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of thirtye and fyve poundes and eleven shillinges; and the scite of the late monastery of Garodon in the countie of Leicester, with the demeane londis in Garodon and Shepshed and the forest of Charnewoode, the graunge of Dixley and the parsonage of Dixley, and also the graunge of Halywell haughe with londis in Halywell Haughe, Thorpfelde, &c., in the said countie of Leicestre, and in Nottingham, Kyrby, Woodhowse, and Bonyngton, late parcels of the monastery of Garodon, of the value of three poundes seven shillinges and tenne pens; and the scite of the late Commandrye of the Eagle in the countie of Lincoln, and the londis late parcels of the possessions of the late commaundrye of the Eagle, and the scite of the late priory of Belvoyre in the countie of Lincoln, and all the londes in Belvoyre, Wollestrope, Bottlesford, Muston, Knypton, and Redmyld, late parcels of the late priory of Belvoire, of the yerlie value of twenty and three pounds and thirtene sbillinges. All which manours, londis amounte to the cleare yerely value of one thowsavd eight hundreth threscore and twoo poundes and twenty pens over and beside five hundreth fiftie and two poundes sixtene shillinges fyve pens balfpeny farthinge by yere for the yerely rentes and tenthes reserved to the Kinges Maiestie. Of which manours there is assigned for the lady Elienor, Countes of Rutland, my wife, for her joynter and dower of myn inheritaunce and for other consideracons and fare promisses made by the said countesse to me the said erle, to be loving, benyvolent, and favourable to our children, all my manours in Belvoire, &c. &c., wherof I had estate of inheritaunce before the twentye day of July in the twentye and seventh yere of our lord the King, being in the hole of the clere yerely value of foure hundreth tenne poundes fiftene shillinges foure pens halfpeny farthing. And there is also appoynted to the said Countesse all the manours of Croxton and Rivaulx, of the clere yerely value of twoo hundreth fourescore poundes nyne shillinges eleven pens halfpeny farthing. [Other lands enumerated.] And immediatly after the deceas of the said countesse I will that Olyver Maners,* one of my yonger sonnes, shalhave for terme of his lyfe all the manor of Howsome in the countie of Yorke, and all my londes in Howsom and Levenyng. And I will that immediatly after the deceas of the Countes and after carnall knowlige had in lawfull matrymony betwene my sonne Henry, Lord Ros, and the Lady Margaret Ros,t that the said Lady Margaret Ros shall have for terme of her lyfe the manour of Melton Ros

* He died of the plague 1563. | Lady Margaret Nevile, daughter of Ralph, 4th Earl of Westmorland.



in the countie of Lincoln and londes in the countie of Notingham, in satisfacton of the full dower of the lady Margaret. And where there is assigned to John Maners,* oon of my yonger sonnes, all my manour of Thornton in Craven, with londes in Thornton, Earesby, and Kelbroke, for his lyfe, I will that the said John shalhave my said manour and londes. And where is appoynted to Roger Maners,t oon other of my yonger sonnes, my manour of Lynton upon Owse, with londes in Lynton and Yolton, I will the said Roger shall have the manour and londes. And where there is assigned to Thomas Maners, an other of my yonger sonnes, my manour of Turnham Hall, with londes in Turnham Hall with Clyff in the parishe of Hennyngburgh, I will the said Thomas have them. I will that the Countes of Rutland and Sir Richard Mavers, knyght, my brother, Sir John Chaworthe, knyght, my brother-in-lawe, Augustyne Porter, Henry Digbe, and Robert Thurston, shalí have all my woodes, the scite of the commaundry of the Eagle, the scyte of the priorye of Belvoire, and of the sale of the woodes and of the rents of the londes the some of ... for the payment of my dettes and the some of threescore poundes for the yerely fynding of my three doughters, that is to sey Elizabeth, Fraunces, and Kateryn, unto suche tyme as they be maried, and the some of three thowsande poundes for the mariage of my three doughters, for every one of theym one thowsande pounde toward hir mariage, and the some of fourtye poundes to the Countes, Sir Richard Maners, &c., for their labour.

And moreover concernyng my last will of my goodes and catalles, I will that the lady Flienor, Countes of Rotlonde, my wife, at her election shall enioye to her owne use all my goodes, juels, plate, stuffe of housholde stockes and stores, the stockes and stores being annexed unto my fermes of Wertre in the countie of Yorke oonly excepted, desiringe my wife that if my sonne Henry do use and behofe him gently and naturally as shalbecome a sonne to do to his mother, that then she will of her owne goodwill give unto my sonne the moyte of my foresaid goodes as she apon his deserving can fynde in her harte willingly to give hym, orels he to have noo parte therof in any wise.

As concernynge the stocks annexed to my ferme of Wartre, I will shall remayne as parcell of the said fermes forever. I make the Countes, Sir Richard Maners, knyght, my brother, Sir John Chaworth, knyght, Augustyn Porter, Henry Digbe, and Robert Thurston, my executours, and my right welbeloved Sir Thomas Hennege, knight, the overser of this testament. Witnesses, Thomas Dysney, John Lieke, Thomas Connstable.

* He married the well-known Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon. Their descendant succeeded as 8th Earl of Rutland.

Of Uffington, co. Linc, Died 1587,

[Proved 19 May, 1545.]



[Spert, 16.] 10 Sept., 1542. William Fitzwilliam, knyght, of the moost nobill ordre of the garter, Erle of Southampton, lorde keper of the Kinges pryvey seall and Chauncelor of the Douche of Lancastre. To be buried in the parishe churche of Mydhurst in Sussex yf it fortune me to decease within oon hundreth myles of the said churche, and I will that my executours doo cause oon newe chapell to be creatyd and made withowt the said churche and annexed to the same churche, and that they do make in the same chapell a tombe for me and for the lady Mabyll my welbeloved wife, the same chapell and tombe to be made convenient for our estates, and that they do expend aboute the making of the same the some of fyve hundreth markes. Also I geve unto my moost gracious soveraigne lorde the Kinges maiestie my great shipp with all hir takill and apparell and ordynaunce to hir belonging, and also my coller of the Garter with my best George besett with diamondes, and a tabernacle of silver and gilte besett with stones and the mother of perle. Unto Sir Thomas Wryothesley, knyght, the Kinges chief Secretorye, the best of my gilt cuppes. To every one beyng my housholde servaunt two years wagis, to every oon of my kepers oon yeres wagis. To poor housholders and other honest people within my walkes within the forest of Wyndesore and in other places whiche I have within foure myles of my mancyon of Guldeforde one hundreth poundes, to be distributed for my soule and for the soules of my father and mother and all Christian soules. To my suster Gascoyne, wife of Sir William Gascoyne, knyght, certeyn parcelles of my plate to the value of twenty poundes. I wille that the plate to the value of oon hundreth markes, whiche I have in my custodye, for the use of my cosyn Thomas Harvye, be delivered to him according to the will of Sir Nicolas Harvye his father. Where as I have graunted to Mabill Browne, doughter of my


Younger son of Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark, near Rotherham, by Lucy, daughter of John Nevile, Marquis Montagu (see her will in this volume). He was brought up with Henry VIII, and knighted 1513. He became treasurer to Cardinal Wolsey, and after an important person at the Court and Lord High Admiral. He died October, 1542. He married Mabel, daughter of Henry, Lord Clifford, but died without issue, when the peerage became extinct,

brother Sir Anthony Browne, for the preferment of hir mariage, one annytie of oon hundreth poundes by yere owte of my manours of Cowdraye, Dunmere, Bovyate, Sharpe and Wanbrough, and also of other landes parcell to the late monastery of our blissid lady the virgyn of Waverley in the Countie of Surrey, or to the late priory of Esborn in the Countie of Sussex at the time of Suppression and Dissolution of theym for the terme of foure yeares next after my dethe. I charge the lady Mabill my wife and suche as shall fortune to have the lands that they doo well paye to the said Mabell Brown the annuytie. I will that a bill for the payment of twenty pounds whiclo my cosyn lady Katheryn Hennage, wife of Sir Thomas Hennage, knyght, owith me, be delivered to hir in discharge of the same xxli. To James Dyer the best of my gilt crucys and tenne poundes. Unto my cosyn Elizabeth Burgh, wife of Thomas Burght, twenty markes, and to every of hir doughters unmaryed twentye poundes, and to every of hir sonnes tenne poundes. To my nephew Jobn Cutte plate the value of oon hundreth markes, xij fetherbeddes with almaner apparell wherof vj beddes to be of the best sorte and other six to be of the meane sorte, twoo beddes of silke and hanginges for six chambres of the best that was his fathers or my Aunte Scropes not in this wille bequethed.

I will that every gentilwoman that shall fortune to be in service with the said Lady Mabell my wife shall have six poundes xiij s. iiijd. towardes hir mariage over and besides bir twoo yeres wagis. To my nephewe William, the lord Herberth plate to the value of oon hundreth poundes. To my cosyn Thomas Harvy oon hundred poundes. To my cosyn Margaret Folyambe oon hundreth markes. To maister Hennage of the Kinges pryvey chamber a gilt cupp with a cover. To maister Anthony Deny of the Kinges pryvey chamber a gilt cupp with a cover. The Residue of all my goodes, plate, money and juelles I geve to the Lady Mabell my wife, and I ordeyn the same lady Mabell, my welbeloved brother Sir Anthony Brown, my lord Russell, Lord Admyrall, and Sir John Baker, knyght, chauncelor of the first fruytes and tenthes, to be my executours, and the Kinges maiestie if it shall stande with his graces pleasure to be overseer of the same, most humbly beseching his highnes. I will the said Lord Admyrall and M' Chauncellor to have every of them fourty poundes, and my brother* Sir Anthony to have foure peces of my richest hanginges of arreys costly wrorght and myxte with golde, for their labours. And further more in case all my goodes with the revenues of suche manours, landes as late were the said Lady Lucy my mothers, wherof I have free libertie to declare my will for vj yeres after my deceas, will not extende to the payment of my debtes, &c., then I will my brother Sir Anthony, as well in consideracon of the manyfolde kyndenes and brotherly partes by me in my lyfe tyme to hym shewid and doon, as for the great preferment of a greate parte of my possessions which I by my severall dedes have conveyed unto hym, not being inheritable as heire to me by the lawes of this realme after the deceas of me and the lady Mabell my wife without issue, he do se the dettes and legacies to be paid with the issues of the same possessions.

* Sir Anthony Browne was his half-brother,

[Proved 16 Feb., 1542–3.]



[Pynnyng, 25.] 20 Mar., 1535-6. 1, John Savell, of Alyngton, do ordeyne this my last will. firste, I bequeth my soule unto the handes of Almightie God, my body to be buried within the churche of Alysford+ before the pulpytt. I will that my funeralles and expensies therof be ordered after the discrecon of myne executours, so that there be at my buryall sixe preestes to say masse, having for there paynes after the custome of the countrey. I give unto Mathew Levens, of Wakefeld within the countie of Yourke, all that my mesuage and house sett in the Bowarly Rawe within the saied towne of Wakefeld during his lyf. I give all the Residue of all my lands, tenementes, rentes, reversions and services within the saied towne of Yorke unto my cosen Henry Savell, of Lupsett, and to his heires. I will that my saied cosen Henry Savell shalhave in redy money eight poundes sterling. I will that evry yere during vij yeres next after my death, by the discrecon of myne executours, shall by them be gyven unto poor people the some of xx s. to pray for my soule. I gyve unto every godsonne that I have viijd.

I will that at my buriall shalbe gyven unto poore people xx s. over and besides the some before mencioned. I give unto my before named cosen, Henry Savell, my best doublet of blacke satten. To John Morse a doublet of black satten, my jerkyn of velvet, my jaquett of taffetey, and a cote of clothe of marbill cloth not yet made. To John Bannes my cote of blewe marbill, and forgyve hym all suche money as he oweth

To Rauf Wright my cote of blacke fryse and sij d. in money, and to his wif xij d. To Richarde Jackson my blacke cote. To John More and to his wif, eche of them iij s. iiijd. To Robert Gore vj s. viijd. To Ussherewood iij s. iiij d. and a


* He seems to be an unrecorded relation of the Saviles of Lupset.

Aylesford, co. Kent.

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