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To Humfrey Nevyle my kynsman, seryaunte to M' Southwell, xiij li. vj s. viijd. To one Charles in London, armarer, beinge my poore kynsman, or to his children, iij li. vjs. viijd. To my brother Anthoney Langdale a ringe of golde with a rubie in yt and a ringe of golde playne. To my sister his wief a ringe of golde that was enamgled rede and white, havinge two letters in the inside of yt. To my cousyne Thomas Langdale a crampe ringe of gold. To Ñ' Lashefourde a ringe of gold. To my olde fellowe Richard Brewer a ringe of golde. To Mr John Syddynham, servaunte to Syr Robert Southwell, a ringe. To mi James Barham my bowes, quyver, shaftes, braser, shootinge glove, with also a cote of blacke satten gardyd with velvet. To James Edwardes a sylver spoone. To Humfrey Nevyle all myne apparell and also a coople of coofers standing at myn ost Robynsons in London, with all the stuf in them

excepted my Evydens. Wheras I had lande lying at Connshawe nye unto the castell of Branspethe in the countie of Durham, descending unto me by the deathe of my father whiche I late solde, into the whiche lande one Anthony Esshe, esquier, pretending title, caused my father by proces to appere before the kinges counsell at Yorke, the kinges Justice of Assice being there the tyme, the matter dismyssed, and my father awarded a some of money, yet notwithstandinge for so myche as the said Anthony dyd declare that the lande was layd to morgage with a condicon that when soeyer his ancetoure, the last owner, did offer and lend unto myne ansetoures xxxiij li. vj s. viijd., whiche was the some his ancetoure dyd receive of myne. I will therefore that myn executours paye unto theyres of Anthony Eshe xlvj li. xiijs. iij d. which, with the xxxiij li. vjs. viij d. that Eshes ansetours recevid of myne, is fourescore poundes. I will that

messuage or house at Whytes Green and my lande joynynge unto Ifold parke callyd Sowthlandes shalbe sold, and the money to be imployed upon the perfourmynge of this my will. And as touching my house called Nutfeld landes, I will remayne unto myne next beyre, whiche ys my syster Esabell Saynt quyntyne, and her children, unto whom I will my house and lande in Kyrkby Moorsyde in the countie of Yorke. Executours my verie frende M' Karrie Lasshefourde, gent., Richard Brewer, of West Farlegh in Kent, myn old fellowe, and James Holden, of Ranham in Essex, yomen, both of them servauntes unto Syr Robert Southwell, knight.

[Proved 27 Cct., 1551.]



my cheif



* [Bucke, 23.] The xiiijth daie of July, 1551. David Clapham, of London, gentilman. To be buried in the newe churche of Seint Faithes. To Joane, my wief, all my household stuf as yt stondes, and all my houses at Paternoster Rowe during her lyfe, and I will that my wief shall paye oute of all thes my howses three poundes yerely to yonger Thomas my sonne and to David my yongest sonne, to kepe them to scole with all. And after the deathe of my said wief I give the tenement which I nowe dwell in to Thomas Clapham my eldest sonne, to hym and the heyres of his bodie for ever. And for default of suche yssue the house to come to David my yongest sonne, and for lacke of heyres to come to yonger Thomas my sonne, and in defaulte of heyres to Joyce my doughter. To yonger Thomas my sonne, after the decease of my wief, the house that Mr Doctor Standisshe now dwellethin, and the two tenements next adioyning, so that he paye yerely xl s. to David my yongest sonne.

And if it fortune the yonger Thomas to decease, I give the saide three tenementes to David Clapham, and if it chaunce my yongest sonne David to dye, then I give them to Thomas my eldest sonne, and in default of heyres to Joyce my doughter. To Joyce the lease in tenementes in Paternoster Row and Warwicke Lane. To yonger Thomas my sonne the lease in the personage of North Wenden in Essex. I bequeathe my reversion of Dalton upon Yorkes wold to Johane wief. To

my sonne Thomas thelder my cheyne of gold gilte, and to my yongar sonne Thomas a nest of goblettes double gilte, and to Joyce my doughter a nest of boulles double gilte whiche I bought last. To David my sonne my basyn and ewer of silver parcell gilt. The residue of all my plate I give to Johanne my wief. All my bookes to my eldest sonne, and my rayment to my two yonger sonnes. To David twentie poundes in gold, and to Joyce twentie poundes. To my cosyn Anne Clapham, daughter to Christofer Clapham, of Beamsleye, all the legacies which were bequeathed to me by my other cosyn Anne, Thomas Clapham doughter, in my other testament, viz. a fether bedd, a boulster, a payre of sheites, a payre of blankettes, a pillowe, and a pillow bere with a joyned bedsted, which stondes in the litle chamber over the well yarde, three pewter platters, three pewter dishes, three pewter saviers, and three pewter porringers, a brasse pott, a

* Eldest son of John Clapham, fourth son of Thomas Clapham, of Beamsley, near Bolton Abbey. He is called a “translator" in the Dict. Nat. Biog., and appears to have been a proctor in the Ecclesiastical Courts at Doctors Commons. * Son of Thomas Wilbore, of Arksey. Had a grant of the Black Friars of Pontefract. Went to live at Pondes in Clavering, Essex, having married Philippa, daughter of William Bradbury, of Littlebury, Essex. (Holmes' Black Friars of Pontefract.)


lattyn 'candilsticke, a spytt, a payre of cobyrons, a table cloth, a towell, half a dozen of napkyns, and twentie shillinges in redie money. The residue of my goodes I give to Johane my wif, who with her father, Thomas Tayloure, and Thomas Clapham my eldest sonne, I make my executours. And I make the right honorable Mr William Cicill, one of the Kinges two principall secretaries, myn overseer.

[Proved 28 Aug., 1551.]



[Bucke, 28.] The xxjth daye of July, 1551. Mychaell Wilbore, of Arksay wthin the countie of Yorke, gentilman, being visited with the soden visitation of God, yet not wthstondinge in very good and perfytt remembraunce, do make this my last will. My bodye to be buried within my parishe churche of Arksay. I bequeathe all my landes to my sonne and heyre Thomas Wylbor. To Phillipe Wilbor my sonne my lease of the parsonnage of Arksay. To Samuell Wilbor my sonne my lease of

my fermholde in Essex, provided that he shall not in enywise, nor noo man for hym, put oute the poore man Robert Wyburn during his lyfe, being nowe in my fermholde. To Phillipp and to Samuell my sonnes, to either of them fourtie poundes. I bequeathe Phillipe wth his childes porcion to the custodie of my brother Richard Wilbore. I bequethe my sonne Samuell with his porcion to the custodye of my brother in lawe Robert Usher. To every one of my brethern, to William, John and Richard, vj li. xiij s. iijd. To Genet Usher my suster tenne poundes. To the said Genet my white geldinge. To the said Genett and to every one of my susters in lawe a golde ringe the price of xl s., with the Image of deathe graved therin, in remembrance that they must nedes dye this corporall deathe. To my Uncle Richard Wilbore, of Pomfrett, my ronyd gelding whiche he solde unto me.

To Mathewe Brodbery my redd geldinge. To Alison Moldson twentie shillinges yerelie duringe her lyfe, to be payde oute of my hedd house in Arksay. To my servaunte John Benister xls. To William Wilbore my servaunte xl s. To every one of my servauntes, bothe here at Arksay and in Essex, tenne shillinges. To Amy Wormlay xls. To Jenett Barke twentie shillinges. I will that William Barke shall have the fermholde in Almeholme, painge yerely twentie shillinges. To every one

of my wiefes doughters tenne poundes. To Edwarde Mawde my curat xx s. To every one of my brothers children xx s., and to suche of them as be my godchildren xl s. To Sir John Freman, the person of Pellam, seven poundes. To the poore of Arksay vj li. xiijs. iiijd. To the poore of Claueryonge iij li. vj s. viijd. To the mendinge of the highe waies in Arksay fourtie shillinges. I bequeathe tenne cottes yerely to tenne poor children within Arksay during the space of three yeres. To Christofer Senttingley tenne shillinges. To Renold Soirbye tenne shillinges. To my cosyn Thomas Hodshion twentie shillinges. The rest of my goudes I give to my loveinge wief Phillipe Wilbore, whome I do make my sole executrix, desiring her to paye my debtes and receive all debtes, whiché she shall perceyve more pleynly by my billes whiche ar in Essex and at London in my studye in the Temple and in my cofer here at Arksay. I make my brethren William Wilbore the person, John Wildbore, Richard Wildbore, and Robert Usher my brother in lawe, the supervisours. Witnesses, Thomas Mawde my curat, Richard Wilbore, Robert Usher, Thomas Hodshion, Christofer Senttyngley, John Bruister, and William Wilbore. me, Edwarde Mawde, curatie de Arkesay.

[Proved 16 Oct., 1551.]



* [Bucke, 32.] This is the last will of Sr Charles Brandon, knight, made the xxijth daye of July in the fyfte yerie of the reigne of oure Lorde Kinge Edwarde the Sixte. I confesse that there ys no other salvacon for me but by the sheddinge of Christes most pretious bloode, into whose bandes I comyt my soule. First, I give unto my cosyne, Humfraye Sackforde, and his heyres all my enterest of and in all my landes within the lordshipp, manor, and castell of Sygestone within the countie of Yorke. Also I give unto Elizabethe my wief and her heyres all the residue of my manors in the countie of Yorke. To cosyne Humfraye Sackforde the terme of yeres of the lease whiche I had of the Kinges Maiestie of the towneshipes of Sheryfhoiton and Straitforthe. I make my wief and my cosyn Fraunces Sackforde myne executours, and I give my saide cosyn twentie poundes. To my lady of Sussex, laite the wief of the Erle of Sussex, the som of two hundreth poundes. To my servauntes, every one of them their yeres wagies. To my cosyne Anthony Sackforde tenne poundes.


Probably an illegitimate son of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Pigot, of Ripon.

In case my

To Robert Mason tenne poundes. To yonge William Nauton fourtie poundes. To David Dee tenne poundes. To my lackye sixe poundes. To William Peires sixe poundes. To my syster Sandon

my braslettes of golde. To my lady Elizabeth Talboies a ringe to the value of five markes. To M Metham a ringe to the value of fyve markes. To M' Gyldon a ringe to the value of fyve markes.

saide wief will not, accordinge to my will, performe all the contentes therof within the space of one yere, then I will all my interest of all my landes whiche I had by her, and also all my goodes to my cosyn Fraunces Sackforde to that intente he do perform the premisses. In witnes whereof I have setto my seale. H. Dorset. Thomas Gray. John Grey.

[Proved 16 Nov., 1551.]



[Chayre, 17.) 11 Aug. (5 Edw. VI), 1551. John Barker, of Bobbers Milne in the Countye of Nottingham, within the parishe of Radforde, milner. To be buried within the parishe churche of Radforde, neare unto my late dame Luce Englande. To the church vjs. viijd. To the poore mannes boxe iij s. iiijd. I bequeath the order of my lease and farme to my brother William Barker, of Langwyth Bassett in the Countye of Darbye, to this only entent that he shall suffer my wief Emott to occupye the same towardes the educacon and bringing upp of my children so longe as she kepethe the goodes togeither and useth them like a good mother; and if it fortune her to dye or otherwise to use herselfe then is aforsaide before the tyme that the children come to lawfull age, then I will that the farme and my children be at the governinge of William Barker; and yf it fortune the said William Barker to dye then I will that Henrye Marmyon have my lease an my children ; and if it fortune my wief to be with childe, if it be a sonne I will that he shall have the some of vjli. xiij s. iiij d. over his childes parte at the age of xviij yeres, to this entente only, that he may obtaine for him selfe a new lease of the farme with the same, and if it be a daughter then she to have as other of my children have. I give to Jane my daughter xxvj s. viijd. which was bequeathed her by her graundmother Luce Englande over her porcon. To John (sic) Barker, daughter to my brother William Barker, xx s. and a heickfar, and to every other of my brethren and susters children an ewe and a lambe or els a wether. To every one of my god children an ewe hogge. To William Lancaster halfe a quarter of rye or masten. To Wm. Verdsall ij ewes and ij lambes.

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