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To Adam my brother a say dublett and my best hoase. To every of my servauntes an ewe hogge. To Thomas Barker my brother

my violett coate, and to William Barker an other violet coate. To Peter Blanckby my leather coate. To Margery Barker balfe a stone of wolle. To Emot my wief vj li. xiijs. iiijd. over her thirde parte, to this entente, that shee shall bestowe the same uppon reparacons of the mylne at the sight of William Barker my brother. To the same Emot a waine, vj oxen and ij mares besides her thirde parte. I will that my goodes be praised by Adam Barker, William Truman, of Radforde, Richarde Duckworth and Jhon Lucas of the same, accordinge to the iust valew therof, to thentent my children be not deceived in their partes. To Mres Jane Thurlande ij ewes and ij lambes. To Jhon Collin, of Noto, one lode of heye in my yarde under a loode of strawe, and to Agnes his wief a stone of woolle. To Hughe Lynnwone a loode of heye. To William Trinãune, of Radforde, one of my best weythers. To Jhon Lucas one weither of the best. To Henrye Shepparde a strike of rye. To maister John Poole, of Basforthe, a bushell of rye. To Butler a strike of rye. To Richarde Steele a strike of rye. To Robt. Foster a quarter of rye. To Thomas Varsall a strike of

rye. To Jhon Glossopp an ewe and a lambe. To Shipman wief a fliece of woolle. To Jhon his wief an ewe hogge and a fliese of woolle. The reste of my goodes to my children. I make Emott my wief executrix, and Henry Mermion and James Thurlande supervisors.

[Proved 28 April, 1563.]



[Tashe, 13.) 20 May, 1552. Anthonye Sperlinge made his last will nuncupative. He willed his lease of Bawtre to be solde, and of the same money he willed iij li. vj s. viijd. to be given unto his brother John Sperlynge, and å ringe of golde and other iij li. vjs. viij d. to be given unto his suster Isabell Sperlinge unmarried.

He bequeathed to the wyef of Thomas Smyth twentie shillinges for her paynes taken in his sicknes. To Kare wief, his keper, three shillinges. And to ..., seryaunte there, two shillinges. To Christofer Bawkwell viij s. iiijd. Item, with the rest of his money, apparell and other goodes, he willed his debts to be paide apperinge in his booke, and he bestowed to his kynnesfolkes and other poore at the discrecion of his executour. He made Henry Savile, Esquyre, his master, his sole executour. Thes being witnesses, Henry Savile, Thomas Smythe, Willyam Jefferey, Christofer Bowkewell, and others.

[Proved 6 June, 1553.]



[Ketchyn, 10.) 23 July, 1552. Thomas Gascoynge, of Burche Walys, esquier. My bodye to be buriede in the churche of Burché Walys. To Jane my wief twentie pounde landes during her lief within the lordship of Burche Walles, that is to saye, Rokelaye haull and Sherlaye haull, and the rest to be taken in other places within the said lordshipp where it shalbe most convenient. To Jane my wief, after the deathe of my father, other twentie pounde landes within the lordshipp of Thorppe in Bawyne during her lyf. And if so be that my wief be with childe then I wyll and dothe make that childe theyre of all my landes, and if it shall chaunce that the childe dye afore yt come to aige then I will that these landes after the deathe of my wief shall dyssend and remayne to M' Leonard West my brother in lawe and to my sister his wief and their children, to whom I give the rest of all my landes, bothe in the Lordship of Burche Wallys and also of 'l'horpp in Bawyne duriug the nonage of the child, and when the child ys come to full aige I will that yt shall enter unto the said landes as right heire therof. And if so be that the childe dye afore yt come to age, then I will that after the deathe of


wief all my landes shall remayne to M' West and to my sister his wief and cbildern, and theirs for ever. Provided alwaye that yf the lawe will not suffer me to give all my landes thuse by this my will, yet so muche as yt will suffer me I give as is aforesaid. Also I will that there shalbe a porcion of lande set fourthe of Mr Westes parte at his owne sight to ther be one hundreth poundes taken of yt, whiche some of one hundreth poundes shalbe given to the marriage of Maistres Sainteman, MFWestes doughter. Also I give furthe of the hole landes of the lordshipp to Willyam Hawen my servaunte xl s. yerely during his lyf naturall. To John Coke, otherwise called John Denyson, xl s. yerely. To Nicholas Medcaulf xx s. yerely. To John Cooke, otherwise called Denyson, my servaunte, my blacke gelding that goithe in Womersley parke. Also all my goodes I give to Jane my wief, whome I make my full executrix. Thies witnes, si Richard Corbright, prest, and curat at Burgh Walles, and William Ellys, smyth, inhabitant of the said parishe.

[Proved 9 July, 1556.]

* Son of Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorp, and Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark. He married Jane, daughter of Thomas Reresby, Esq., of Thribergh. He would be buried at Burghwallis as desired in the will, for there is a stone in the church on which is a brass partly remaining (see Yorkshire Archæological Journal, xi, 92). His sister Barbara married Leonard, younger son of Thomas West, Lord De-la-War.

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[Powell, 24.] This present xti daye of Auguste, in the sixth yere of oure lorde Kinge Edward the sixte, 1552, I, Anthony Belassis, prebendary of Westminster, do make this


will. My Lodye to be buryed yf I dye nere London as nighe my brother as convenently may be, and yf I chaunce to dye any other where to be buried where yt shall seeme good unto myn executours or frendes. I will unto the poore inhabitaunt within the parishes of Ripley in the Countie of Yorke, Branspeth in the Busshoppricke of Duresme, Hartilbury in the countie of Wourcester, every of these parishes tenne poundes. And albeit the incumbentes of Ripley and Hartilbury were attaynted, wherbye I hadd no delapidacons of the same, yet I will unto my successers in them bothe sixe poundes a pece, and to my successor in Branspeth eight poundes for delapidacons. To the mending of the highe wayes where as myne executours shall thinke mete, vjli

. xiij s. iijd. To poore magdes mariages in the bushopricke vj li. xiijs. iiij d. I remytt and forgive unto my nephewy Willyam Belassis, of Hentknoll, sixe score poundes worthe of suche chattall which he bought of me at Moreton in Yorkshyre, and foure score tenne poundes whiche I lent hym for purchasing of the lease of Rickwell als. Coplawe, uppon condicion that my nephewe shall make souche annuyties oute of Brincke and Brankhyll unto suche of my servauntes as I shall hereafter name, and also make a lease of the reversion unto Christofer Atythie of the farme wherin Willyam Lambert nowe dwellith, for the terme of xxjti yeres, and also make a lease of Symondsons house for terme of my servauntes Henry Hollgate lyfe, whiche thinges yf he refuse to do then I revoke these legacies. I give unto my saide nephewe William fourescore poundes worthe of the plate as he hath in his custody, that was his fathers, over the legacie of fourtie poundes worth which his father gave hym by his will, uppon the condicion that my nephewe shall fynde suertye or bynd hym and his landes according unto his fathers mynde and my mynde, that the plate shall remayne unto the heyres males of the Belassis which shalbe, whiche frome heyre to heyre shall bynde them in lyke bondes to theyres of Hollinside and Hunwicke, and for lacke of heyres males to go to the right heyres of Richard Bellasis, in which boundes

* Dr. Anthony Belasyse, younger son of Thomas Belasyse, of Henknowle, co. Durham, and brother of Richard Belasyse, whose will is printed No. cxv, was a Master in Chancery, Canon of Westminster, and one of the Commissioners for visiting religious houses. He had a grant of Newburgh Abbey, which he settled on his nephew Sir William.

yf my nephewe will not be bounden then I revoke all that fourescore poundes worthe of plate whiche I gave hym by this my will, and do give the same unto his brother Rychard Bellasis and to his twoo sisters Margeret and Jane. To my sister Bellassis, my suster Hutton, my suster Wren and Margaret Thorisbye, an olde ryall. To my nephew William Belassis wief my best jewell which is an uche of golde after the facon of a bucle set with precious stones. To MFairfex and my lady his wief for tokens, an old ryall a pece. To every of my suster Huttons children an angell a pece, and so moche to my suster Wrens children, and unto my suster Smithes children twentie shillinges a pece, and so moche to my suster Clervaux children. To my nephewe John Hutton and to his wiefe an olderyall apece. To Henry Hutton my godsonne fyfe poundes. To Anthony Hutton twentie poundes. To Anthonie Wren twentie poundes. To my suster Hutton an olde standing cuppe of silver and gilt whiche was my mothers, and to my suster Wren sexe silver spones that was my mothers. I will that my nephewe Richarde Belassis, after the departure of his mother or yf his mother do marye agayne, shall have the yeres in the ferme of Moreton in the Busshopricke of Duresme. I will Christofer Aththie my servaunte, during the nonage of Richard Belassis, shall receyve the rentes of his landes of Blaterne and Warcopp and have thorder of Jarro and Lethome all to the use of my nephewe, and to be countable yerely of the same unto my uncle master Roulande Thirkelde, parsonne of Melmerbye, Mr Robert Tempest, of Homeside, Mr Thomas Argall, and my servaunte Robert Lee, or two of theym, and they to se my nephewe founde at scole and after at one of thinnes of the Court tyll he come to the yeres of xxvti if he will be persuaded to kepe his studdy so longe, and if he will not then till he come to thage of xxjti yeres, and the rest of the revenues to be layde in some safe place or otherwise bestowed for his comoditie. And if he wilbe advised by theym and kepe his booke till he come unto thaige of xxvti yeres, then I will he have of my goodes towardes the furniture of his farmes two hundreth markes. Whiche my said uncle M" Argall, my nephewe Richard Belassis, Robert Lee and Christofer Aththie I do make my executours, and I do bequeathe unto every one for their paynes twentie poundes. To my said uncle my best safer. To Mr Tempest my next safer.

To M' Argall my greate ringe with a ruby. To my nephewe Richard Bellassis my plate made at Yorke, that is to saye, two greate saltes with cover parcell gilt, thre bowles and thre goblettes of silver with their covers, a bason and ewer parcell gilt, xij gilt spones, my best bedd and my best sparver nowe being at Newborough. To Robert Lee a bedd, and Christofer Aththie an other. To my nece Margaret and to my nece Jane two hundreth markes a pece over their fathers legacies, which all to gether ys twoo hundreth poundes a pece towardes their mariage. To either of theym a bedd for their selve, and another a pece for their servauntes. I will that my executours shall make of my twoo quarte pottess wbich I bought of the busshopp of Bath executours, two dussen spones and two saltes with covers, which I give unto my said neces Margaret and Jaune. To every one of my wayting servauntes sixe poundes a pece, and a lyvery coote of what color they think best, or money to by yt with. To my brothers base gotten doughter, nowe being maryed in Northfolke, fourtie shillinges. To Mr Anthony Hussey my best gelding, my executours to furnishe the same with newe brydell and sadell. To Mrs Argall and Mrs Hussey an olde ryall a pece. To Mr Boughe a olde ryall. To M' Darrell fyve poundes. To Sir Walter Myldmay, knight, a portague of vij angeles for a token, and my history of Anthonius Sobellious in two greate volumes. To Mr Doctor Wotter, Deane of Caunterbury, my thre standing newe gilt bowles with a cover, and thelecton of suche books as he thinketh convenient for hym. . To My Huntes doughter my goddoughter fourtee shillinges. To M Doctor Lyall my Danske table and my salt of parcell gilt with a cover. To M Husseys two sonnes twentie poundes betwene them, and to my gossop Argall vj li. xiijs. iiijd. To my cosyn Thirkelde of the Kinges Colledge in Cambridge fyve poundes in money, and the lectors of Odefride and Salirite and the holl texte of civill lawes. To my nephewe Richard Bellassis my bookes of the temporall lawe, my great Bible, my corpes of civill, Odofrides workes of civill, and Borthalles workes, and one of my greate Cronica Cronicarum with Imagies. To Willyam Belassis my chafing dishe of silver, and the fayre silke tester with horses and mulberie trees in yt, and two beddes. To Richard Belassis thre fether beddes. To my brother Willyam Wren my bason, my ewer parcel gilt with Belassis armes in yt, one of my best geldinges with saddell and bridell. To my nephew John Hutton my greate silver bowle. To Mr Briggam my nut whiche Mr Chamber gave me, with the cover, To olde Mr Gwy Gascoigne xx s. To the busshopp of Norwiche my fare karving knyves with greate silver heftes. To M' Doctor Bell a bowle and a cople of spanyshe chayers. To M" Urmeston, sherman, of London, my spice plate silver and gilt. To Richard Cragge vij li. To M' Argalles yonge doughter one of my large coffers. To Richard Belassis soche of my kichin stuf at Newborowe and other where as shall furnyshe hym a

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