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unto them. To my servauut Robert Williamson, during his lif, his house and landes and xx s. yerelie out of Robert Smythes farme. To my servaunt James Siper all the stuffe at his house, paying yerelie xxvjs. viijd. To the children of John Jonson, appoynted by his will to have the ferme William Corringham dwellith in, 'shall have the same.

To Hugh Thornehill, comonley called by that name which I do call my bastard sonne now contynnyng with me, my house at Hull now in the tenure of Maister Saltmarshe, all my landes in Misterton and Bekingham in the countie of Nott. To Thomas Turr vij acres during my lease. To Kigbly my servaunte his house for life, paying yerelie ix s. To Christofer Norton, my susters sone, a silver cupp parcell gilte. I give asmuche tymber as will buylde a beadehouse of the comon in Walkringham, with vij litle houses, and everye house a chymney and a chamber, for vij poore folkes to dwell in ever, and to have paide to them every quarter of the yere, a pece ijs. ijd. I will that if any thinge geven be not according to the lawes of this realme, then I will it be mended by twoo indifferent lawyers, utter barristers in the courte, that is to say, Sergeaunt Catlyn and Sergeaunte Predieux, St Anthony Nevill, knight, M' Estoft, Mr Garrard, and Mr Carrowe, or any twoo of them, and they to mende it and to have either of them xx s. If I dye without yssue of my bodye lawfully begotten, then my will is that

hole landes remayn.

to my sonne Hugh Thornehill, and for lacke of yssue to my right heires. I will my brother have thusage of all my fermes during the noneage of my daughter, and of my landes and goodes also, accompting with my daughter for the same at her age of xij yeres, except the fermes in Holdernes, whiche I will shalbe in thusage of John Constable, knight, so that within one quarter of a yere he to make assuraunce to my daughter of fyve hundred markes, if his sonne Henry doo refuse her in marriage, whiche said voc markes to be forfaite to her use. And these covenantes perfourmed I will that my daughter remayn in thandes of the saide Sr John to his sonne be xij yeres olde. I will that she shall not be delivered unto hym except he be bounden in the some of twoo thousande poundes to deliver her to her awne kynne, that is to saye, to my brother Hugh Thornehill, so that she may then be marryed to the most advauntage that the lawe will permitte. To Giles Sales and Isabell his wif the ferme I have of Urye, and after my yeres the ferme that Kyrkeby duellith in. To my said sonne Hugh Thornehill my lease of Oxton parsonage.

The residewe of my goodes, fermes and leases, I putt into thandes of my brother to thuse of my daughter Dorothee, which I make my executrix.

Supervisours, Si John Constable, knight, Sr Anthoney Nevill, knight, S' John Hersy, knight, and doctor Rokesby. To my wif viij kye, a silver pott, a silver salte, and a cover to either of them, besides that the lawe dothe geve her. Witnesses, Sir Anthonny Nevill, George Browne, George Ryley, and Richard Wentwourth.

[Proved 21 Feb., 1557–8.]



[Noodes, 9.] Be it knowne to all men that if it shulde fortune me, Thomas Thurlande, in this my journaye taken the viijth of Julye, in the service of the Kinges maiesties affaires towardes the borders, by deathe or otherwise to passe out of this transitorye woride, I geve unto Thomas Thurland, parson of Gamylstan, and Oliff Thurland, wif to Edward Thurland, esquier, to collect all such landes, rentes, debtis, goodes as I have, and them to bestowe amongest the children of Edmond Thurland, with my brother William Blande as they twoo shall thinke most convenient, provided Richard Thurland to have

my landes,

[Proved 17 Feb., 1557–8.]



[Wrastley, 34.] 2 Sept., 1557. John Roo, clerke and person of Wollerton in the Countie of Notingham. My body to be buryed in the chauncell, Twyvill. To the church of Twyvill iij s. iij d. To the fre skole of Notingham, to repayre the deskes, xl s. To a poore scoler of Oxford that doeth study divinitie, xl s. To Emmotte my mayde xls., one cowe, wythall such goodes as she brought to me. To Katheryn my mayd xls. and one brasse pott. To the poore people of my parish of Wollerton, Cansall and Braton, xls. To the mending of the hye wayes about Wollerton xx s. The residue of my goodes to Harry Fosbrok, of Notingham, and to John Hall, of Myddelton, and Robert Palm, of Notingham, whom I make my executors. Witnes, Sir William Fosbroke, parson of Twyvill, Robert Barytt, Harry Beliter, Jane Tomlynson, Margaret Worthington, with other moo.

[Proved 20 Sept., 1557.]

* There is a pedigree of Therland of Ga nston in the Visitation of Nottingham (Harleian Society, iv, 154).




OF MENDHAM PRIORY.* 12 Oct., v and vj King Philip and Marye (1558). Michaell Wentworth, esquyer.

To be buried in Christian man's buriall. To Agnes my wif my goodes at Bistor church hile and Montlawe, and the wardeship of Marye Curson her daughter, except suche horses, geldinges and mares as I had at the tyme of my marrying with her, and suche as I have bought or bredde sithend the marriage betwene her and me, and my wolle of this yere, and all my plate except suche parcelles of plate as I had before the marriage, and such parcelles as I have bought sithens, and also except all my woll of my sheepe at Bisterchurchhile and Montlawe, and one cuppe geven by the Quenes Matie for a new yeres gifte, wherupon my armes and hers is graven, upon condicon she shall discharge the executours of me, my cousen Thomas Wentworth, and all others that be bounde by any covenaunte in any bondes for any matter touching my wife or any of her children. I give to my son and heire, Thomas Wentworth, all my moveable goodes in my houses at Simon rowe and Wendham. To my sonnes Michaell and Henry all my right in thoffice or ferme of the Alnyger in the Countie of Yorke, to be egally betwene them, and the profites to be towardes their finding during their minorities. I will that my executours shalhave thissues of all my leases in the personage of Leeke in the Countie of Stafford, the personage of Ascar and Askridge in the Countie of Yorke, the mannor of the Freers house and Streyte withe cole mynde uppon the same in the said Countie of Yorke, the farme called Newall Graunge, until my executours have paid my debtis. Wheras I have at the present day five daughters, that is to say, Margaret, Mabell, Alice, Hellene and Kathtrine, for the marriage of one of them whicht it shall please God to putt in mynde that Richard Freestone my warde shalbe bestowed upon, and if he disagree then the profitte and wardshipp that may be made uppon him to be bestowed upon the next that shall happen to be marryed, and for the bestowing of the rest I will that my executours shall take thissues of my personages of Asker and Leeke, my ferme of the coole mynde of Streite, and the profite of my ferme of Strete, being of the value of fiftie poundes by yere, to the payment of the marriage good of as manny of my said daughters not being married at the tyme of my departing, untill suche tyme as everye of

* Younger son of Thomas Wentworth, Esq., of Wentworth Woodhouse, and Master of the Queen's Household. His grandson Michael purchased Woolley in 1599, still possessed by his descendant in the female line.


them be aunswered of one hundred poundes, if it may please God to sende them life thereunto. And the said Hellene my daughter xx li. over the said hundred poundes in recompence of her grandemothers bequest. Item, if any of my daughters will not be advised by my executours, but of their awne fantastical brayne bestowe them selfis lightly apon a light personne, thenne I will that daughter to have but one hundred

And after the sommes of monney so roune up that the personnaage of Leeke, my soni Thomas Wentworth shalhave it during all the yeres that I have therin, the rest of the yeres of all


fermes shall come unto thandes of my yonger sonnes if itt please God to sende them life, or els to my eldest sonne, and if it please God to call them, as all is mortall, then to remayn amonge my daughters at that tyme beinge. To every one of my cousin Hugh Lacy children xx s., exceptid Richard Lacye, which was one si Richard Freeston godsonne, to hym I geve xxvj s. viij d., during their lifes, out of my fermes so longe as my wife shall live, and after her decease I will every of them exceptid Richard Lacye shalhave (the above · sums) out of the mannours of Fresingfeeld. Executours, my nevewe Thomas Wentworth and my nephewe Nicolas Denham. To my nephewe Thomas Wentworth my blacke velvit gowne and my best horse or gelding. To my nevewe Nicolas Denman my seconde horse or gelding and a gowne of damaske faced with sable powtes. Also I desire my cousen Thomas Harvie, knight marshall, and my said brother Thomas Wentworth to be overseers. To my cousen Thomas Harvie, knight, a mowse donne gelding. To my brother Thomas any of my horsses or geldinges that he will chuse. To Brian Denman one other gelding. Witnesses, Nico Rutlande, Ambrose Belson, Michaell Mollens.

[Proved last Nov., 1558.]


Short Abstracts of Wills of persons living in London and the

South, having some connection with the northern counties.

15 Sept., 1384. SIR WILLIAM DE WYNDESORE, kt. Made by word of mouth at Evesham. Sir William de Melton, Sir James de Pykeryng, and Sir Walter de Strykland, kts., and John de Wyndesore, of the diocese of York. Pr. 12 Oct., 1384 (Rous, 1).

24 Sept., 1389. JOHN DE APPELBY, LL.D., dean of St. Paul's, London. To be buried in the new work of the church of St. Paul. My sister's daughter, Margaret de Mordon, wife of Thomas Chaunceler. Sir William de Beverley. To the parish church of Appelby xx s. Richard de Mordon and Hugh Crostwayt, my cousins. To the prior and convent of Carlisle xx s. My executors shall not demand arrears of pensions due to me from the monasteries of St. Mary, York, Holmecoltram, the priories of Durham and Kerkham,* and the monastery of Melsa.t To the poor of Appelby xl s. To the fabric of the church of St. Laurence there, xs. Pr. 1 Oct., 1389 (Rous, 2).

11 Oct., 1389. WILLIAM WALSHAM. The churches of Salisbury and Bunnebury. House of St. John, Chester. Church of Lymą and chapel of Hallewestoke. To the church of Ampulforthes and the repair of the chancel v marks. Nephew William Stone. John Botenam, my vicar. Robert Askeby, vicar of the church of Salisbury. John Wotton, my chaplain. Pr. 16 Dec., 1389 (Rous, 2).

29 Apr., 1391. WILLIAM DE Dygston, || || canon of St. Paul's, London, prebendary of Totenhale, canon of Salisbury, and rector of Staindrop, diocese of Durham. To be buried in St. Paul's. Sisters Agnes de Dyghton, the elder and younger ; Thomas Esmonson, the latter's husband.

To the poor parishioners of Staindrop xx marks. To my parish church of Staindrop one great portuous, annotated, worth xxij li., and a missal not annotated, and a small chalice weighing lx s. John de Burton, rector of Fenestanton, Lincoln diocese, and canon

* Kirkham. + Meaux. # Bunbury, co. Cest. ŞLymn

[Ampleforth. || || 1363. Called Deighton (Surtees' Durham, iv, 138).

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