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XX s.

paire of hose. To Sr Georg Sayer, clerke, iij s. iiijd. To the church of Alysforde, towarde the lyeng of one herse clothe,

Item, that they sbalhave towardes the cashing of there greate bell vs. All the residue unto my cosen Henry Savill, of Lupsett. I make my saied cosen Henry Savill, and John Morse of Alysforde, myne executours, the xx day of Marche, in the xxvj yere of the reign of Henry theight, in the presence of Sr George Sayer, clerk, ... Lutwyk, Richard Lyllin, Joh. Bannes, and John Morse.

[Proved 22 April, 1545.]


To my


[Spert, 16.] 7 Dec., 1542. Henry Pudsay, of Berforth in the Countie of Yorke, esquier. I will my body to be buried in suche place where as my frendes shall think most convenient. good Lord John Scrope, Lord Scrope of Boulton, my blak rennyng horsse, further I will that Thomas Howgyll shalhave the preferment of a farmoulde of foure poundes rent by the yere, paying yerely the usuall rent therfor, and in case such a farmoulde cannot be provided for him by my executrix conveniently then I will that he shalhave liij s. iiij d. in redy mony sterling in recompence of the said farmoulde. To William Nodde a geldyng. To Alice Bokket xls. To John Hunt xls. I forgeve John Layton xl s. that he owith me.

I will that my mother shalhave à geldyng, and to every of my susters a geldinge or a mare. To Boulton churche xls. To Sorrett church xx s., and to Sanct Andrewe church in Holborn xl s. I will that my funerall expences shalbe of my rentes. The residue of all my goodes I geve to Joane my wife, whom I make my sole executrix, and I make my brother in lawe Maister Robert Mennell the supervisour of my will, to whom I geve a geldyng. These being witnesses, Nicholas Borton, priest, George Bayton, Sir Anthony Rutter, priest, with other moo.

[Proved 6 March, 1543, by the executrix.]


[Pynnyng, 10.] 21 Sept., 1543. Cuthbert Assheley. To be buried in the Churchyarde of Saint Mathu in Friday Streat. I desire Maister M. Babthroppe and Master Sayan to deliver my childes parte whiche my father gave me to my maister, Mr Richard

* Son of Thomas Pudsey, of Bolton and Barforth. His Inq. p. m., taken 10 April, 35 Hen. VIII, says he died 8 December, 34 Hen. VIII, 1542. He married Joan, daughter of Sir Ralph Eure. His son Thomas succeeded.


Dobbs, Alderman of London, and to my brother James. I give to the same James tenne pounde, whereof I will he shall gyve to the churche of Hemyngburgh yn the County of Yorke, where I was chrystyned, forty shillinges, to have a Diridge and masse there to be sayde and doon for my soule, my father and mothers and all Christian soules. To my suster unmaryed, foure poundes. To my three systers that be marged, twenty shillings a pece. To the poore folkes in Hemyngburgh, where I was borne, twenty shillings. To my said maister, for his paynes and labour to see this my laste will performed, twenty shillings.

[Proved 24 June, 1544.]



[Pynnyng, 6.] 30 Mar., 1544. William Stapulton, being in parfitt memory and hole of mynde. Furste, I bequeth my soule to God, my maker and Redeamer, beseching the holie churche to pray

for me as God hathe appointed it aftre the manner as it is sett forthe by the Kinges Booke to Godes glory, and my body to be buryed amonges Christian men in the churche or churche yarde where God shall call me to his marcy. I geve to Thomas my sonne a thirde parte of my goodes when he shall come to the yeres of xxj, to be delyvered by Margaret my wiffe, and she to have the use of the same during his nonage. And yf it fortune hym to dye then the saide thirde parte to remayne to Margaret my wiffe. To Mathewe my sarvaunte an olde gowne with a swelling welte faced with blacke budge, a paire of blacke hosen, a round cappe, a jackett of russelles, so that he be good and servisable to his mris Margaret my wiffe as long as yt shall please her to kepe hym and he to tarry with her. The residue of all my goodes to Margaret my wiffe as her owen propre goodes, besechyng my veray good Lorde my Lorde Wharton and my cousen Thomas his sonne and my nephewe Stapleton to be good Lordes and maister to my saide wiffe and sonne, as my veray truste is they wilbe, and that my said good Lorde Wharton wilbe good Lorde to the saide Margaret my wyffe in suche sute as I have desierid, Mr Doctor Crome to write unto hym off my behalfe for that I was not able for debilite of sicknes to write my selfe. Also I ordeyne Margaret my wyffe my sole executrice. In the presence of John Stokes, John Ade, and Marques Larke.

[Proved 7 May, 1544.] * Son of Sir Brian Stapleton, of Wighill. He was a lawyer, and an early commander at the “Pilgrimage of Grace," but escaped conviction.

(See The Stapeltons of Yorkshire, by H. E. Chetwynd-Stapilton.)



[Populwell, 16.] 1 June, 1544. I, Sir William Newenham, of Kyrkelyngton in the countie of Not., knight, purposing to take the jorney and viage towardes Fraunce under the rule of the honorable Lorde Russell, Lorde privie seale, and lieutenant of the Kinges his maiesties rerewarde, do make this my will. Where I have landes of the yerely value as hereafter ensuyth, that is to sey, the manor of Everdon in the countie of Northampton of the yerely value of xl markes, the manor of Newbolde in the countie of Northampton of the yerely value of lxxj li. besides one stocke of goodes going on the same

rented at xlv li. yerely and letten to Thomas Colez and Robert Haryson of the same towne, the manor of Calcote in the countie of Warwike of the yerely value of xlvij li. viij s. iiij d. over and besides the joynter of Elizabeth wyfe to my sonne and heire Thomas Newenham I by thes presentes declare my will. First, I will that my welbeloved wyffe Dame Bennet have to her and to her assignes for the terme of her lyfe to her owne use the foresaid manor of Newbolde, also the manor of Everdon and the manor of Calcote with landes to the yerely value of xlvij li. viij s. iiij d. with all suche stocke of goodes as I have rented in Newbolde, the joynter of Elizabeth wyfe to my sonne Thomas Newenham going out of the manor of Calcote onely except, unto suche tyme as all my debtes, legacies and bequestes be truly paide, together with all suche costes as the same Dame Bennet shall be susteyned. To my doughters Jane Newenham, Mary Newenham and Susanne Newenham, towardes their mariages every one of them one hundreth markes. To my doughters Isabell Newenham and Bennet Newenham, every one of them one hundreth poundes so that they be ordred by my executrice and supervisors. I will that my sonnes Edmunde Newenham and Richard Newenham shall have during their lyves landes in Calcote called the Mylne felde, now in the tenure of William Leigh, esquire, to the yerely value of five poundes, according to my graunte of annuitie to every of them made. I will that Thomas Newenham, my sonne and heire apparaunt, and Elizabeth his wyfe shall have for terme of their lyves all such parcelles of the said manor of Calcote and all suche landes in Calcote as appoynted for the joynter of the said Elizabeth, and the residue of the said manor of Calcote shalbe to the performance of my will. And after debtes, legacies and bequestes be paide, I will all manors, landes, remayne to my sonne and heire. The residue of my goodes I give to my intirely belovyd wyfe, Dame Bennet, whome I ordeyn sole executrix,


[Proved 6 Nov., 1548.]


silver spones,


[Pynnyng, 26.) 1 Feb., 1544–5. Thomas Wright, clerke, vicar of Sherbourne in Elmete. To the high alter of Westerham xijd. To the reparacons there vjs. viijd. To Syr Thomas Moyle, knight, my best table clothe of draper. To my freend William Payne of Greys Inne my gelding. To Thomas Tuydhampton vj s. viijd., whiche he oweth unto me, to his wif twentie shillinges, my gowne lyned with blacke worsted. To Syr Alexander Shawe, vicar of Paghan, my chalice. To every of the children of Thomas Tuydhampton xijd. To every of my godchildren iiijd. To the vicar of Godstowe my shorte gowne.

To Syr Nicholas Marsetter, prest at Brasted, vjs. viij d. To Mi Parsonne of Brasted one of my

To Thomas Duraunt my working-day gowne, my hoses whiche I do weare, and iijs. jijd. To James Tuydhampton thelder my best satten bonnett.

To Sy" Bartlett, prest, my best bonnett. To John Peryn one other of my course shetes. To John Hedger a course shete. Where as William Warner of Boughton besides Wye doithe owe me xxx s., yf he do pay to my executours xx s. I remytt the residue, and where as Trendon of Wye owethe me xxvjs. ji d., yf he pay xvjs. I remytte the residue. And where as tholé parryshe of Chilham were indebted to Syr Robert Peele, late vicar, whose executor I am, lx li., whiche he laied oute for them aboute the buylding of the steple there, I am contented yf they pay to my executours xxx li. to remytt the residue. To Alice Lynne my suster, the wif of John Lynne, foure poundes. To my brothers, John Wright, William Wright, Richard Wright and Robert Wright, the advoyson of the personage of Penshurst, whiche was to me gyven by the right reverent father in God, Thomas, Archebushop of Canterbury, and all the residewe, and to be myne executours. This is the last will of me, Thomas Wright, concerning the disposicon of all my landes. I give my naturall brethern (above) all my landes in Westerham, Etonbrige, Sheldwick, and Godmarsham in the countie of Kent, provyded that my brothers, their heires, shall bestowe yerelie for twentie geres twentie shillinges in an obite for the soule of Syr Robert Peele, clerke, the soules of my father and mother and all Christen soules in the chappell of Staunton in Nottinghamshire.

[Proved 29 April, 1545.)


[Pynnyng, 30.] 1 May, 37 Hen. VIII (1545). Roger Peke, marchaunt, of Hull. To be buried within the quyre of the parishe churche of Saint James in Dovor. I geve fourtie shillinges to poure people to pray for my soule. I geve unto John Wheler of Dovor all myn apparell at Dovor. The residue of all my goodes I geve to Robert Watman, haberdassher, of London, whom I ordeyn my executour, and John Wheler, my overseer. Witnesse, William Noole, Thomas Van, and John Wheler.

[Proved 10 June, 1545.]


blak gowne.


[Pynnyng, 32.] 8 May, 1545. Richard Ogden, servaunt to the King. I bequeth fyve markes towardes maidens mariages in the parishe of Hartyli in the Countie of Yorke, and fyve markes towardes the highe wayes of the same parishe. To Agnes Powell, the wife of David Powell, twentie shillinges. To Richard Baas a

Toward maidens mariages of the Tower of London, Alhalowen, Barking, and Saint Dunstanes in the East, fyve markes, and fourtie shillinge to poure maidens mariages at large. To an honest priest to synge and pray for my soule in Hartyll church, and to another to pray in St Petirs churche within the towre of London, and for his salarye three poundes vj s. viijd. To Thomas Stanley a blak gowne of vjs. a yerde and twentie shillinges in money. To maister Gale, treasurer, a blak gown, and another to my lady his wife. To maister Lee, saymaister, a blak gown. To my cousyn Murfyn a blak gown.

To Dorathe Gale, M' Treasurers doughter, a blak gown. To William Maryet, coyner, a blak gown. To John Innolde, my servaunt, a blak gown. To maisteres Hygges a blak gowne. I forgeve all the dettes which William Higges owith me. Also I will that my body be buried within the parishe church of the Trinitie in the Citie of York within Goderem gate. To John Hayre my kynnesman a vestement, and the same vestement to be gevyn to the parishe churche of Hartill. And for the more suertie I have setto my seall the xxj day of May. Witnesses, maister Gale, treasurer of the mynte of York, Richard Lee, assayer, William Marfyn, fyner there, and sir Edmunde Alen, curat of the churche of the Trinitie. I desire my cousyn Wagstaffe to be good unto all pour people that owe me money, cosyn Murfyn, is wife, twentie shillinges. To maister Gale my blak velvet dublet. To William Murfyn a velvet jerkyn and a sattyn dublet. To Sir Edmunde, my goostly father of

To my

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