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Raafe Watson lxvjs. viijd. To my nyse Elisabeth Smithe Ixvj s. viij d., and to eche of her children xls. To Elizabeth Welbecke xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Mary Partryche xx li. To my scoler, Mr Pentland in Oxforde, lxvjs. viijd. To every poor householder in Hull xij d. To every house of massandewe at Hull x s., and to the presoners at Hull xx s.

To the reparacons of my parishe churche at Hull xls. To my lorde Archebisshop of Yorke my best standing cup with the cover silver and gilte, being in valor xx li., and to M' Arthur Lawe a sylver cupp parcell gilt. To myn host Sampson Audeley xx s., and as moche to his wyfe my hostice. To M Brandesby one of myn ale cuppe of sylver and parcell gilt. To eche of my prentyses being in my service xls. To eche of my godsons at Hull xij d. To Henry Tharcrase xx s. To the mending of eche of the three high wayes from Holdernes to Beverley and Aulabye to Hull xx s. To Elizabeth Dixon and to Kelet, susters to my said wyfe, eyther of them xls. To John M'hall one of my ale cuppes sylver and parcell gilt. To the mariage of vj por maydens, to eche of them vj s. viijd. To thexibicion of six scolers, three at Oxford and thre at Cambridge, to eche of them xx s., and yt to be distributed by my lorde Archbisshop of Yorke. To Anne my wyfe and old wasthouse wherin ys a old myle and a alde house standing in greate daunger of water whiche stande all in one lytell gardyn together. To Anne my wyfe all my leaces, tenamentes, rentes, services, and profyttes therof to give and to sell at her pleasure, and all moveable goodes, as plate, household stuf, and all my debtes, and I make my wyfe my executrix. Wytnesses, Maister John Bradesbye, Archar Lawe, Sampson Audeley, and William Swan, with other.

[Proved 25 Feb., 1540-1.]




(Alengar, 14.] 30 July, 1540. John Adeson, clerck, curate of Caldbeke. To every poore house in Lughborowe iiij d., and iiij quarters of rye and iij quarters of barleye and iiij quarters of pese. To my suster Jenet Seron a violet gowne and a beede at Caldbecke and a redde mantell, a fetherbedde with a boulster and a pillowe and a coveryng of tapstery worke, and haulf my oulde pewter vessell at Caldbeck and the old cheare. To my suster Annes Rudde my best shorte gowne and a blacké gowne faced with saten of Cipres, a federbedd, a boulster, a pillowe, a coveryng of tapstery worke, and the other haulf of my oulde pewter vessell and brasse at Caldbeck, and my cloke and a testour paynted, and a newe cheyre and the spruse chest which is in my litle chamber. To Henry Seron my servaunt a fetherbedde, a boulster, a coveryng of tapesterie worke, a standyng beed with testour and curteynes of redde and grene, and all the hangynges and a brasse morter with a pestell, and a sylver spone and the cupbord standing in the parlor, so that his father and mother have thuse therof. To Richard Reed, scolar at Cambridge, all my bokos not hereafter bequeithed, and all my rayment at Lughborowe and all the lynen geare, a litle sparver of Dornix, and a coveryng for a bedde of grene silcke, and another which was bought by Syr Richard Greyn, and a pair of blankettes and ij pillowes, and a jaket and a doublet of chamblet, and my gowne of pewke with blacke cotton without a hoode, and my violet gowne withe the hoode, and ij pairs of the best shetes at Caldbeck, and a bason and ewer, and my skarlet and my murray gowne, and vj sylver spones at Lughborowe, ten pound in money to fynde hym at scole over that money which I hadde of his in kepyng. To John Rudd, my nephe at London, a fetherbed with a bolster, a matres, a pillowe, twoo coverlettes, one pair of blankettes, and all the shetes at London and the best cheest there, and a litle lettron with a coffer and a loke upon it, the table and trestells, ij cheares, a litle stole, a paire of aundyrons, and suche bokes as he will chose there, ij formes, twentie pounde in money to fynd hym at his lernyng. Po eche one of syster Jenet Serons doughters a sylver spone of those which are at Caldbecke and twentye shillinges, and to twoo of my syster Annes doughters, eche of them a sylver spone and iij li. vj s. vij d., and if all thre dye before they be maried then John Rudde to have it. To the said twoo maides my suster Annes doughters all the newe pewder and brasse vessell which came from London, &c. To my twoo systers Jenet and Agnes all my pewder pottes great and small. To every poore house in Caldbeck iiijd. To Sir Robert Stockes, my cousyn in London, Summa Anthonini, and to his mother a silver spone, and to his father another. To Syr Richard Grene, peroch prest at Highborowe, my blacke gowne, my great chest, the testor in the parlour, summa Anthonini, Sermones Richardi, one part of Saint Ambrose workes, Athanasius upon Pooles epistels, Theophilactus of the gospelles, summa Angelica Symonis Janensis, a chaffyng dishe, &c. To Syr Willm Fishpoli, Saint Thomas super epistolas Pauli and the bible in foure volumes. To Thos. Barnyngham, William Clerck, Henry Fletcher, vicar of Toune Mallyng, John Bothe, books. To the reparacons of the church at Caldbecke ten shillinges. The residue of all my goodes to Jenet Heron and Annes Rudde my susters egally, and I make Henry Heron thelder and Henry Fletcher executors.

[Proved 20 Oct., 1540.]


To every



[Alengar, 27.] 16 Aug., 1540. I, John Wrighte, of Plughelande within the parishe of Wellwycke, make my will. My body to be buryed within the hallowid grounde. To John Wrighte xli. To Elysabethe Wrighte x li. To Charles Wrighte V marces.

To John Clough v marces. To William Bucke xl s. To Rycharde Bramley, his wyfe, xls.

of Richard Smythes childerne xls. To George Cloughe xl s. To William Pycharde xl s. To Margaret Hent v marces. To William Battersby v marces. To Richarde Curle xiij s. iiijd. To the vycar of Welwycke vjs. viijd. To John Archules vj s. viij d.

To William Herdman ijs. To Thomas Carter vj s. viijd. To Rouland Murrey vjs. viijd. To Elyne vj s. viijd. To Agnes ijs. viij d. Item to Elyzabeth. 'To Julyan ijs. To George Thorpe and his wiffe foure quarters of wheate. To John Feron and his wyfe foure quarters of whete. To John Fostyne to synge for my soule vij yeres xl s. the yere, to wayte on my wyfe withe meate and drynke. To the churche of Welwyke vjs. viijd. To the churche of Patrington vs. To the churche of Hollyn vj s. viij d. To the churche of Holmeton vjs. viij d. To my wyfe all my plate and her goodes that she broughte with her. To Robert Wrighte my sonne all my plate. Also I wyll that Sir William Constable, knighte, Sir Raufe Ellerker, knighte, Master Babthorpe, esquier, and Master Grymston, esquier, to be supervysors. The resydue unto Robert my sonne, whome I make my executour. Wytnesses, the vycar of Wellwyke, my curate, Bartilmew Thorpe, gentylman, Wyllyam Chayre, and John Parker.

[Proved 4 April, 1541.]




[Spert, 2.) 14 Jan., 1540-1. I, Sir Godfray Foliambe, of Walton Hall in the Countie of Derby, knight, being of good, hole and perfytt mynde, neverthelesse sicke in my body, considering the uncerten tyme of contynnuance in this present lyfe, make this my last wille. Towching my goodes and cattalles and all my moveables to and for the pleasir of Almyghtie God, helthe of my soule and welthe of my posteritie, childern and servauntes, and others my lovers and freindes in maner and forme hereafter folowing, and ensuyng. First I comend and bequeth my soule to Almyghty God, my Savyor and redemer Jeshu Criste, thurgh whose marcy and by the merites of his passion I trust to be a saved soule, and to our blessed Lady Seynt Mary, Seynt John baptist, and all the holy companye in hevyn, humbly beseching them to pray unto our sayd Savyor Jeshu Criste to accept the same to his high grace, marcy and endeles joye. And my body or kercas to be burged in the parishe churche of All Sayntes in and at Chesterfeld in the Chapell of Saynt George there besides my lady my wyfe. Also I bequeth to my mortuary as the Lawes therfore made and established dothe axe and require. Also I give and bequeth to the mother churches of Coventry and Lichfeld, to eyther of them severally vjs. viijd. Also I will that my son James, whome I ordeyn and make my full and sole executour of this my

* According to Glover's Visitation, p. 145, John Wright, of Plowland, was servant to King Henry VIII, came out of Kent, and married Alice, daughter and co-heiress of John Ryther. His son Robert, by his second marriage with Ursula Rudston, had two sons, John and Christopher Wright, who were engaged in the Gunpowder Plot and lost their lives.

+ The Foljambes were a Derbyshire family originally, but caine to Yorkshire by the marriages of the testator's eldest son, Sir James, to Alice, sister and for ever.

last will, shall se cause and provide that my body or kercas be brought home to my buryall and my funeralles, messes and diriges, with all other suffrages and obsequies to be done and mynistred for my soule and all Christian soules, to the pleasure of God, helthe of my soule, and according as worship requyreth after my degree and power of my costes and charges. And that my swerde, helmet with the beest upon the hedd of yt, and my cote armure to be hanged over my tombe and there to remayn

Also I will that the two greatest saltes that I have (except one) with a cover to them belonging whiche ben doble gylt and my armes in the toppe with my wyffes armes, a bason and an ewer of sylver parcell gilte with an egle in the myddes and a poosye (seying it ys good to have a long throote), two standing cuppes wherof thone of them ys hole gilte and hath a bell in the toppe of the cover and thother ys parcell gilte and hath an egle in the toppe of the cover, and other certeyn jewelles whiche lye in a chest amongist certeyn of my evydences that all thies except before except to remayn in myn howse at Walton with my sone and heire, and he to do therwith as he shall seme best by his discression for the helth of my soule. Also I bequeth and give to my sone Godfrey a basone and an ever of silver parcell gilt, and an other baason and ewer of sylver parcell gilte to my son George, and to be delyvered to them twoo by the discression of my sayd executour. Also I give and bequeth to every one of my sones a velvet gowne, that ys to wite, to my son James my tawny velvet gowne with the furres in the same. Also to my sone Godfrey a blake velvet gowne lately furred with jenettes, and also the furr of jenettes lately being in the same gowne. And also to my sone George a tawny velvet gown lyned with tawny satten. Also I will that thirty of my houshold servauntes, the names of whome apperith in a scroll hereunto this will annexed, have every of them a blake gowne and meite and drinke at Walton Hall by the space of one quarter of one yere after my deceas. And to Myles Colvyll, George Legh, William Dethick, Michell Pole, Henry Hewet, and Arthur Kynder, to every one of them xx s. And to every other of my yomen being my household servauntes, to have every of them a rewarde after the discression of my seyd executour over and above their wages, and to every other of my servauntes being out of my house and of my lyvery a blake gowne, and so to some other my lovers and frendes being at my buryall blacke gownes as my sayd executour shall think convenuent or els not. Also I give to Anne Foliambe my doughter fyve hundret markes of lawfull Englishe mony to her maryage. And I will that my sayd executour shall give her yerely vj li. xiijs. jij d. towardes her exhibicion unto suche tyme as she shalbe promotyd to mariage, and that she shall be kept with suche other freendes as shalbe thought convenuent by thadvyce of my seyd executour and other her frendes. Also I will that all my servauntes of husbondry called hynes shall have meyte and drinke after my deceas at Walton hall by the space of one moneth of my costes and charges, and I bequeth to every of them ij s. over and above their wages. Also I wille that my seyd sone James my sole executour shall within the space of one hole moneth next and immedyatly after my deceasse without any delay take and reserve the lease and farme of the prebend of Tikhull, whiche I have in ferme of the late abbot and covent of the monastery of Westm', according to the covenantes, articles and grauntes therof had and made betwen them and me as by ther indentures redy to be shewed doth appere, and that done I will and also desire my seyd sone James that he wilbe contented that my seyd sone Godfrey shall occupie and enioye the farmes of the touneshippes here after folowing, that is to wite, Whiteley, Hardworth, Haseley, Lympole, Plumtrefeld, and Tikhull, and he to paye to my seyd sone James yerely for

co-heiress of William Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark, and of his younger son Godfrey to Margaret Fitzwilliam, her sister. The elder branch having died out, the present owner of Aldwark descends in the female line from Roger Foljambe, brother of the testator,


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