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for me.

Divinitie, and late Archebusshoppe of Yorke, make my last will. My bodye to be buried in the parishe churche within the parishe wherof it shall please Almightie God to take me oute of this transitorie lief to his greate mercie, where I will that funerals shalbe done withoute worldlie pompe, pride or vanitie. And I give to the parsonne of the churche where I shall chaunce to be buried after my deathe fourtie shillinges for my mortuarie aud to praye

And I will that sl s. shalbe distributed to the poore people in the daie of my buriall. Also I will that my servauntes shalhave so moche money paide to them agayne as they have leide oute for me or lent me. I give to myne executours, their heires and assignes for ever, the scite and precyncte of the late priorie of Olde Malton in the Countie of Yorke, and all the demeasne landes in Olde Malton, Wikham and Howhouse in the Countie of Yorke, and the scyte and landes of Yeddingham in the said countie, and the manor place in the toune of Yeddingham, and all my landes in Huggate nowe in the tenure of Thomas Steyringe, and all my landes called Bysset Howse and Bysset landes lyenge in the parishes of Memysworth and Felkirke, and all the chauntrie howse and other buyldinges, landes, belonginge to the late chauntrie of Saynt Thomas in the parishes of Hemysworth, Baddisworthe or elles where, and all my house called the Threasorors house, and all my houses, landes, in the Cloyse of the Cathedrall churche of Yorke and in the citie of Yorke and bushopesthorpe, and all my scite, howses, landes in Newcastell apon Tyne sometyme belonging unto the late priorie of ye Whitefreres in Newcastell nowe dissolvyd, and all my other landes, rentes, possessions in Olde Malton, Wykham, Howhouse, Yeddingham, Pikeringelith, Huggate, Byssett, Hemysworth, Felkirke, Thorpe and elswere, to thentent and purpose that my executours or the overly vers of them shal within two yeres after my decease fouude, erecte and make or cause to be founded, erected, made and incorporated one Hospitall of one Mr and twentie brethern and systers in Hemysworth, to contynewe for ever, and that the master therof shalbe a clerke and within tholye order of preisteheid at suche tyme as he shalbe therto nominated, and shalbe made a perfect master of the said hospitall by the gifte of myne executours wbiles any of them do lire, and after their deathes by the free gifte and graunte of the parson of the parishe churche of Hemysworthe for the tyme being and of the two church wardens of the same church, and of fower of the most honest parisheoners of the said churche. And the said M of the hospitall here after to be erectyd shall from tyme to tyme during his lief contynually be resident, tarrye and dwell apon the same hospitall, and shall not absent hym self above one monethe in any yere apon peyn of privacon and losinge of the hospitall, except yt be for greate, urgent and necessarie causeys, and suche as shalbe alowed and approved by all theis whiche shall have authoritie to make the Maister at any vacation therof. And the poore people which shalbe herafter put into the same hospitall, for brethren and sisters therof shalbe by the parsone of the parishe churche of Hemysworthe, and the two churchewardens, and foure of the most honest parisheoners chosen and taken owte of the poore parisheoners of the parishe of Hemysworth, Felkirk, Birkebye and Wragbye next adioyninge, provided that there shalbe none admytted and put in the hospitall for brethren and sister's therof but suche as be fully of thage of lx yeres or more, or els blynde or lame parsons at the tyme of his or their admission, and I will that myne executours shall buylde and make within five yeres after my deathe a suffycient howse and lodginge for the Mr to dwell in, and a long house with so manye severall particions as will serve to the said brethren and systers for their cohabitacion and dwellinge in the same hospitall

. And I will that the maister shall yerely perceyve and have towardes his lyving twentie markes in money, and every one of the brethren and sisters liij s. iiij d. towards their lyvinge. And yf myne executours shall have goodes or landes or revenewis sufficient to performe my will and to make the said twentie markes yerely twentie poundes, then I will the maister shall yerely have twentie poundes, and every one of the brethren and sisters shall have foure poundes yerely for ever.

And I will myne executours shall sell all my messuages, landes in the cloise and countie of the citie of Yorke, and of the toune of Newcastell apon Tyne, for the parformance of my will, and all the leade whiche coverethe the howses and buyldinges within the scyte of the late priorie of Olde Malton. I make Sir Willyam Peter, knight, Mr Thomas Gaudye, Sergeant at the Laws, Sir Thomas Gargrewe, knight, Edward Wotton, doctor of phisicke, John Broxolme, gent., John Goldinge, clerke, and Thomas Spenser of Olde Malton, executours, and I bequeathe to Syr William Peter, knight, one hundreth markes, to M* Thomas Gaudey fourtie poundes, and to every one of my executors twentie poundes, and shall have all costes and charges at suche ty me as he shall goo and take paynes aboute the doinge of any thinge comprysed in my will. And I will that none of myne executours shall kepe any goodes or other profites in their handes. And I make my lorde, therle of Arundell, supervisour of this my will, humblye besechinge hym to take

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the paynes to the same fullie to be performyd by my executours, uinto whose lordshipp I do give fourtie poundes, and I do bequeath to M' John Throgmorton, on of the maisters of the requests, twentie poundes, and to M'... Cordall, our soveraign Ladie the Quenes Sollicitor, twentie poundes, that they wilbe meanes unto her grateys highnes that I and if it please Almightie God to call me in the meane season to his infynite marcie oute of this tempesteous and troublesome worlde, myne executours maye duelye enyoie all my plate, goodes, cattalles and landes accordinge to right and as they haught by the lawes and statutes of this her graceis noble realme. And I bequeathe to Sir Nicholas Throgmorton, knight, twentie poundes, to be assistaunt to se this my last will dulie to be parformyd. In witnes, William Boswell, Richard Wheatley, clerke, Thomas Wolton, John Spensher, Thomas Browne, and other.

[Proved 5 Dec., 1556.]



[More, 29.] The xijth day of Maye, 1553. Alexander Bell. To my sonne Arthour Belle my tenement house and landes lying in Wynkerton in the bishopricke of Durham, and my tenente being than nowe named Robert Wilkinson, which is rent yerely fourtie shillinges. I bequeathe my foresaid sonne and foresaid tenement to the good keping of my uncle Artho" Bell, of Bladon, and that the said Arthor Bell yerely receyve the rent of the saide tenement to bring up my said sonne Artho" Bell in good lernyng and vertue till he be of lawfull aige. Item, that after the death of my said sonne Artho" Belle that then my tenement, house and landes parteyning to yt I fullye give to my sister Alice Sharpar, of Newcastelí. To John Breguse, mariner, my wages in the Bartilmew for the viage of guine, being

the viijth of September, 1553, upon condicion that the said John Briguse paye oute of the same one monthes waiges to my sister Agnes Yonge in Seynt Katheryns, which is xiij s., and that the said John Breguse also paye suche debtes as I owe in the Bartilmew, whiche is xxjs. "I bequeathe of my said wage to Danyell Dye fyve shillinges, to William Farnelles fyve shislinges, to Richard Berforthe two shillinges, and this paide then John Brighouse to have all the rest. To my sister Alice Sharpar the parte of my debtes owing me in Newcastell. I give my sister Alice Sharpar three poundes whiche Harrye Anderson owith me, of Newcastell, upon condicion she paye oute of the same to my mystres Harrie Andersons wief, of Newcastel, which I owe to her, iiij s., and that she paie of the said money to Roger Heryn whiche I owe hym, xiij s., this paid she to have all the rest. To Alice Anderson of my debtes owinge me in Newcastell, as I give her xiij s. whiche Willyam Chapman owith me for osmondes. I give ber vijs. whiche John Archebade my M' Harrye Andersons man owith me. I give her xix s. whiche Willyam Owthanke owith me for three frenche crownes I lent hym in Some in Fraunce. In witnes wherof these men subscribe their names following: Writen in the Bartilmew of London, the 12 of Maye, 1555. William Farnally, Peter Bright.

Memorandum, that aboute an houre or thereaboutes afore the said Alexander departed oute of this present lyfe, the said Alexander then being of his parfytt mynde and memorie, made and nomynate John Brighouse the executour of this his saide will. In witnes hereof, Lewis Palmer and Thomas

[Proved 4 July, 1555.]


about my


(Wrastley, 2.) 2 Ap., 1556. Henry Aynesworth, of Wynkborne in the countie of Notingham. To be buryed in the parysh church of Wynkburne in the chauncell anends the place where I have used to knele. I will that every preiste that shalbe at my buryall have iiij d. and their dynner, and to every poore man, woman and childe that be at the same, one halpenny or a halpenny white loif. And I will that my wif, my sonne Rauff, my sonne Wawn and my doughter his wif, my sonne John Aynesworth and Jane his wiff, shalhave blacke gownes the day of my buriall. Also I will that xiij daye of waxe shalbe put

herse and burne all the tyme of the dirige and masse singing, also that four torches shalbe provided by myn executors, and also that James Hey pes, Christofer Atkynson, Robert Whippe and John Hanson shall beare the saied torches, and have every of theym a blacke gowne. To every howsholder in Wynkeburne wherof his yearly rent is not above tenne shillinges, iiij d. and a penny white loyf. To the amending of hye ways in Wynkeburne vjs. viij d., and to amending of the hye waye betwene the churche of Hokarton and the ende of the layn going towarde Southwell iij s. iiijd. I will that Rauff Aynesworth my sonne shalhave two partes of my ferme of the manor of Wynkeburn to his owne use, paying for the same two partes the yerely rent therof. I will my welbeloved wif shalhave the thirde parte of my said farme. And in case she do remove and do not a byde dwelling in the thirde parte, and then my sonue Rauff sbalhave the said thirde parte. To my wiff the thirde parte of all my goodes. I gyve unto Rauff all such leasses as I have in landes in Preston in Awndernes and Ingoll in the Countie Palantyne of Lancaster. To the parish church of Wynkbourne my beste vestement of crymyson velvett and albe and amyse, a stole and other thinges to the same vestment belonging, and also an other vestment of whity Damaske. To the Trinitie alter in the parishe church of Preston where I was borne a vestment of grene sarsenet, and albe and ammes belong to the same. To such persons as shall fortune to be churchwardens of the church of Wynkburne thre kyne, and of the wages and stipend of the said thre kyne iij s. to be bestowed in bread to twelve pore folkes of the parish. And also the parish preiste to saye de profundis for my soule, for the soules of Elsabeth and Annes my wif, and for the soules of Richard Aynesworth and Elsabeth my falther and mother, and also to say dirige and messes, xvjd. in money afor the stipend and wages of thre kyne, the residue to be bestowed to the most profet of the parish church by the churchwardens for the tyme being. To every of my servauntes xijd. To John Banyster and Isabell Mawne, for their paynes they taike wyth me in my sicknes, either of theym tenne shillinges. I will my sonne John Aynes worthe, Richard Buckshawe, John Warde, William Robynson, Edmunde Kytchyn, George Hoggeson, John Bothomley, John Parker, John Skerclyff, John Sampe, Robert Swyfte, William Dankes, Robert Cowarde, Charles Harwoode, Robert Whipp, Richard Helys, Thomas Looke, and Christofer Atkynson shall holde the tenementes wherin they do now inhabite, paying their rentes. To Sir William Doughtie my curate a colte of two years olde. To my doughter Jane Wawn twentie shillinges. To Thomas Wawn To Elizabethe Wawn x s. To my sonne George Wawn my grey gelding. To my godson Henry Wawn a fole. To Mabell Blabeke iiijs. To Isabell Nybbes xijd. To Alice Mow xij d. To Cecilie Heypes a cowe.

Also I will that Rauff my sonne shall fynde John Heypes, and kepe hym at the scole untill he come to the age of xvj yeres at his costes. The Residue of my goodes I gyve unto my sonne Rauff Aynesworth, whom I mayke my executor.

[Proved 28 Jan., 1556–7.]




(Wrastley, 7.] 14 Feb., 1556-7. Launcelott Midelton, of Silksworthe in the Bishopricke of Durham. I give all my goodes unto myne executours for the performance of my debtes. I give unto

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