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the churche of the Trinitie, a blak gowne. The residue I charge myn executours to dispoase the same in dedis of mercy. Humfrey Wagstaffe and Elizabeth, his wief, executours. Overseer, Roger Taillor, golde fyner.

[Proved 2 July, 1545.]



[Alen, 9.] 24 Sept., 1545. William Wilson of Hewgill, in the parrishinge of Kendall

. To be burged in ower Ladye wher in my parrishe churche of Kendall

. Unto the reparacons of the churche fortie shillinges. Unto Myles Wylson, my naturall sonne, the hole tythe of my tenemente in Hewgill which I dwell uppon, and as for all householde stuffe, as beddynge, messlynge, bras with plate of sylver, it is my mynde shalbe equally devyded amonges my thre naturall sonnes, Myles, George, and Thomas. "Unto my sonne Myles a hundrethe markes, besides his childes porcion. Unto George and Thomas Wylson, my naturall sonnes, the hole tythe of my twoo tenementes, whiche as was heretofore Raynold Wylson, to be equally devyded betwixte them, whiche it is my mynde that none of them shall sell or lett frome them selves but one to another. Unto Myles and Raynolde, the sonnes of Thomas Wylson my brother, foure poundes equally devyded. Unto twoo bastardes' of George Wylson my brother sixe poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence equallye devyded. It is my mynde that William Wylson, sonne of Thomas my naturall brother, at such tyme as he shall take intereste in one tenemente at Mystlehead in the parrishe of Wymandermyr shall make suffycient wrytynges unto my executours for the parformaunce of all artycles in the will of George Wylson his uncle. Unto Bryan the sonne of Thomas Wylson my brother the tenemente in Hewgill, alwayes provyded that my naturall sister Elizabeth have thoccupacion of the tenement endurynge her naturall lyffe accordynge unto the wyll of George Wylson my brother, and further that the saide Wylliam and Bryan, sonnes of Thomas Wylson, shall neyther sell, lett, or mortgage the tenemente in Hewgill nor at Mystlehedd but unto one of my three sonnes. I will that my sister Elsabethe shall have tenne poundes whiche my brother George did geve her, and I geve unto Elizabethe other tenne poundes. And I will that Averaye Barwycke my brother in lawe and my saide syster his wyffe shall have ali suche movable goodes whiche as bere the marke as cattall and shepe, and where as there dothe lacke annye of the catall or shepe, I will that they shall have suche lyke agayne so manny as the saide Averye and his wyfe brought with them when they came unto my house, also suche beddynge as they broughte. Unto every sonne that my syster hathe fortie shillinges, and unto everye doughter unmaryed sixe poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence a pece at xviij yeres. Further it is my mynde that all my

thre sonnes


my blessinge to be good and kynde to the saide Avery and his wyfe and childrene. Unto Alexander Wylson my brother sixe poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence. It is my wyll that John Edmunde my sonne in lawe shall have xxiij li. seven shillinges foure pence in full payment for all debtes, &c., between the said John and me. Unto Sir James Inman, priste, unto Si Robart Dawson, prist, unto S' Robart Atkynson, priste, thirtene shillinges foure pence each. Unto Sr Wylliam Mowson, priste, twentie pence. I make my thre sonnes executours, my surpervisours, John Edmunde my sonne in lawe, Thomas Wylson of Stricklandgate and Kendall, Thomas Silcot my brother in lawe, and William Wylson of Stricklande.

[Proved 22 May, 1546.]



[Populwell, 1.] 6 Nov., 1547. Jane Crewde, otherwayes called Crowyll. I bequethe my soule to God, and my boddy to be buryed in the churche yarde of Saint Andrewe in Čaterige. To the chest in Caterige churche vj s. viij d., to be geven to the poore people. To Wylliam Snowe one cowe. To Isabell Snowe my doughter three kye and my hogge, also to my doughter Isabell Snowe foure poundes nynetene shillinges that I did lende owte of my pursse to my sonne in lawe Thomas Harryson, the which he hath yet in his kepinge. To my sonne Robarte Crowde, otherwayes Crowyll, twoo paier of sheetes. To my goddoughter Jane Rowffe one paier of sheetes. The residue to my sonne in lawe John Snowe, whome I make my executour. Thes wytnes, Richarde Marshe, Wylliam Coldayle, William Harrowe, George Armorer, curat.

[Proved 3 Jan., 1547-8.]


[Populwell, 9.] In the name of God, Amen. Be it rememberyd and knowen that the yth daie of Septembr in the yere of our

* Katherine Parr, the well-known last wife of Henry VIII. She remarried Sir Thomas Seymour, Lord Sudley, and appears to have died the day the will was written.

Lorde God a thousande fyve hundreth fourtie and eight and the secunde yere of the reigne of the moste excellent Prince Edwarde the Sixte by the grace of God Kinge of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, defendour of the faithe and of the Churche of Englande aud also of Irelande, in earthe the supreme hedd. The moste noble and excellent Princesse, Dame Katheryn, Quene of England, Fraunce, and Irelarde, late the wyfe of the moste excellent prince of famous memory, Kinge Henry theight, late Kinge of Englande, and then wyfe to the right honorable St Thomas Seymour, knight of the noble order of ye Garter, Lorde Seymour of Sudeley and high Admyrall of Englande, lyinge on her deathe bedd, sicke in bodie but of good mynde, perfecte memorie and discresion, being perswadid and perceavying thextremitie of death to approche her, disposed and ordegnyd by the permission, assent, and consent of her most dere belovyd husbande, the lorde Seymour aforesaide, a certen disposition, gifte, testament, and last will of all her goodes, cattalles, and debtes, by theis wordes or other like in effecte, being by her advisidlye spoaken to thentent of a testament and last will in the presens of the witnes and recordes undernamyd, that is to saye the saide moste noble Quene, by permission, consent, and assent aforesaid, dyd not only with all her harte and desire franckely and frely geve, will, and bequeitho to the said lorde Semour, lorde highe Admyrall of Englande, her maried espose and husbande, all the goodes, cattalles, and debtes that she than hadd or of right ought to have in all the worlde, wishinge them to be a thousande tymes more in value than they weir or been, but also moste lyberally gave hym full power, auctoritie, and order to dispoase and execute the same goodes, cattalles, and debtes at his owne free will and pleasure to his moste comoditie. Theis being witnes to the premisses, Robert Huycke, doctour of phisicke, John Yeaven in the castell of Sudeley, the daie and yere abovesaide.

[Proved 6 Dec., 1548.]






[Populwell, 22.] 20 Dec., 2d Edward the sixte (1548). Sir John Willoughbye, of Wollaton in the countie of Not., knight. My body to be buryed in the parishe churche of Wollaton on the southe parte of the highe aulter there, as Anne my late wyfe lyethe nowe buryed. Also where it hath byne covenaunted by dede bering date the xxti daye of Septembr in the xxti yere of the late kinge, upon certayn covenauntes of mariage betwixt the late right honorable lord Thomas Marques Dorsett, now deceassed, of the one partie, and me the said Sir John Willoughbye, knight, and Sir Edward Willoughbie, knight, my brother, deceassed, and dame Anne his wyfe on thother partie, that it shulde be lawfull to me before the feaste of Saynte Barthelmewe then next to make unto St John Markeham, knight, and other therin named to be his cofeoffees a good estate in fee symple of and in londes in Willughby, Bradmeare and Cossall in the countie of Notingham, and in Wykyn in the countie of the citie of Coventre, and in other places in the counties of Warwicke and Notingham, to the yearlie value of oon hundreth poundes or there aboutes, the lordshippe of Wollaton and Mydleton onlye except, to the use that Sir John Markham and his other cofeoffees shulde stande and be seased to thuse of me the said Syr John Willoughby and to the performance of suche will as I shulde make for terme of xxti yeres next after my decease, and for payment of my debtes. Wherefore I will and declare my last will in manner as after folowith. First, I will that all such persone and persones hereafter named shall have, receave and peaceably and quietly enyoye for terme of theire lyves according to theire severall grauntes therof by me made, all suche rentes as by me graunted oute of the said londes of the yerely value of one hundreth poundes, that ys to saye, firste, my brother Syr Hugh Willoughby, knight, sixe poundes tbirtene shillinges and foure pence yerely; Sy" Edmond Molynex, knight, one of the kinges servauntes at the lawe, xxvjs. viij d. yerely; Syr Anthony Nevell, knight, my nephewe, xx s. yerely; Nicholas Pontrell, gent., xx s. yerely; Gabriell Barwike, gent., xxvjs. viijd. yerely; Henry Draycote, gent., xx s. yerely; Edmonde Draycote, gent.,xxs.yerely; George Draycote, gent.,xx s. yerely; Phillipe Draicote, gent., xx s. yerely; Alice Draycote, gent., xx s. yerely; Anne Draicote, xx s. yerely; Mary Draycote, xx s. yerely; Elizabeth Gyfforde, xx s. yerely; George Willoughby, gent., xl s. yerely; Richard Egerton, gent, xl s. yerely; James Thurlonde, gent., xx s. yerely; Thomas Swynson, gent., xiij s. jijd. yerely; William Egerton, gent., xls. yerely; John Gosson, gent., xiij s. iij d. yerely; John Trussell, gent., xl s. yerely; William Swynson, gent., xiij s. iiij d. yerely; Syr Robert Perotte, chapleyn, xls. yerely; Christofer Strelly,

* Eldest son of Sir Henry Willoughby, whose will has been printed, No. LXXXVII, by his first wife. He died s. p., and the estate came to his nephew Henry.

gent., xx s. yerely; Richard Brownell, x s. yerely; Thomas Hyde, xx s. yerely; Thomas Bowde, xx s. yerely; William Chambleyn, x s.

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yerely; Robert Fawn, x s. yerely; John Garnet, xs. yerely; John Hopwell, vjs. viijd. yerely; William Clyston, xxvjs. viij d. yerely; Elizabeth Curson, my kynneswoman, xx s. yerely; Raffe Bartelett, xs. yerely; Thomas Ston, gent., xxs. yerely; William Woodnet, xs. yerely; Hugh Sheparde, x s. yerely; Thomas Crampton, xiijs. iiij d. yerely; Geofferye Blewe, x s. yerely; Urbane Halle, xs. yerely; Edwarde Hargrave, x s. yerely; John Hodgeson, xx s. yerely; William Wilde, xxs. yerely; Hugh Large, xs. yerely; Isebrande Barnaby, xx s. yerely; John Martyn, x s. yerely; Raffe Kighteley, xx s. yerely; Richard Gorton, x s. yerely; William Wolkar, x s. yerely; William Marlowe, xx s. yerely; Joyce Burton, xiijs. iiij d. yerely; Robert Dixson, x s. yerely; John Poole, x s. yerely; Randle Grove, x s. yerely; Agnes Huddesford, vjs. viijd. yerely; William Stokes, vjs. viijd. yerely; Agnes Knoles, widowe, vjs. viijd. yerely; John Bate, clarke, xxs. yerely; William Kyppas, clarke, xx s. yerely; Elizabeth Lenton, gent., xl s. yerely; John Hall, yoman, xiij s. iiij d. yerely. I give to Gabryall Berwyke and Henry Mermyon all the rentes of one tenement within the towne of Not. in the tenur of Robert Hunter, coke, of the yerely value of xxvj s. viij d. To my suster Alice Draycotte xx li. To my neice Alice Draycote, her doughter, other xx li., provided yf either of them or bothe to departe from this worlde before the tymes of payment the some or somes shalbe paid unto Gabryall Berwike and Henry Mermyon. To my nece Rose Willoughby, doughter to my brother Syr Hugh, x li. To yonge Margaret Willoughby, gent., doughter to my nephewe Henry, xli. To William Weste xx s. To Richard Gregorye xx s. To Henry Irelond xiijs.iiijd. To John Stokes xiij s. iiijd. To Anne . the litle wenche at Wollaton, xx s. "To my suster Alice Draycote lx ewes and lx lambes, they to be delyvered unto her after the next lammyng tyme. I will that Thomas Braysbridge, gent., have his fee according to the tenure of his patent, and George Marmyon, gent., and William Stole. And where I have graunted unto Gabriell Barwike and Henry Marmyon one yerely rent of iij li. iij s. owte of my manor in Willoughby upon the woldes, and other my londes in the countye of Notingbam, I will that they shall yerely during the terme of xxtı yeres paye the said rent in maner folowing, that ys to saye, thre poundes to thre poor folkes to be from tyme to tyme appoynted by them, and iij s. yerely residue to the poor folkes within my two almes houses in Wollaton. To my brother Syr Hugh Willoughby my gowne of blake velvet lyned with russell and faced with blake satten and a sleveles jacket of tawny velvet, also I forgive my brother the some of fourescore poundes which he owith me. To my nephewe Henry Willoughby all my terme

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