ryther my marying ringe, my bowle of sylver, my two goblettes of sylver with one cover, and oon soveraign of golde and six spones of sylver slipped. To John Ryther his sonne my ryng with a rubby, six spownes of sylver with knoppes of thendes and one ryall. To his doughter Elizabeth Ryther my payre of beades of sylver gawdyd with golde, six new spones, oon ryall of golde, and my two saltes of sylver and gilt with one cover. To Mr Robert Skerne oon angell. To Marye Turner a payre of sheetes. To wydowe Porter a black gowne. To Elyne Nycholles one payre of shetes. To Agnes my mayde oon kerchif. To Mr John Danyell, of Messyng, oon sufferyn. To his wyfe oon payre of shettes. To her daughter Alice my new spone of sylver slipped at thende. To her doughter Anne oon kerchiffe of lynyn. To her doughter Jane oon kerchief, to Margaret Danyell oon kerchif and oon rayle of lynyn. To Robert Towneley, vicar of Messyng, to praye for my soule, one angell. To Sir John Morteyn, Mr Danyells chapleyn, one angell. To my sonne all my goodes not bequethed. To my god-doughter Mary Ryther my ring of gold with a bocke rubbey, oon of my fetherbeddes with a bolster, one long pillowe of downe, oon payre of fustyans, my counterpoynt of verders with roses, oon payre of shetes, this given after the writing of my will by reason of mariage hadde betwixte my sayd sonne and doughter.

[Proved 21 July, 1542.]

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[Alengar, 24.]

18 May, 1540. George Matheson, marchaunt, of Kingestowne upon Hull. To be buryed in our Lady church of Hull, or elles in the parishe churche where yt shall please God to call me out of this world. I bequeth xx s. to bye a canapie for the Sacrament in my churche at Hull. To my cosyn William Swan, my servaunt and kynsman, lxvj s. viij d. To my nephew

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