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fourtie shillinges egally to be devyded emonges them. And where as my brother Bryan Newton, Marmaduke Middylton, Anthony Frankyshe, gentilmen, and Richard Day stonde bounden to me and myn executours in one obligacon for the payment of the childes porcon of the said George Newton myn nephew, I desire my executours to forsee that matter substancially for the well of the childe, and I bequeathe the custody of the body of the said George and his porcon, xiiij li. xv s. iiij d., to my speciall frende Ňr William Tankerd, of Borowbridge, esquyer. I bequeath the custody of my nece Bridget unto my sonne Myles Newton and my doughter Katheryn his wyfe. Item, my cosyn Richard Percyvall, SRichard Percyvall, prest, his sonne, and other frendes, standes boundon to me for the payment of the childes porcon of my nephew Fraunces Newton, now student at Cambridge. Item, I bequeath the custody of my doughters Katheryn, Elizabeth and Mighell Newton, my youngest sonne, and their porcions to the said Mr Tanckerd my brother in lawe, Thomas Staveley, of Ripon, gentilman, and to Miles my sonne, and they to put my doughters to honest service to suche tyme as that they shalbe maried, and yf it happen any of my three children to decease before that they shalbe maried then those that survyves and my sonne Thomas Newton shall have the

I will my sonnes Miles and Thomas shall immediatly make sale of all my coppehold lande in Acome and Acome feildes and of my fyve closes in Wystow, and the money to be ymploud in the performance of my will. To Thomas Newton and Miles his sonne my messuage in Staynebriggate in Ripon and in Aunnesgayte, and after their decease to remayne to my sonne Myles and his heyres. I forgive him all suche somes of money as that he doth owe to me for corne and hey. To my doughter Dorothe his wyfe the lynen sheetes with curteyns of white threyd, also a womans hoode of vyolet ingrayne and my tawny gowne clothe and six sylver spones, and I will that my executours shall make the said Thomas of the clere value of thurtie poundes of my goodes at Thorpe, so that he shall accompte unto them of the resydue of my goodes there, except only all such vessels, barkes, and other thinges as belonges to the tanners craft, which I give to the saide Thomas. To Thomas Newton and to my doughter Dorothye, his wyfe, all right in a close called the Hollyng close. To Myles Newton my sonne all my messuage in Conyngstreyt, two closes and one tenement in Fyshergayte, all my right in a prebend howse callyd Tanghall, in a tythe called Hobert tithe at Bishopthorpe, in landes in Skipton, al my right of fourtie shillinges by yere of one

childes porcon,

To my

annuitie of all the landes late of William Hungayte, esquyer, in North Dalton, so that he shall paye to Katheryn Newton my doughter toward her maryage tenne poundes. To Katheryn wyf of Miles my sonne one tablet of gold, one ring of gold with the armes of the passion of our Lorde Jeshu Christ, sixe silver spones with knoppis of the mayden heade, a russell frok gardyd with blake velvet, and also one kyrtell of cremesyn chamlet that some tyme was Anne my late wyfe, whose soule God pardon. To Mighell Newton my youngest sonne, messuages in Joopergayte, Westgayte, in Yorke, in Sharo besides Ripon. To John Newton my eldest sonne fourtie markes, the best gelding, my best saddell, brydell and styrropes, a gowne and acquytinces of my frende Anthony Norman. To Katheryn Newton my doughter twentie markes over her childes porcon, and Katheryn and Elizabeth my doughters to have betwixt them the residue of there mothers apparell. To my brother Bryan Newton twentie shillinges and apparell to the value of xiij s. iiijd. To George Wedderall xxxiij s. iiij d., and to every one of his children ijs. lorde and to my masters, his brethren, to make them a recreacon with at suche tyme as it shall please my Lord Mayer to appoint, xls. To my fellowes, my lord mayers officers, xiij s. iiijd. To Myles Newton my sonne the churche grounde, churche yard, and the walles of the late dissolvyd churche callyd Peterlayne lyttill in Yorke, and also one owche of baysgold set with peyrll and one precious stone in the myd parte therof. To Mr William Tanckerd the best of my two drynking pottes of silver and one gold rynge. To my cosyn Anne his wyfe one other ringe of golde to the value of xiij s. iiij d., and to every one of their children iijs. iiijd. To my brother Thomas Staveley, of Rypon, my gowne of russell satten faryd with blacke connye. To my cosyn James Staveley six sylver spones and a jacket of blak velvet, and to my cosyne Johane his wyfe my white amelyng nagge. To my cosyn Elizabeth Jackes vjs. viij d., and to Leonard Jackes, Wennyfryd Jackes, William Staveley, Margaret Staveley, and Johan Parker, every one xx d.

To Elizabeth Newton my doughter fourtie markes. To Dorothe, wyf of Thomas Newton, my gowne that she hath whiche was lately turned. To my sonne Myles tenements in Connyngstreyt and in Overousegayte, Coppergayte, Mikklegate barre, &c. То Myles sonne of Thomas Newton, land in Nyllodykes. To my sonne Myles one nest of goblettes weying fourtie ounces, with a dossen of sylver spoones with knoppes of the xij appostelles, and sixe spones gilt with knoppes of Christ and our Lady with all the hanginges of saye in the halle parlor and chambers,



and two fether beddes, that ys to saye, the bedd that I lye in and the bedde that Mr Tanckard lyeth in, my best gowne furryd with foynes, two saltes. To Thomas Newton a pece sylver parcell gilt with a cover, a ringe of silver and gilted, graven with my name, and one pece of sylver to Katheryn Newton my doughter. To Mighell Newton a ringe of sylver. To John Shipton a ryng of gold with a dyamond.

To Elizabeth my doughter a pece of sylver withoute a cover. To my sonne Mighell a pece or goblet of silver, a ringe of sylver. To Myles my sonne my interest in two tenementes and a gardeyn in Davigate, my brewing lede, a stepffat of leyd, the maskynfatt in my

house at Yorke, two of my coverynges which were hanginges and other two coveringes with foure blankettes, and three payre of lynon sheetes, wherof one to be payre of doble sheetes. The residue of all my bedding not given at Thorpe and Yorke to Mighell, Katheryn, and Eliz. Newton. Thomas and Myles Newton my sonnes shalbe myn executours, and my brother in lawe William Tankard, esquyer, and Thomas Staveley, of Ripon, to be the supervisours. In witnes, James Staveley, of London, vyntener, Thomas Staveley, of Yorke, merchaunt, William Tayrt.*

[Proved 4 Feb., 1550.]



[Coode, 21.] 23 Aug., 1550. Richard Langryge, of Kendall, in the countye of Westmorland. My bodye to be buryed in Christian buriail wheresoever yt shall please Almightie God to appoynte. I give unto my welbeloved wief Margaret Langryge my messuage or tenemente, to have the same during the tyme that she shall lyve soole and unmaried accordinge to the custome of the countrye. The remaynder therof to Robert Langryge my eldest sonne and to theyres of his bodie lawfully begotten for ever. I will that when my debtes be paide, my funeralles discharged, and this my last will parformed, that all my goodes and cattalles shalbe devyded betwene my wief and children by thoversight of three or foure honeste parsones, and my wif to have the thirde parte therof, and the rest to be equally devyded betwene my children. I make my wyfe and Stephyn Wylson, my sonne in lawe, myne executours, and William Harryson and Henry Hoggeson be overseers of the same, and I give to either fyve shillinges. Witnesses, Willyam Cartewright, Richard

This will makes many additions to the pedigree of Newton of Thorpe near Ripon in Glover's Visitation (Foster Ed., 274).

Howghe, James Bridget, William Hastwhittill, Andrewe Kempe, and Robert Sudubury. By me Robert Langrige, by me Andrewe Kempe, goldsmith.

[Proved 26 Sept., 1550.]



[Coode, 15.] 1 Jan., 3 Edw. VI (1550-1). William Cowper. I bequeath gownes to twentie poor men and twentie poore women in Thurgarton and there aboutes, and that there shalbe given yerelye to twentie poore men twentye shillinges, and to xxti poore women twentie shillinges oute of my landes of Thurgarton in the countie of Nottingham, and out of the parke there for ever. To William Cowper, my second sonne, the copiehold in Upton in the said countie, and for lacke of issue to Richard Cowper and heyres of his bodye. To Richard Cowper my sonne my manor of Lawligan in the countie of Mongomerie in Wales, and for lacke of yssue to William my seconde sonne. To Richard my sonne all my mares, &c., in the mountayns in Wales, one annuitie of lijs. viij d. whiche I have yerely oute of the treasorers office of the cowrte of Agmentacions. To my eldest sonne Thomas all my landes in Thurgarton after the death of Cicele my wyf, and for lacke of issue male to William my sonne, and for lacke of issue male to Richard Couper, and for lacke heyres to Olyve Cowper my doughter, provided that if it fortune either William, Richarde, or Thomas to have issue female, so that the landes do dyssend to Olyfe, then I will my doughter shall give to every of the said daughters one hundreth markes. Also I will that where my wyfe Cycile ys joyned purchaser with me of all my landes in Thurgarton, that she shall have the same duringe her lyfe yf soole and unmarried, she to give unto Thomas fyftene poundes by yere until he be maried, and then fourtie markes, and to fynde his wyfe and chyldren, and he to kepe bis lernynge, where my wife hath promysid fathfully never to take husbande after my decease, and for the great paynes she bath susteyned with me I will that she have the custodye of all my household stuff at Thurgarton, and if my wyfe do fortune to marrye, then I will my goodes shalbe devyded in three partes, and that my sonne Thomas shall have two partes and my wyfe the thirde parte. And I will that my wyfe shall have the keping of all my plate of silver and two chaynes of gold, and if she fortune to marrye the plate shalbe devyded, my wyfe to have one parte, my sonne Thomas the second, and the thirde to be devyded betwixt my sondes Richard and William and my doughter Olyfe. (Further bequests to children and to servants.) I make myne executours Mr Thomas Alen, parson, John Langley of London, goldsmyth, and Sr Richard Sackevile and Sr Arthur Darcye, knightes, my supervisours.

* William Cooper, of Thurgarton (the testator), heads the pedigree of Cooper in the Visitation of Nottingham (Harl. Soc., iv, 140). He married “Scissely, d. and heire of John Tolley, of London.” See Hunter's Minorum Gentium (Harl. Soc., 868).

[Proved 5 June, 1550.]



[Ketchyn, 16.1 2 July, 1551. John Stanley, of Sutton in the countie of Nottingham. I bequeathe my londe to my sonne, whiche wij men shall fynde to be myne heire. To my sonnes Willyam, Henry, John, Mighell, and Margery my doughter, every of them xx li. To Johane my wief the thirde parte of landes. Also I beinge brought home of my hole goodes, and my debtes paide afore the departinge of any of my goodes, I will that myne executors do give to the poore people ten shillinges, and to every of my godchildren vijd. To Mighell my sonne my house set and being in the streete called Freregate in Derby, over his porcion. I will that if Johan my wief do marrie then that every of my fowre sonnes and my doughter have thirtie poundes a pece. I will that if the xij men do fynde that my sonne that ys preist to be myn heire then that he shall geve Rowlande my sonne fourtie poundes. To Thomas my sonne that is preist xls. To Agnes my doughter xx s. To Elizabeth my doughter xx s. I will that the rest of my goodes not bequeathed that Johane my wief have yt and be executrix. Witnes, Robert Smyth, pewterer, Richarde Elingworthe, and John Hurte, with other.

[Proved 2 Oct., 1556.]

[blocks in formation]

13 July, 1551. John Nevyle, servaunte to Syr Mychaell Stanhope. To the poor within the parishe where I was born in Yorkshire, that ys to saye, in Sunton, Howton and Clife, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To the poore prisoners in Newgate fourtie shillinges, of Ludgate xxvj s. viij d., to the flight that be poore prisoners there xxvj s. viij d., to the prisoners of the Marshall see xl s., to the Kinges Benche fourtie shillinges, to the poor in Bethlem withoute Bisshopgate xxvjs. viijd. To my suster Esabell Sayntquyntyne or to her children xxv li. xiij s. iiij d.

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