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suche be, have the second part, and the iijth parte I woll that myne executors dispose for my sowle in vestmentes and copes to be gevyn to Rotherham churche and Rowmer churche and other churches x myle a bought, and a blake clothe with a wight crosse theron made and a male to cary hit yn. I bequeyth to the seid church of Rotherham my clothe of Arras of the passyon of our Lord, to hang a fore the rodelofte ther as long as hit will endure, and my steyned clothe of the batell by twene the lord Skallys and the Bastard, to pray for the sowles aforeseide. Item, a vestment of whight damaske with my armes upon hit and with the grocers armys aponne

the same.

[Proved 4 March.)




(Vox. 4.] Robertus Mason. Lego corpus meum sepeliendum coram imagine Beati Cristoferi in navi ecclesie cathedralis Beate Marie, ubi paravi ab antiquo sepulturam. Fabrice ejusdem ecclesie, cs., et al marcas pro exequiis meis per decem annos inter ministros ejusdem ecclesie dividendas. Pro luminaribus die obitus mei cum continuacione dierum sequencium, et pro trigintali secundum consuetudinem ecclesie predicte, vj marcas. Ad distribuendum inter pauperes, xli. Domino Edwardo Luke, monacho Sancti Albani, x marcas, et Willelmo Luke, fratri ejusdem, vj marcas, et ista fiant secundum discretionem sororis mee, matris eorundem. Roberto Benyng, pauperi clerico domestico meo, si ad sacerdotium [se] disposuerit, xx li. Ad maritagium Johanne Hareby, postquam nupta est, in pecunia vel estimatione jocalium, xli. Ecclesie parochiali de Gatyshede, x marcas ad emendum vestimenta, ut honorificentius Deo in dicta ecclesia deserviatur. Canonicis Deo servientibus in ecclesia conventuali de Alnowyk, cuilibet xx d., et abbati ejusdem monasterii, iij s. iiijd., ad celebrandum missas pro anima mea prope locum sepulture, sxli. Cuilibet famulo meo, preter stipendium suum, xx s. Cuilibet pauperi hospitalis Sancti Egidii, interessenti exequiis meis, portanti cereos circa funus meum, die sepulture, togam nigri coloris, xij d. [precii). Omnia cetera bona mea do Johanne (sic) Taylor, civi London., Roberto, abbati de Alnewyk, et Roberto Stevenot, capellano, quos meos executores facio, et ordino dominum Henricum Percy, comitem Northumbrie, hujus testamenti supervisorem.

[Proved 6 Nov., 1493.) * Besides the office of archdeacon of Northumberland, Mason was precentor of Lincoln, in which cathedral he was buried,



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[Vox, 15.] Universis et singulis presens testamentum hujusmodi visuris

innotescat per presentes quod probus vir, Johannes Sotehyll, de parochia de Stokfaston, Lincolniensis diocesis, armiger, dum vixit, defunctus, 22 Junii, 1493, suum testamentum fecit, videlicet, quod prenominatus Johannes corpus suum devote legavit in capella Sancti Botulphi in Stokefaston predicta, juxta sepulturam patris sui sepeliendum fore. Legavit nomine principalis sui curato ibidem cuicunque pro tempore existenti prout est mos patrie. Dedit summo altari ecclesie parochialis de Stokefaston predicta pro decimis suis oblitis iij s. iiij d.; ecclesie matrici B.V.M. Lincoln., xij d.; fabrice ecclesie de Stokefaston, xx d.; ecclesie parochiali de Eston, xx d. Res. Elizabethe, uxori sue, domine Anne, matri ipsius Johannis, Roberto Sotehyll, Henrico Sotehyll, Gerardo Sotehyll et Henrico Sotehyll

, fratribus suis, Johanni Harryngton, et Willelmo Babethorp, armigeris, ad disponendum pro salute anime sue donavit, et seosdem] constituit executores. Presentibus tunc ibidem discretis viris, dominis Willelmo Taylor, rectore ecclesie parochialis de Aston, Richardo Burche, rectore ecclesie parochialis de Stokefaston, Thoma Beveryge, capellanis, et aliis,

[Proved 7 Oct., 1494.]

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[Holgrave, 81.] The xvjth Februarij, 1505-6. Henry Sothyll of Stokefaston in the countie of Leycestre, esquyer. My body to be buried in the house of the Grey Freers of London if it so shall happen that God of his mercey doo sendes for me within the said citie of London. To the same house of Freeres for my buriall ther to be hadd and to thentent that they shalbe bounde to pray for me, my faders soule and all Cristen soules yerely during the liff of Johane, my wiff, xx s. I will that ther be distributed amonges the convent of the same at my buryall, Dirige and

* The testator belonged to a younger branch of the Sothill family, of Sothill, near Dewsbury. The senior line ended in an heiress who carried large estates to the Saviles of Thornhill, which are now a lucrative possession of Lord Savile. There is a will of John Sothill of Sothill in Test. Ebor., iv, 168, with copious notes by Canon Raine, with short extracts from this will. The testator seems to have been son of Henry Sothill, a lawyer, by Anne, daughter of John Boyville, of Stockfaston, co. Leicester, and his family kept up their connection with Yorkshire. His wife's will follows.

+ Son of John Sothill (Will No. XLIV) and Elizabeth Plumpton (Will No. XLVI). He married Joan, daughter of the well-known Sir Richard Empson. By her he had two daughters, Joan who married Sir John Constable of Kinalton, and Elizabeth, Sir William Drury.

masse to be doon by theym, vj s. viijd. To be distributed amonges poore folkes, xs. I will that Johane, my wif, yerly duryng her lyff kepe an obite for me of Dirige and masse of Requiem within my parisshe Church of Stokfaston. To the high awter for my tithes forgoten, vjs. viijd. The residue of all my goodes I geve to Johane, my wif, to doo with theym as to her shall seme most best. I will that


wif have all my londes in Ardyslowe in Yorkeshire for time of hir lyf. I make myn executors Johane, my wif, Sir Richard Emson, knyght, and John Haryngton, esquier. Memorandum that these be dettes that I owe.

Unto the Kynges good grace x li., to oon Robert Bewyk iiij li. iij s. viij d., to Thomas Sothill for the beyng of a chief rent in Ardysley x li., to the underbayly of royaltie of the duchie within the precincte of Stokfaston ijs. viijd., to John Lytley ij s., to myn uncle Henry Sothyll lli. for the performance of my grandames will.

[Proved 16 May, 1505.]



[Adeane, 19.] Dame Elisabeth Sothill. My body to be buryed at the Gray Freeres at London in that same place that my sone Henry Sotehill is buryed, and my hert to be take out of my body and buryed at Stokfaston by my housbande. I bequeth for my mortuary to Seint Johns. To the church of Lincoln xx s. I will that my brother in lawe, Robert Sotehill, pay to the mariage of my doughter Elizabeth as he hath promysed by his feith and truthe of the dett that he owith me a c li., and the residue of det I forgeve hym afor God and man. I will that Johan Sotehill, Robert, Thomas and Arthur, my sonnes, have acording to the will of my housbande, their father, x marc a pece in the manor of Clifton in York, and v marc to my son Gerard, their brother, -in the same manor.

I will my son Gerard have the manor of Ashleye to hym and to his heires for ever.

I will that such landes as I have in Hakenbye and Stanethwaith in the shire of Lincoln and Uppingham in Rutland be solde toward the contentacon of my brother Heselryge for th’arearge of covenauntes of the mariage of my doughter Anne. I desire my doughter Johan Sotehill, for ali love and kyndenes that have been betwix hur and me, to take the disposicon of my doughter Annes joynter. I will that my son John Sotehill have of the landes of myn enheritaunce in the manor and town of Gressyngton and

* Daughter and co-heiress of William Plumpton of Plumpton, and widow of John Sothill of Stockfaston.


Steton to the yerely value of x li., for terme of his lyfe. I will my son Gerarde have in the same town v marc yerely. I will that my doughter Elizabeth have v marc to hur mariage. I will that my son Heselrige and my doughter, his wyfe, have all my stuff at Stokfaston. To Kateryne a payr of shetes and a tawny gowne. To my cosyne Beatrice a payr of bedshethes, and a counterpoynt at Sir John Rooclyfes. Item, that my stuff ther be devyded among all my children. Executors, John and Gerarde, my sonnes. Witnesses, Robert Sotehill and Beatrice Care.

[Proved at Lamehith, 17 Feb., 1506-7.]



[Horne, 1.] The xj day of August, 1496. Edmonde Talbotte, esquier. I will that my body be buried in the church of the Freres Prechours next Ludgate in London, and I give to the commonaltie of the same place xls. I will that I have iij bretherne of the same religion to sing and pray for my soule by the space of an hole yere, to eche of the ij xl s., and for the wages of the thirde brother liij s. iiij d. To the master priour of the same place j olde noble of golde, to the same master prior ij s. To master Pew x s., and to the same ijs. To every broder of the same place being in the habite, xijd. I bequeith ij vestementes withe myne armes theruppon to the awters of Saint Peter and Saint Domynyke in the said churche of Freres Prechours. To every of these churches, Yorke, Southwell, Beverley and Ryppon, iij s. iiijd. To the gilde of Corpus Christi at Est Retford xx s. To the awter of oure Lady at East Retford a vestyment with myne armes theruppon. To the gilde of our Lady x s. To every other gilde in the same churche of Retford iij s. iiij d. To my

suster Anne xl s., or elles my leest saltes. To my suster Jenett my flatte gilte pease covered and pounced. To the reparacon of the parishe church of East Retford xx s. To the same church, for the sepulcre, the covering that they have there of grene velvett with myne armes theruppon, and a paynted clothe to be above it. To the comen profite of the towne of Retford, xx s. To Richard Brooke, my servaunte, iij li. vjs. viij d., and j mattres, j bolster, j payre of shetes, j payr of blankettes, ij coverlettes, and somme laten and pewter, with suche of my clothes as myne executours shall thinke most according. To Robert Hall, the preste at Hull, vj s. viïj d. I will there be disposed amonges the children of John Talbotte, to pray for my soule, x s. I will that the priour of the Charterhous of Hull have


letter of broderhode of the said house and vj s. viij d.

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money, and every broder within the same house iij s. iiij d., on condicion that the priour will suffer theme to dispose hit to theire plesure, and I pray theme to say for my soule, the soule of Margarete, my wiffe, and all Christen soules placebo and dirige and masse of requiem by note. Also I will that the priour of Mounte Grace, the priour within the Ile of Axholme and the Bevalle, every priour have xij d., and every broder within the same places viij d., and every novice iiij d. I will the prior of Fereby have xij d., and every chanon viij d., and every novyce iiij d. I will the prioresse of Henynges have sij d., and every nonne viij d., and every prest viij d., and every novice iiij d. To James Lyvesey and William, his broder, to either of theme

To Margery Lenols a girdell of grene damaske with gilte harnesse and xs. in money. To master Richard Lessy an olde noble of golde. To my cosen, Elizabeth Bardesby, vj s. viijd. I will that Gilles Talbotte, William, and Edmonde, his brethern, have x markes yf it may be spared. To Sir Richard Pole, to pray for my soule, iij s. iiij d. To Edmunde Wyndham and Edmunde Warde, my godchildren, to every of theme a spone of silver. To the house of the Austyns in Hull vjs. viij d. To the White Freres in Hull vs. To the curettes of Blithburgh, Willoughton, Graignham iij d. The residue unto my broder, Nicholas Talbotte, the which Nicholas I make my executour. Also I will that suche londes as I hadde by my Fader lying in Sladebourn Wodehouse in the countie of Yorke be at the will of my said brother Nicholas. These witnesse, master Peter Eme, Doctor of Dyvinitie, John Reynoldes and Richard Batersby.

[Proved 25 Aug., 1496.]



[Horne, 17.) 15 May, 1497. Agnes Gower of Estgrenwich in the countie of Kente, widdowe, late the wif of Edward Gower, laite of Beverley in the countie of York, esquier,

To be buried in the church of Saint Mighell in Croked Lane of London, in the chauncell before Saint John beside my two children. I bequeith for my sepulcre there to the churche wardens and masters the sume of xs. To the fraternite and brotherhode of the Holy Trynite in the same church, vjs. To Agnes, my doughter, oon of my best gownes, and to my suster Thomasyne my thirde gowne, also to Margarete Strete my fourth gowne. The residue of all my goodes I give to my suster, Thomasyn Seby, whome I make myne executrice, and Robert Odiham, citezen mercer, coexecutor.

[Proved 25 Oct., 1497.]

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