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in one lease of the tythe whiche I have of the lease of the late abbott and covent of Burne Abbey in ye countie of Lincoln, and also my gelding and all my harnes for the warres. To every one of my servauntes one half yeres wages. And where I have for ever by good conveyaunt in the lawe certeyn londes in Wigginton in the parishe of Tamworth in the countie of Stafford whiche lately belonged to the late free chappell called the Spittell chappell in Tamworth nowe dissolved, in the tenure of Isebrande Barnaby, I will that Gabriell Barwike, gent., and Henry Marmyon, gent., for xxti yeres take the rentes and paye in and about the making and repayring and amending of bridges and high waies or in other dedes of cbaritie as by their discression shall be thought mete for the helthe of my soule, and after the xxti yeres I will that Fraunces Willoughby, gent., seconde sonne to my said nephewe Henry Willoughby, shall bave all the londes ... I will that all the ornamentes whiche remayned in the chappell at Middelton in the countie of Warw. at the time of the deceasse of my father shall remayne to thuse of my nephew Henry Willoughby, esquire, according to the will of my father, and all utensilles at Midleton and Wollaton shall remayn to my nephewe Henry being nowe myn heire. I give my nephewe all silver plate, gilt and ungilte. I make my said nephewe Henry Willoughby, esquier, and Gabriell Barwik, gentilman, executors, and supervisours Syr Anthony Nevell, knight, and my brother Syr Hugh Willoughby, knight. Witnes, John Lane, Henry Marmyon, Robert Perrot, preest, Thomas Eyton, John Trussell, Mathew Hynd, William Blythe, John Pole, gent., Robert Dickesone, William Eggerton, Richard Eggerton, Randall Grove, Thomas Bowde, Richard Gorton, and other.

[Proved 22 Jan., 1548-9.]



[Populwell, 32.] 3 Apr., 1549. Leonarde Clarke, of Hawton in the Countie of Yorke. I bequeth my soule to Jesus Christe my Savior and Redemer, my body to be buried as a Christyn man ought to be as my frendes here thinke best. I make Elyn my wyfe and my brother William Clarke my executours. I give to Anthony my servaunte foure poundes, and I make Henry Watkynson my brother my supervisir, desiring hym to be good to my brother children, and to see this my will as the lawe will appoynte. Theis witnes, Mr William Bradlaye, vicar of Saynte Martyns in Lon., Edward Westys, Myles Taylar, and John Yelstop.

[Proved 27 May, 1549.]



[Powell, 10.) 24 Aug., 3d Edw. VI (1549). John Hartewell, of Southscarle in the countie of Nottingham, husbandman. To be buryed in the churcheyarde where yt shall please God that I shall departe this worlde. To the poore mens boxe in Haringworth xij d. To Laurence my sonne iij li. xiij s. iiij d., whiche John Warde of Southscarle owith for a yoke of oxen, and iij li. vjs. viij d. which John Bentley of Gyrton oweth for a yoke of oxen, and lvj s. viijd. whiché the said John Warde oweth for another yoke of oxen, also a blake mare, my

best wayne, and all the geyres and ploughes, and two payre of plough geres and all yrons to the same, and in more money vj li. xiij s. iiijd. To John Hartewell my sonne foure oxen, two mares thone baye and thother graye and two feles sucking upon theym, and my seconde payre and the geyres to yt, a plough with the geyres, and two payre of plough geres, and vjli. xiij s. iiijd. To William my sonne à baye mare and a fele, a soreld colte, two steres of three yeres old, two steres of two yeres old, and fourtie shillinges, and his owne money made of his shepe, being three poundes. To Fraunces my sonne two bulchens of three years old, a pied stere of foure yeres, a blacke heyfer of foure yeres, a baye colte and a graye filley. To Margaret Hartewell, my doughter, a maser, a harnese girdell, two sylver spones, a sylver ringe, all my household stuf, seven mylche neate, and vj li. xiij s. iiijd. To Margery Taylor, my suster, one sowe, two steres, a bacon hogge, a seame of


and half a seame of pease. To Robert Taylor my donne mare. To Alice Haywood one score hogge and half a seame of pease. To Fraunces Hartwell, my brother, my bay horse and a gray

To my mother xls. To my brother Fraunces Hartewell all the rest of my swyne whiche be not given by this my testament.

The residue to Laurence my sonne and Fraunces Hartewell my brother, whom I make executours. John Adaill and Robert Taylor, supervisours. Witnes, William Ryley, clerk, John Adaill and Robert Taylor, and John Warde, with other.

[Proved 29 March, 1552.]




[Populwell, 40.] 22 August, 1549. Leonard Reresbee, clarke, parson of Polborghe in the dioces of Chichester, sicke in bodie. My

Younger son of Thomas Reresby, of Thribergh, co. York,

and ...... Fulnetby.


body to be buried in the chauncell of Polberghe, paying tholde costome therefore. To the reparacions of the mother churche of Chichester fyve shillinges. To the poor mens boxe in the churche of Polborghe viijd. To Thomas Reresbe, sopne and heire to Lyon Reresbee, esquier, the best golde ryng. To my mother a gemon spone of silver percell gilt. To Raffe Reresbee, the sonne of the aforesaide Lyon, a silver bole which ys at Asheover, in my mothers handes. To every one of my godchildren borne in Pullborow a lame and fourtie pence of money. To Syr John Full, my curat, a hole quarters wages


gowne, and to every one of my servauntes hole quarter wages. To Henry Hill, my servaunte, vjs. vijd., a hedging bill and an axe. To John Smart a blacke sowe and three pigges. To Agnes my servaunte one of the best of my calves and vj lambes, a payre of canvas sheetes, and a coverled. To Austen Dyson the clarke the yoke of oxen that I bought of Mr John Jorden, a calfe and jij shepe, a coverled, a payre of sheetes and a materys. I bequethe fourtie shillinges to the high waye betwixt the churche and the north heth, and the said xls. for to be put into thandes of M' John Jorden, William Grendfilde, and Richard Marley, to bestowed within two yeres, and they shall have for their paynes taking ijs. I make Margaret Reresby, wedowe, in the countie of Darbye, and my brother Lyon Reresby, in the countie of Yorke, esquier, Arnolde my brother, and Jane my suster, my executours of all my landes, with residue of my goodes. Supervisours, Sir John Full, John Jorden, servaunte to the Kinge Maiestie, William Grenefeld, mercer, Richard Markens, Austen Dyson, the clarke of Pulborow. To every of the supervisours vjs. viijd. To Mr John Jorden my bowe and my arrowes. To William Grenefeld my hande gone. To Richard Marten my woodknyfe. To John Humfrey of Hayborne a calf, to give to one of his doughters whiche he wold.

[Proved 29 Oct., 1549.]



[Coode, 27.] 5 May, 1550. John Henrysonne of Kyngeston upon Hulle, alderman. My bodye to be burged in the parishe churche where yt shall please God to call me unto his mercye. To Elizabethe, my most welbeloved wyfe, all my messuages, landes, &c., within the towne and countie of Kyngston upon Hulle, Barton upon Humbre in the countie of Lincoln, Elsternewike in Holdernes, Cottingham Lordshippe and elles where, to helde for the terme of her lyfe and after her decease I give unto the maior and burgesses of Kingeston upon Hulle, and to their successours for ever, all that my messuage and gardeyne lying in Kingston upon Hulle in a certayne strete callyd the highstrete als. Hulstrete, wherein one Thomas Ewrebie, inholder, nowe inhabitethe, one other messuage in the said strete, nowe in the tenure of one Wood, gent., and one other messuage in the said strete in the tenure of one Richarde Hargylle, beerbruer, and all that my Masyndue Almeshouse and gardeyne in a lane callyd the Chappell Laune, and all other my landes in the said Chappell Lane, upon this condicon, that the said maior and burgesses after the deathe of my wyfe do every weke wekely forever paye upon the Saturdaye the some of sixtene pence to such poor people as shalbe resident within the saide Masyndue in Chappell Lane equally to be devided amonges them. I give after the decease of my wyffe to John Harecastell, my sonde in lawe, and to his heyres my messuage commonlye callyd the Oylemylne with cesterns and all other implementes, to gether with all the stables, howses, and closes adioyning in Kingeston upon Hulle in a certeyn lane there callyd the Lyllie Lane, nighe unto Hasilgate. I give after the decease of my wyfe unto Robert Henrysonne, sonne of William Henryson of Swyne, taylor, and to his heyres for ever, my messuages, &c., in Elsternewyke. To Anne Burton, doughter of William Burton, porter, als my landes in Cottingham. The residue and reversion of all messuages, &c., after the decease of my wyfe and not before geven, I bequeathe unto Lancellot Harecastell, sonne of the said John Harecastell, and for defaulte of yssue the remaynder unto John Harecastill aforesaid and his heyres, provided that yf my wyfe do fortune to marye, that than she onelye to have but the moytie of my said landes, and thother moytie I will that my sonne in lawe John Harecastell shall have after the solempnisacon of her mariage during the lyfe of my wyfe onelye. Provided also who soever have my mansion or dwellinge house in Kyngeston upon Hulle shall well kepe, fynde, susteyne and maynteyne Syr Robert Johnson, clarke, for terme of his lyf, as well for his meate, drynke, apparell, and lodging. To William Burtonne my foxe furryd gowne, a jacket of warstede, and a paire of hoose whiche was laste made for me. To William Henrysonne thelder, kerver, a blacke clothe gowne furred with connye, a cappe, and a payre of hoose. Unto John Henryson, sonne of the said William, a gowne of blacke cloth, furryd with fytches, a jackett of wurstede, a dublet of wurstede, and a payre of hoose. To my brother in lawe, Christofer Browne, a fyne blacke gowne of clothe, furryd throughoute with foynes, and a jackett of russet velvet. I make my right intierly beloved frendes, Mr Alexander Stockdale, Mr John Oversalle of Kyngeston upon Hulle, alderman, John Morgan, and Symon Kemseye, gentilmen, to be supervisours, and I give to every one of theme twentie shillinges and one blacke clothe gowne fyne, and one fyne blacke mornyng cappe.

* In the histories of Hull he is called John Harrison, and the charity he founded goes by the name of Harrison's Hospital. It is still in existence.

To my brother in lawe, Christofer Browne, one blacke mornyng gowne of fyne clothe and a fyne blacke mornyng cappe.

The residue to my wyfe Elizabethe, whome I make executrix.

[Proved 19 Nov., 1550.]



[Bucke, 3.] 10 June, 1550. Myles Newton thelder, of Seynt Martyn in Conyngstreyte within the citie of Yorke. To be buryed in my churche of Seynt Martyn as nigh the bodye of Anne my wyfe as ys possible that not withstonding considering as this present the visitacon of God with the plague of pestilence within the said citie, I resarve to the discression of myn executours. To Syr Thomas Grymston, my curet, vj s. viijd. for my tythes forgotten. To the relief of the poor prisoners in Yorke Castell iij s. iiij d., within Kydcote in Yorke xijd., in the prison xij d. To the amending of the high waye betwixt Monkbarre and Monkbridg iij s. iiiju. To the amending of the comon cawsey towardes Holgate iij s. iiij d. Towardes the reparacon of Layrthorpebrig vjs. viij d., of the comon stayth at Ousebrygend ijs. iiij d., of Hessay moor and Skipbriglone vj s. viij d., and I will that my lord mayer of this citie, my lorde and Mr, master Gayll and Mr Northe, two of my speciall good masters, shall have the custodye of the partyclers bequeathed, and the church wardens of my churche to have the custodye of the vjs. viijd. To Mr Watson, M" Paycoke, and Mr Whyte, three of my masters, aldermen, and wardeyns of Bowthum ward, xiijs. jiij d. towardes the relyef of poor people within the warde. To the reparacon of the newe woodbridge called the Wyk bridge vj s. viijd. I will that my executours shall paye to my nyce Bridget Newton her childes porcon in money, household stuf and juelles of currall bedes, the gawden therof and also dyvers bedes therof being of sylver and doble gylt. To my nephewes Frauncis Newton, George Newton and the said Bridget Newton, for the restitucon of suche goodes of theirs as came to my handes sens the tyme of the making of brother Randall their fathers inventory,

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