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cover somewhat broken and hath no felowe. I will all my debtes may be payde, and restitucon to be made yf I at tyme of my departing withhold any mans goodes. To George Irelande fourtie shillinges. To Syr Willyam Butler my chaplen or stewarde all such wages as I shall ough hymi and foure poundes, to the intent that he shalbe helpinge to myne executours. And yf my sonne and hegre will kepe howse contynually for his yonger brethern and susters which shall have no house certen to resorte unto, I will he shall have thincrease of my stocke of shepe and the occupacion of my beastes and thinges belonging to husbandry except suche as hereafter I shall bequeathe awaye, wysshing and desiring every of my children in what place they shalbe, humble and hartely every daye to praye to Almightie God for grace and mercye, and that they may alwayes love God and feare God and kepe his comaundementes and be his contynuall servauntes. I will that my three yonger doughters have all the apparell being waring gayre of their late mothers not being rynge, chayne or juels, and every of my doughters to have a litle casket which was their mothers, and all the juelles and thinges therio conteyned over their said severall hundreth poundes, and my doughter Dorothe to have the best, Katheryn the seconde, and Jane the thirde casket, and my sone in lawe Robert Fletcher and doughter Margaret shall have the house at Stokebardolf and all the landes whiche my wief dyd occupie. And yf my sonne and heire do paye to every of his three yonger systers twentye poundes over the said three hundreth poundes, I will my sonne shall have all my plate not bequeathed, and all my household stuf, harnes, billes and other thinges for the warres, and all my waynes, cartes and ploughes, and all my best horses and cattall provided, and I will to my cosyn Fraunces Molyneux, when he comyth to his full age of xxj yeres, one iron boundon wayne, one carte, one plough, two oxen, thre carte horses or mares, three sowes and à bore, trusting there shalbe alwayes amytie and love betwen hym and my children. And yf my heyre do not paye the somes of twentie poundes to his systers then I will that they shalhave all the household stuf, &c. &c., egally, except a cupp of sylver and gilt which I had of the gift of my brother Irelande, which was my late kynde systers his wief Elyn, which cuppe my mynde ys that my sonne and heyre shall have, and he to leave yt to his heyre yf he will, by cause the same cupp was sometyme my owne naturall fathers and mothers cupp. I make my naturall brother M" Doctor Molyneux, my sonne in lawe Robert Fletcher and doughter Margaret, my executours, and my brother Paule Darrell, esquier, and my brother Laurence Irelande, esquier, yf it please theym; and super

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visours Sir Alexander Taylor, parson of Hawton, and Sir Willyam Butler my chapleyn, bequeat!ıing to my brother a gilt salt, to my sonne Flecher a soveraign of golde worth foure markes and better, to my doughter a gilt spone with a forke in the ende and

my best gilt spones, and to my brother Darrell my best gilt salte, and to my brother Irelande the felowe of the same, one of my best gilt spones, and one of my best silver spones, and to Syr Alexander Tayler and to Syr Willyam Butler a sylver spone and an oxe or a cowe at their pleasure. To my cosyn George Brownes wief, yf Katheryn and Dorothe Molyneux tarry with her, a gold ringe set with dyvers perles and a rubye. To my cosyn Brown her husbande one of my geldinges, desiring them bothe to be good to my two doughters, that they may be brought up in vertue, good maner and lernyng to playe the gentilwymen and good huswyffes to dresse meate and oversee their householdes. The residue, yf my sonne and heire be willing, that myn will will be performed, he shall have the same. Where Nicholas Haugh ys bounden to me in the some of two hundreth poundes, I will that there shalbe no advauntage taken yf the said Nicholas performe the last will of his father Thomas Haugh, deceased, concernyng the doughters of the same Thomas Haugh, which he had by his latter wif, doughter of Robert Molyneux, deceased, and I have in my keping for Aworye Haugh a sylver salte, six sylver spones, and for Isabell Haugh a sylver pece and sixe silver spones, and for Ursula Haugh the best baydes of her late mothers and six silver spones, and dame Elizabeth Merys hath certyn ringes for the said doughters. There be certeyn peces of golde and sylver in a fyne glove as I remember, and a paper making mencion of Henry Hatfelde, I wolde the doughters of the said Henry shulde have the same golde and sylver egually devyded. Where syns the deathe of my cosyn Willyam Molyneux I have receyved certen somes of money of the ferme of Alker in the Countie of Lancaster, and my lady Merys hath receyved other somes of money of the ferme of Alker, I will that my cosyn Fraunces Molyneux, yf he come of full age of xxj yeares, shall have after suche rate of money as I receyved, the same so myche as I have receyved therof for my parte.

[Proved 8 Nov., 1552.]


[Tashe, 13.). 19 Feb., 1552–3. Richard Harton, Citizen and Fyshemonger, of London, being at Wykham in Pickeringe lithe, make my will. To the poor folkes within the towne of Wyckbam ten shillinges, of Ruston vs., of Brompton x s., the daye of my buryall. To Richarde Harton, sonne of John Harton, my purs and girdle garnysshed with silver. To John Harton my best rydinge cote garded with velvet, and a dublet slevid with velvet, and the lease of the howse that he dwellith in, whiche I toke of Mr Hutchenson. To the said John the greate chest that standethe in my house at Scardeborowghe. To my suster Colynson, of Brompton, my house in Wickham, my best bedd at Wyckham and the covering with the bolster. To my brother Colynson my russett cote and a dublett. To the sixe childern of George Colynson xxvj shepe, and the residue to Christofer Bartyndale. I will Christofer Bartindale and Johane his wief have the use of the howse that he dwellith in for tenne yeres, all my tytle of one oxgange of lande, the two oxen he occupieth of myne, paying twentie shillinges. To George Harton my house that I lyve in at Wickham, the house that Christofer Bartyndale dwellith in after the tenne yeres be complete. I forgive the said George xxixli. I give to him and my suster Colynson my houses in Scardborough, with two closes. All my landes in London and Southwark to remayne unto Walter Harton and Margaret Harton equallye. To Richard Harton of Hooton ijs. iiijd. To Edwarde Huchenson, sonne of Richarde Huchenson, one of my gownes furred with foynes. To Anne Colynson a bedsted of waynscote in the parlor at Scardeborough, two platters, &c. To Joane Colynson, my systers doughter, two platters, two dysshes, &c. To my sister Colynson and her doughter Emme the residue of my pewter vessell at Wyckham and Scardebrough. To John Colynson, my sisters sonne, a greate cheste. To John Harton a presse.

To Thomas Colynson a matteres. To Christofer Bartyndale my worsted dublett, a jerkyn, a payre of white hoose, and my cloke. I will the residue of my stuf at Scardeborough, the salte excepted, be sould by George Hall, John Harton, and Walter Harton, and the money to be distributed at theyr discrecions to my poore kynesfolke and frendes. Supervisours, Mr Richard Huchenson, auditor to the Kinges Matie, and Richard Flower, of London, haberdassher. Residue to Walter and Margaret Harten, executours.

[Proved 12 June, 1553.]

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[More, 7.) 8 Sept., 1553. Edmond Cartwright, of Ossington in the Countie of Not., gentilman. To be buryed in the churche of

* There is a pedigree of Cartwright in the Visitation of Nottingham, 1614 (Harleian Society, iv, 109), in which it states that the testator was son of Hugh Cartwright, and that he married Agnes, “ daughter of Thomas Cranmer, of Sutterton in com. Nottingham, sister of the Bishop of Canterbury.

lxxxxv yeres.

Ossington. To Agnes my wief one annuytie of fourtie poundes yerely oute of my mannors

of my mandors of Westmallyng, Estmallyng, Ewell, and Parocke, in the Countie of Kent, late parcell of the possessions of the late dissolvyd monasterie of Westmalling, whiche manors do belonge to me for terme of

I will that Agnes my wief shall holde my manor of Ossington during lyff, and after the decease of me and Agnes it shall remayne to Hughe Cartwright my sonne and heyres, and for default of issue male to George Cartwright my sonne, and for lacke of issue male to Edmonde Cartwright my sonne, and for default of issue male to Thomas Cartwright my sonne, and for lacke of issue to my sonne Peter Cartwright, and for lacke of issue to my sonne John Cartwright, in default to the right heires of me. Whereas I have granted after the decease of me and Agnes my wief to George, Edmond, Thomas, Peter, and John, an annytie of vjli. xiij s. iiij d. oute of my landes in Ossington, my mynde ys that my sonnes shall enyoie the annyties. I give to my sonne Hughe all my lease of the late dissolvyd monasterie of Westmallinge in Kent, and I will yf my sonne Hughe departe oute of this worlde and no yssue of his body then the lease to remayne to suche heire as to whome I have bequeathed my manor of Ossington. To my sonne Hughe twentie poundes. To my other fyve sonnes, every one fourtie markes. To sonne George a silver beer cuppe, two silver spones of the best sorte, a black bald geldinge, a gowne of chamblet and a gowne of worsted, and a doblet of velvet. To Edmond a salte gilte, two silver spones. To Thomas my best silver salte with a cover gilt, and two silver spones. To Peter a silver beer pott and two silver spones. To John a silver beer pott and two silver spones. To my doughter Peckham for a remembraunce, a pece of plate called a glasse cuppe gilt with a cover. To

every one of Mr Peckham's childern and hers xx s. To my doughter Anne a bason and ewer of silver, a goblet gilt with a cover, two silver spones, and threscore poundes. To my brother George my nyght gowne of clothe and xx s. To my cosyn Edmond Cartwright, of Norwell, my best clothe gowne and my bay bald colt. To my cosyn George Cartwright his brother my soreld bald geldinge.

To Rauf Bacon my prest xx s. godchilde xx d. To the poore in Sutton upon Trent xx s., of Wershipp xx s.

To the mariages of twentie poore maydens, to everye of them vj s. viijd. To my cosen Richard Petynger, of Retforthe, fyve poundes sixe shillings and eight pence. (Bequests to servants.) Residue shall remayne in the order of my wief Agnes and of my sonne Ilughe, executours. I make Harold Rosell, gent., and my nephewe Nicholas Petyngar, supervisours.

[Proved 30 Aug., 1554.]

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[Welles, 33.] 18 Feb., 1553. Walker, Cuthbert, of Richmonde. To my sonne William Walker, nowe beinge with me in my house at Richemonde, that my house at Dowgate within the parishe of Seynte Michael Pater within the Citie of London, and if yt happen William to dye without issue then I will the house to the next heyres of me.

To the same William a gilte cuppe with a cover with the Trynytie upon yt, and my seconde fetherbedde with a bolster. To my brother Si William Walker, preist, nowe being with me in house, one standing cuppe with a cover of silver and gilt, and my best fetherbedde. To my brother Sr Richard Walker, preist, one other cuppe of silver and gilte with a cover. To Thomas Corney my best gowne. To Edwarde Corney my seconde gowne. To Thomas my servaunte my ridinge cote, one payre of hose, my fustian doblett and a cappe. To Agnes my servaunte my gowne faced with chamlett, the lesse cawdron, one litle brasse pott, a litle panne, ij litle coverlettes that she bought herself, iij of the new cuysshons, my best shirte, a diap table cloth, all my kercheffes, and xx s. To my cosynne Dorothe Corney the thre other cuysshons and a diap table clothe. To the poore of Richmonde and Kyrkby Ravenswath vj li. xiij s. iiijd. To John Pewdener vjs. viijd. To John Backhouse x s. To John Crosbye all my botons of golde. To Rauf Colinges wif vj s. viijd. I will my farme in Congresburye in Somersettshyre whiche I holde of the landes late belonginge to the Busshopp of Bathe and Welles to the said William Walker my sonne during my yeres upon condicon that he paie to my brother William Walker eighte poundes, to my brother Sr Richarde Walker iiij li., and to my suster Agnes Andersone foure poundes, for termes of theire lives, also that he paie to Thomas Corney xls. and to Edwarde Corney other xls. for x yeres after my decease. And if yt fortune my sone to dye before lawfull age or be maryed, then I will the farme be at the disposition of my brother Sr William Walker. The residue to my sonne and to my brother Sr William, executours, and M" Doctor Dakyn supervisour, and to take the governaunce of my sonne. Witnesses, Richarde Crosbye, of Richmonde, gentleman, John Crosbye his sonne, John Moyser.

[Proved 3 Feb., 1558–9.]


[Kitchyn, 25.) In the xxvijti daie of Aprell, one thousande fyve hundreth fiftie and fyve, I, Robert Holgato als. Halgate, doctor of

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