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[Stokton, 26.] 26 Aug., 1458. Robertus Thawites, clericus. Sep. in choro ecclesie Collegiate de Aukeland Sancti Andree. Summo altari in eadem ecclesia unum vestimentum de novo. Summo altari Sancti Cuthberti ibidem unum missale.

Ordino reverendum in Christo patrem et dominum Willelmum, Eliensem episcopum, ac Henricum Thawytes et Ricardum Thawytes, fratres meos, executores meos in partibus australibus et partibus borealibus. Hiis testibus, domino Roberto Symson et domino Johanne Blakwell capellanis, et Ricardo [. blotted and illegible .... ] clerico et multis aliis.

[Proved 31 Oct., 1458, by Richard Thawytes.]


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[Godyn, 26.] 21 May, 6 Edw. IV (1466). *Henry Brounflete, knyght, Lord Vessey. To be buried in the church of the Wbyte freres in London, wherof and of alle the ordure of the same within the realme of Englond, I, the said Lord Vessy, am principall founduor, in suche place of the same churche to be buried as by thaduyce of Thomas Ryppllingham and William Rylston, two of myn executours, shalbe most thought convenent. To the hous of the said freres in London, x li. ordure of the freres in London xx d., the which shalbe at my beriall. Also I will yat myn executours reward ту servauntes suche as happen to be with me at the tyme of my deth, yat is to saye, every gentilman x marc, and every yoman v marc, and every grome xxxiij s. iiijd. To Mawde the wife of Thomas Gowsell,v marc. I make myn executours Thomas Rypplyngham, William Rylston and John Fereby, sum tyme my servaunt, the survivor of the same, Sir Simon Hothom, parson of Bletsowe, sum tyme my chapleyn. I will yat all the lordshippez londe, etc., I to my use been seised of, yt is to wit the maners of Lonsbourgh in the countie of Yorke and of Brompton, Aton, Malton, Wellom, Sutton, Wivethorp, Wykham, Brounflete, and Bardelby in the county aforesaid shall remayne to my doughter Margaret and to the heires of hir body, and as to all other my lordshippes, etc., which at any tyme were myn in fee simple, as in North Cave, Clif, and Clif

Summoned to Parliament 24 Jan., 1449. His wife was Eleanor, daughter of William Lord Fitzhugh. His daughter Margaret was wife of John Lord Clifford, killed at Towton, and mother of the “Shepherd Lord.” She afterwards married Sir Lancelot Threlkeld. He married first Joan, daughter of Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent.


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Wighton, Burneby, Fangfosse, Ellerker, Brantingham, Faxflet, Weton, Esthorp, Lonsbourgh, Holme, Brompton and Gateforth shalbe sold. And as to alle other my lordshippes, etc., as the manor of Wymington in the countie of Bedford and alle other my landes in the counties of Northampton, Bedford and Bukkyngham, as by me at the tyme of my deth doth happen not to be solde shalbe sold by myn executours.

And as to a certeyn tenement in Kyngeston uppon Hulle be also sold and that aswell all the revenue and the money for the salle of all the said lordshippes, etc., be restreyned and disposed for the wele of my soule, as in chantres and other werkes of charite according to my last wille to them declared. I will yat myn executours pay to the parsonne of All halow the lytle for the oblacon afore forgoten and unpaied by me iiij marc, also to the reparacon of the same church xls. Also to Alhalowen the more xls. Also to the house of Fereby a pasture called Bagflete and my lond in Drewton in the couute of York. I wille that myn executours do ordeyn vj prestes perpetualle to be founde to singe for my soule, my fader and my moder, of the which vj prestes I will that iiij of them be ordeyned to sing for my soule and the other too of the same vj to sing for the soules of my fader and my moder in suche place as I have afore this tyme declared to myn executours. Witenesses, Rauf Rylston, Thomas Rypplyngham, and William Rylston, etc.

[Proved last Jan., 1468-9.]

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[Godyn, 31.] 2 Oct., 1470. Dame Elizabeth Welles, lady Welles. My body to be buried in the church of Freres of our Lady of Dancastre, where the body of Sir Robert Welles, knyght, late my husband, lieth buried, or ell where by the discrecon of myn executors. And after that my body be buried I wol that all my dettes in which I am rightfully bounden that they be paied. Also I bequeth to the prior and covent of the said Freres if my body there be buried so that they devoutly pray for my soule and the soule of the said Robert and all Cristen soules, xli. And in caas my body be not buried in the said church of Freres thanne I wol that ye same x li. be disposed aswell for my buriyng where my body shall happe to lye as other wise by the discrecon of myn executors. I bequeth to Alice Walton, my gentilwoman, a gowne of blewe furred with grey, a peyr of

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Daughter of John Bourchier, Lord Berners. She married Sir Robert Welles, who, with his father, Lord Willoughby and Welles, was executed by Edward IV in 1469, for rebellion. She was buried at the Carmelites Friars, at Doncaster.

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tyres of gold, a gurdill of white damask werk harneysed with silver and over gilt, and in money xx s. To Thomas Turnay, gentilman, a crosse and irj smale cheynes of gold. I wol that Sir William, chapeleyn, have for his salary to bym by my dieu at the fest of Saint Mighell last passed, xxxvj s. viij d. Also that myn executors fynde hym to syng


soule and for the soules of my late husband and all Cristen people passid to God by half a yere next my decesse at parish church of Saint Botulf at Boston, paying hym for his salary xxxvj s. viij d. To William Sendell xls. over his wages, a white bangyng for a bedde, that is to saye, a celour and testour

with curteyns and a fetherbed with a bolster. To William Kyng, my servaunt, xxvj s. viijd. over his wages. To Thomas Halkyngton, my servaunt, xiij s. iiijd. over his wages. The residue of all my goodes I yeve and bequeth unto myn executors, so that they dispose it for my soule and the soules of my said husband and all Criston people passed to God as to them shall seme moost to the pleasur of God and profute of my soule. And I make myn executors my goode and gracious lady and modir, Dame Margery, Lady Berners, and my brother, Sir Humfrey Bowgchier, knyght, the said Thomas Tournay and William Sendell. Ferthermore I give and require all the persones which been enfeoffed in the lyvelode late of my said husband, that they see that his dettes be content in as goodely hast as they can.

[Proved 8 Oct., 1470.]



[Godyn, 31.] 2 Oct., 1470. Dame Jane Nevill, widowe. To be buried in the chapell of our lady within the College of Warrewik wher the body of Sir Herry Nevill, knyght, late my housbond, liettht buried. I bequeth unto the said college for my burying, and that the Dean and Chapitre devoutly pray for my soule and for the soules of my said housband and alle cristen people passed to God, ij gownes of blewe velvet, therof to make a vestiment and copes, on of whiche gownes belongeth unto the body of my late housband, and that other to my selfe, with ten markes in money. I wol that myne executours finde a preste in the said chapell to singe for my soule and the soules of my late housband and alle cristeyn people passed to God by iij yeres next aftre my

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Daughter of John Bourchier, Lord Berners, and widow of Sir Henry Nevile, knight, who was slain at Edgcot, near Banbury, 1469, v.p., and buried in the Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick. He was son of George Nevile, Lord Latimer, third son of Ralph Nevile, 1st Earl of Westmorland, by Joan, daughter of John of Gaunt.

deceace. To be disposed in almesse v marc.

I wol that as touching the x li. due to be paied atte the fest of Seint Martyn the Bisshop of an obligacon of c markes, in whiche my good lord and fader is bound unto Sir Robert Danby and other, be disposed aboute the performyng of my testament. Also as touching the iiijxxxiiij li. to me due of my jointor atte the fest of Seint Michell be disposed by myne executours. To Philippe Godmerston, my gentilwoman, a long blak gowne furred with blak boge, a blak girdill of damaske werke harneysed with silver over gilt and a flour of gold with an emerand. To Richard Mounford, my servaunt, over his wages and the money I owe hym, xl s. To John Bradshawe, my servaunt, over his wages, xls. To Thomas Wright, my servaunt, xx s.

To William Rudde, my servaunt, xx s. To Nicholas Gaydon, xiij s. iijd. To Johanne Wever, my nors, x s. To my good and gracious lady and moder, a ryng of gold with a gret dyamond. Unto my brother, Sir umfray Bourgchier, knyght, a rynge of gold with a floure de lice of rubies. To my brother, Thomas Bourgchier, an ouche of gold with a diamond, five rubies, and two perles. To Dame Elizabeth, lady Wellis, my suster, a flowre of gold with a rubie and two half perles. To my sonne, lord Latymer, my wedding rynge. And the residue of all my goodes I bequeth unto the disposicion of myn executours, to be disposed for my soule and the soule of my late housband. I make myne executours, Sir John Bourgchier, knyght, lord Berners my fader, Dame Margerie his wife, my moder, Thomas Bourgchier, my brother, and John Bradshaw. I wol that Sir William, which I finde nowe at Oxenford, that he ther be founde, fulle with my goodes by ij yeres next. I bequeth my crisome gowne of fyne threde and lawne to the College of Warrewik to be disposed for a corpas, and my crisome cloth of fyne threde to the church of the hospitali of Welle for a corpas, and I wol that two corpas caces be made for the said corpas. I bequeth a ringe of gold with table dyamond to be offered at the shrine of Seint Thomas of Cauntbury to the honor of God, and that blissed martir, Seint Thomas. To Thomas Wright, a blak hors. To Richard Mounford, my hors called Garnett. To John Bradshawe, my best standing cuppe, with

To Alianore, my long gowne, furred. To the parson of seint Marie Magdalene atte old fissh streete ende, a cruse of silver. To Huntele wife, a ring of gold, with a jacynt. To Alice Walton, a paire of tyres of gold, with muche blak silke therin. To Thomas Nevill, my son, my grete primer.

[Proved 16 October, anno supradicto.]





(Wattys, 12.] 25 Marche, 1473. John Payntour, of Kyngeston upon Hull, of the dioses of York, moreover lyeng in extremis in the towne of Sandwich. My body to be buried in the church yarde of Saint Clementes in Sandwich. To the vicar, xijd. To the church werkes, vid. I wyll that myn executor give for me unto men and women in the day of my buriales in brede and ale unto the valew of iij s. I bequeth unto the pour woman, my servaunt that kepith me, above hir wages, ijs. vj d. Also I will that my ij brosshys lyeng in the keping of the wif of John Austyn of London, fishmonger, the better of them be delivered of my bequest by the handes of myn executour unto Margaret, the doughter of John Austyn, and the other droish (sic) I will that it be delivered unto Margere, the doughter of Robert Taverner of Drypoyll side beside Hull, of my bequest in lyke wise to pray for my soule. Also I bequeth that my wife have part resonable of all my goodes perteynyng to hir self or to hir houshold beyng in Hull. To Thomas Bestney vj silver spones and a coveryng to a bed of tapstry worke. To Davy White a pair of bedes. To Robert Barun, the cote of the Gracedieu, xs. To Robert Dyer, xs. To John Lott, xs. To the boye that was with hym, x s. The overplus of all iny goodes I give unto Nicholas Wawner, William Townour, John Austyn, and Henry Nevell, myn executours, that they ordeyne and dispose for my soule as they woll answer afore the high Juge in hevyn. Witnesse heroff I sett unto my seale. Wrytten att Sandwich the day and yere aforesaide.

[Proved 16 Feb., 1473-4.]




[Logge, 16.] 8 Oct., 1483. Richard Rawson, mercer, citezen and alderman of London. To be buried in our Lady chapell within the parishe church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Milkstrete of London, before the ymage of our Lady. To the high auter of the parish church of Alholwen in Hony Lane wherof I was late a parishen, xx s. I bequeth v mark to be bestowed in byng of sume ornament and to be gevyn in the worship of God to the parish church of Saint Andrew of Friston by the water in Yorkshir. I bequeth iij li. vj s. viijd. in bying of sum ornament to be gevyn unto the parish church of Allhalowen at Castelforth in Yorkshir. To be disposid amonges pour maidens

* He must have been a younger member of the family of Rawson of Fryston, whose pedigree is in Glover's Visitation, 351, but his name does not there appear.

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