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mariage, pour housholders, and pour people at Pountfriet, Shirburn, Friston and Castelforth in York shir and theraboute, xxvj li. xiijs. iiijd. To be applied in a mending of Fery brigge and Catelforth brigge and high weis, xx li. To Isabell, my wif, in name of her part and dower of all my goodes after the use of the cite of London all my hushold, my plate, my harneys and myn array belonging to myn owen body onely excepted. To Avery, my son, cc li. To Christofir, my son, cc li. To John, my son, cc li. To Richard, my son, ccli. To Elizabeth, my doughter, cc li. To Alice, my doughter, cc li. I woll that Isabell, my wif, shull have cccli. to her owen use, that other ccc li. shalbe disposed amonges my brethren and sisteryn and amonges my pour kynnes people, and other ccc li. egally be devyded amonges all the children of my brethren and sisteryn, and other cccli. in marying of pour maidens, relevment of pour persones and pour housholders, in amending of high noyous and jeopardous weyes and in other werkes of mercy. To my broder Robt. Rawson xx li. To my brother Jamys Rawson xx mark. To my broder Henry Rawson xx mark. To my suster Elizabeth Shawe xx mark.

To my suster Kateryn Rishworth xx mark. I will that myn executors shall yerly geve a certeyn porcion of money to my sustre Elene Aylemer, to her owen use, unto the tyme that the summe of xx li. be unto her fully gevyn. To Richard Aylemer, my suster Elyn Aylemere son, my godson, x li. To every other child of the same Elene x mark. To every childe of the children of my brother Robert Rawson x mark. To everich of the children of my brother Henry Rawson v mark. To Johne Baxster, my suster doughter, iij li. vj s. viij d. To the sone of my suster Elizabeth, iij li. vj s. viijd. To my suster Margare Fisher iij li. vjs. viijd. To my godson John Fisher

To my godson Richard Fisher xl s. To everich of the v other bretheryn and susteryn of the same John Fisher and Richard Fisher, xxs. To John Fisher, late alderman of London, to thentent that he take upon hym the execucion of this my testament, xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Nicholas Lathell, gentilman, to the same entent, xxvj li. xiij s. iiijd. The residue I wolí shalbe divided into two egall partes, wherof I woll that Isabell, my wif, shalbave one parte, and that other parte shalbe egally disposed amonges my children. I make Isabell, my wiff, John Fisher, late alderman of London, and Nicholas Lathell, executours.

[Proved 26 Oct., 1485.]


1 ! * The Hudleston family possessed Millum, co. Cumberland, for a lengthy period. The testator's name does not appear in the pedigree in Plantagenet Harrison's History of Yorkshire. He would be a younger son.



[Milles, 8.] John Pykyrton, otherwise called John Malpas. Unto the churche of Carlton in Lyndrik, my hors. Also to my buryell and to pour folkes, vj s. viij d. To Sir John Wroo, parishe prest of the same churche, vjs. viij d., for to say or cause to be said xx masses for my soul. To John White, vjs. viij d. If the churche may suffre and my lord that I serve as I suppose he wull, I wuld that John White and Mawd his wife have the brigandynes and salett and other stuff for my keping.. And yf my lord take ye stuff than I wold that he gave unto the said John White my wages that is owing unto me. I wull that Richard Hart of London shall take c sterlinges in a kist in the house of Anable Benstede at the Towr hill and devyde it betwixt my brother Hugh and my sustre Alice. And wher I promysed xx s. to Maister] Wollis for the getting of ix li., I wull that he have none therof. Also a pair of shetes in the said Richard Hartes house to be yeven unto maistres Johane Rider, dwelling with the Duches of Norfolk. Also I wall that my stuff that is at Marworth in Kent be yeven to William Horworth. To my brother Hugh a blak gowne. The residue of my goodes I put to the will and disposicion of Richard Hart, myne executor.

[Proved 21 Jan., 1487–8.]



[Milles, 30.) 30 November, 1489. Herry Hudelston,* of Comberland, squier. My body to be buried in the parrish church of Seint Sepulcre withoute Newgate, in the suburbie of London, in sume place ther convenient, by the discrecon of myn executours. To the high auter of the same church, xijd. To the auter of Corpus Christi, xijd. To Robert Grene, citezin and girdeler of London, my long gowne of tawney furred with blak booge, my longe gowne of blak chamelett furred also with blak booge, my dunne gowne of tawny chamelett furred with booge, and all my Jornett of white and grene damask. To the wife of the same Robert Grene, a litill cross (?) of goolde harnysed with siluer, a small paire of bedis of corall, with gaudees of silver and gilt, and my smale goold ringes. To Agnes Browne, doughter to the said Robertes wife, a paire of bedis of calsodonye with gaudees of silver and gilt. To Sir John Hudleston, knyght, my fader, a goold ringe, whiche my lady my moder gaf me. To Herry Dykes, my servaunt, a gowne of tawny furred with blak booge. To Nicholas Dykynson, my servaunt, a longe gowne lyned. To George Dykynson, my servaunt, my gray ambeling gelding. And I wil that the Deane of the Kinges Chapell have my white ambeling hors or gilding if so be it be his duete or right, or els hit be dissposid by myne executour. To Katine Piron (?) a silver spone and xijd. in money. To John Skelton, hostiler, a paire of blak hosin and a dowblett of white sarsenett. The residue to the said Robert Grene to perform my will and to distribute for the helth of my soule. I make him myne executour, and Sir John Hudleston, knight, my brother, supervisour.

+ A sort of cloak.

[Proved 12 December, anno supradicto.)



[Vox, 16.] 8 Aug., 1490. Stephanus Shotton. Lego ecclesie Beati Michaelis de Berefrido meum optimum animal, vel alias secundum usum civitatis Ebor.; duas libras cere circa corpus meum comburendas; cuilibet presbitero existenti ad exequias meas, iiijd. Uxori Radulphi Gray unam togam de violett. Lego unam togam blodiam Johanni Moore, servienti meo. Radulpho Gray de tenementis meis in Barwyk, xx s. Johanne, uxori mee, unum tenementum in villa de Carbroke. Residuum Johanne, uxori mee, et Johanni, filio meo, et facio predictam Johannam et Radulphum Gray, consanguineum meum, executores meos. Volo tamen quod dicta uxor mea omnia bona mea, ab aqua de Trent versus austrum existentia, administret per se, et dictus Radulphus Gray administret omnia bona mea a dicta


de Trent versus boream existentia. Hiis testibus, domino Willielmo Sowerby, capellano, et Cristofero Harner.

[Proved 23 Nov., 1494.]



[Dogett, 7.] 12 Sept., 1491. Robert Portington, one of the clerkes of the remembrauncers of the tresourers parte in the kingis escheguier at Westminster. My body to be buried in the chapell of our Lady within the monastery of Saint Leonard of Strat

* The testator does not appear in the pedigree in Glover's Visitation (p. 561, Foster Ed.).

XX s.

ford at Bowe in the countie of Midd [lesex]. And I woll that myn executors hereunder writen do ordeyne and cause to be made over my buring place in all goodely hast after my decesse, that is to say, in the wall of the said chapell of our Lady, asnygh unto my body as they goodely may, a tombe of marble after their discrecions, with as goodely and convenient werkis as they can or may for and with the some of xx marc st[erling]. Item, I bequeth to the high aulter of the parissh church of saint Clementes beside Candilwke streete of London wher I am parissher for my tythes and duties forgoten, xx s. To Sir John Aylemer, parsonne of the same parissh church of saint Clementes, xxs. To the fraternite of Saint Kateryne in the said church to have my soule pray for, xls. I bequeth towardes the making of a new clocke in the church of Saint Clementes,

To Felice the wif of Roberte Doket, xl s. I will that myn executours ordeyne an honest prest to singe hie masse for my soule, the soules of my fader and moder, within the chapell of oure Lady within the monastery aforesaid, and during xx yeres kepe an obite for my soule, which obite I will ther be spent yerely to my lady prioris ij s., and to every other lady xvj d., and to every prest in the monastery of Saint Leonardes, iiij d. To the clerke ther jijd., and I woll ther be expendid yerely at the obite in bred and ale to the relif of such as shalbe at the obite, xij d. To the college of Howdene in Yorkeshir a sute of vestymentes of cloth of gold of the price of xlli. To thabbote of Stratford towardes the reparacon of his walles, c s. To every monke of the same place being prest at my decesse, vjs. viij d. To every monke being no prest, iij s. iijd. I pardone to the abbote and covent xxviij li., wherin they stand bound unto me under their seale. I woll that myn executors do cause to be laid apon the buryng place of my fadre and modre in the college of Howdene, before the fonte in the church, a stone of marble of convenient lenght and bred of the price of c s., and do ordeyne a good prest to sing his masse and other devine service for my fadre and modre soules by the space of ij yeres in the said college, paying to the preest yerely vj li., and do ordeyne against the day of my buring to brenne aboute my body xij torches of wax. To the mending of the high way aboute Mile ende and White Chapell withoute Algate, xls. To the reparacion of the new hospitall of oure Lady Saint Mary withoute Bisshoppisgate, cs. To maister Pollen, one of the chanons of the same place, to pray for my soule, xl s. To every sustre, vj s. viijd. To my lady priorisse and covent of the monastery of Saint Leonardes, to be distributed amonge them, x marces over c marc they owe unto me. To the prioresse of Cheshuntie in the countie of Hertford, xx s., and to

every lady iij s. iiij d. To the reparacon of the parissh church of Drameley in the countie of Midd[lesex], cs. [Many bequests to servants.] To Margaret Lucas, my suster, x marce, my best bedd with all thaparell, my stonding cupp with a cover of silver parcell gilt, ij saltes of silver with a cover, and a covering of a bedd of tapstery werke. To William Portington a standing cupp of silver parcell gilt with talbottes at the fete, xij spones of silver with maydens hedes on thendis and x li. in money, a fetherbed, a paire of shetes, a paire of blankettes and a coverlite. To every of his children v marce. Where I have in plegge of maistres Hattecliffe, widow, a stonding cupp, and a pece with a cover of silver chased with roses, I give them to her ... To the chapell of oure Lady of Skelton in Yorkshir my litle chaleis of silver parcell gilt. To Margarete Lucas, my suster, my best maser, a gowne cloth of blewe. To William Portyngton the ijd maser, a salt of silver, a gowne cloth of violet. To Maister Doctor Lichfeld, chaunceller with my lordes, my best gowne cloth. The residue of all my goodes I geve to myn executors to dispose them as they shall seme best for the helth of my soule, and I make executors maister Robert Lytton, maister Richard Lichfeld, maister William Wyld, and Cristofer Smyth, bruer.

As to the disposicion of my landes in Skelton, Snaythe, Carleton and elliswhere, I woll that William Portington have all my landes in Skelton, Snayth, and Carlton which wer late my fadres, ond if it happen the said William to decesse withoute heires I woll they remayne unto the next heires of the kynne, and I woll the said William have all my landes that I have purchaсed in Houedene. I woll that Robert Donyngton have all my messuage in Hawton in the countie of Lincoln.

[Proved 28 Oct., 1491.]



(Vox, 7.] 10 Aug., 1493. Thomas Clarell, gentilman, citizen and grocer of London. To be buried in the churche yerde called the pardone churcheyerde of Seint Powle in London besyde the tombe of Deane More ther.* I will that Margaret, my wif, have the first parte aftyr that the custome of the citie of London will geve hit her, and I will that the yong enfaunte of my body be geven that ys within the wombe of my wif, if any

* “There was also one great Cloister on the north side of the Church, invironing a Plot of Ground, of old time, called Pardon Church Yard, whereof Thomas More, Dean of S. Paul's, was either the first Builder, or a most special Benefactor, and was buried there." (Stow's London, i, 640.)

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