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Knyueton of Bradley have v markes. Item, I will that my servauntees have xl s. delt amonges theym. Also it is my will that my wif be myn executrix and to have the disposicion of my goodes. And the Residue that levith my will fulfilled as corne and catell, household queyne and plate, my wif to have it. It. I will that Ric. Knyueton and my brother William Holme be oversiers of thys my will. In wittnes herof written with myn owne hand at Shefeld the day and yere abovesaid.

[Proved 1 Dec., 1504.]



(Blamyr, 6.] 19 Jan., 1501-2. Ricardus Byrd, canonicus residenciarius in ecclesia Collegiata Beatorum Petri et Wilfridi, ac rector ecclesie de More. Lego pro mortuario meo optimum bovem apud More secundum usum patrie; Johanni Byrde quemdam annuatim (sic) redditum xl solidorum, ex[e]untem de terris meis infra parcchiam de More; Willelmo Forster octo acras prati, jacentes in campis de Mereton (sic), et iiij acras terre arabilis in Morton predicta, et unum tenementum. Volo quod dominus Willelmus Rawe, capellanus, habeat sufficientem exhibicionem in universitate Oxonii per spacium unius anni, et quod dominus Willelmus Whixley, capellanus, presentetur ad ecclesiam parochialem de More seu ad ecclesiam de Soldon, utramque earundem maluerit habere, vigore proximarum advocacionum earundem michi et ceteris mecum adiunctis concessarum, prout per litteras sufficientes inde confectas plenius apparet. Facio executores meos Ricardum Croft, Johannem Byrde, et Willelmum Forster. Hiis testibus : Thoma Backhouse, prebendario prebende de Stanwigg' in dicta ecclesia collegiata Riponensi, ac rectore chori ejusdem, domino Roberto Whixley, capellano, et multis aliis. "Do Thome Forster et Alicie Peyen' unum tenementum in Stanlake, equalis porcionibus inter eosdem dividendum, cujus quidem tenementi firma annualis extendit se ad decim solidos.

[Proved 10 Mar., 1501-2.]



[Adeane, 23.] 7 Jan., 19 Hen. VII (1503–4). John Thwaites of Hardyngham, in the countie of Norfolk, escuyer. To be buried in the chapell of our Lady within the church of Hardyngham. I will that Agnes my wif, if she lyve sole and unmaried, have the manor Thwates and other londes in the townes of Kykele, Scoles, Roydon, Newson, Byngle and Askewith in Yorkeshire to the value of xl markes by yere. I will that my feoffez suffer myn executors to have profittes of my manors, londes in Denton and Askewith in Yorkeshire, and therof to content my doughters their mariage money, that is to say to Margaret, Thomasen, Elizabeth and Elyn, c li. to eche of theym and more if it may be borne if they be maried by thadvise of my wif and

* Prebendary of Sharow, Ripon. Mandate to induct 21 Aug., 1484 (Fowler's Memorials of Ripon, Surtees Society, ii, 241).

myn other executors, and I will that myn executors have the said landes in Denton and Askewith for xxiij yeres. I will that my sone Edmunde haue all my londes in the towne of Thirkes in the countie of Yorke, and for lacke of yssue to remayne to Antony my sonne, and for lacke of yssue male to my son Cristofer, and for lacke of yssue male to the right heires of Thomas Thwates late my son, nowe dede. I will my son Cristofer shall have my landes in the townys of Tolston and Clifford in the countie of Yorke. I will that the right heires male of me and my sonne Thomas nowe dede sbalhave all

my londes in the citie of Yorke and townes of Newcastell, Smeton, Holdenshir, Collyngham and Bardesay or elles wher in Yorkesbire. I make executors my welbeloved Agnes my wif, Antony Thwaites and William Eyre, gent., and I pray doctor Urswyk, Archedecon of Norff', to be supervisour.

[Proved 7 May, 1507.)



[Adeane, 10.) 9 Sept., 1505. Henry Skern, of Waltham. My body to be buried wher that it shall please God, and I will that my best hors goo for my mortuary. Also I will that there be three trentalles songen for me as shortly as they can be convenyently songen aft(er) my decesse, wher of oon of them I wold the Blake Freers of Hull shuld syng for me, and to have x s. for syngyng therof, also I bequeth theym xiij s. iiij d. to pray for me and myn ancestors their founders. The secunde trentail I wold that wor songe at the Grey Freers of Grymsby, and they to have xs. therfore and xiijs. iiijd., the which I bequeth them to pray for me. The thirde trentall I wold were songe for me at the Blak Freers of Grymesby, and they to have xs. therfore and xiijs. iiijd. to pray for me. I will that every prest beyng at my Dirige and also at my buryall that syngeth masse viijd., and every clerk ij d. To the church of Waltham vj s. viijd., and XX s. to the peyntyng of the brest of the Roode lofte. Also I have vj s. viij d. in my handes which was bequest ther to by a man of London, the which I will be content. Also my

* According to a pedigree of "Skerne of Portington,” in Glover's Visitation, p. 108, Foster Edition, he married Ann, daughter of William Langdale.

Also my fader in law, William Langdall, bequest xl s. thereto. Also the which my broder Wavisor, my brother Hanby, and I must of conscience see that it be content in somuch as we had parte of the goodes, and so I will that wijs. iiij d. be paide for me ther to my parte of payment of the said xls. To the church of Scarthow, iij s. iiijd. To the church of Bagesley, iij s. iijd. To the church of Bradlay, iij s. mjd. To Sr Robert Gadden, vicar of Bondeby, iij s, iiijd. It., vj s. vijd. to the church of Bondeby, and ther for to be praide for every Sonday in the pulpitt. To our lady werk of Lincoln, xx d. To our lady of Southwell, xx d. To my suster, Dame Marget Skern, vjs. viijd. To the chanons of Watton vj s. viij d., and to the nones vj s. viij d., and to the high aulter of Watton vj s. viij d., beseching my lord and all his brethren that if ever I offended them that I may have absolucion and forgiffnes therof. I bequeth myn unkyll Richard if he be on lyve att that tyme, my gowne furred with white bugie. To John Pattanson, my servaunt, the grey gelding that was Screelybiez, and my Kendall gowne, and my doblet of tawney worsted, and a pair of my buttes. To Edmund Skern my best hors, next my corspresent that he will take, willyng hym on my blissinge to be goode and kynd to his moder and sithens to his brethren and susters. Wheras I have made my cosyn, Sir John Normandyll, and other feoffez in all my landes in Yorkshire, I will that xli. yerely of thissue of my landes duryng the lif of that yonger son or doughter of myn that shall fortune longest to lyve shal be disposed as hereafter is specified, first I will that Richard Skern have of the x li. xxvjs. viijd., and that William Skern, my son, Thomas Skern, and John Škern, yche of theym to have xx s. duryng their liffes, and as for Robert Skern, my youngest son, he shall have by inheritaunce by his moder, whiche goeth to the yongest son. To my suster Alice xx li. and my gowne lyned with saten of Cipres. I will that Elizabeth, my doughter, and Mary have yche of theym xx li. I will that my broder Sir John have yerely xx s. to he be beneficed to the benefice of the valor of xli. by yere. To the maister and his brethren of Seynt Leonardes in York, xx s. To the Charterhowse in the yle of Axam, xiij s. iiij d. I will that ther be a preest founden to syng yerely att Hotton Crawncewik, and he to syng for my fader and me, and my fader in lawe, William Langdall. To Robert Ustwaite, my best amblyng foill or other foill that he will choyse. To Agnes Skern a coupill of mylk keen. All myn other goodes to be at the rewle of my wif, my brother Robert and my broder Edwarde, whom I make myn executors.

[Proved at Lamehith 7 Aug., 1506.]



[Adeane, 7.] 31 Jan., 1505-6. Robert Keyle. To be buried, if I dye within ij myles of Beverley, in Beverley Mynster, or elles as it fortuneth by the discrecion of myn executors. To our lady of Lincoln to the Red arke, xls. To the freers at the gresse fote at Lincoln, xli. To either house of freers within Grymmysby, xli. To the nones ther, x li. To the nones of Stokbyswold, x li. To the house of Urfurthe, xli. To the house of Fosse, xli. To the howse of Gookwell, xxli. To the house of Grenefeld, xli. Soo that iche of thies houses do for my soule, my fader Thomas Keyle, my moder Margaret and my wif Elizabeth by thadvise and assent of myn executor. I will that Margaret Keyle, called my doughter, have to hir mariage or to hir preferment xxvij li. xiij s. iiij d., and that the said Margaret be at the disposicion of Ñ' John Hall. I will that Elizabeth Keyle, callid my doughter, have to hir mariage xx markes. I will that at my buriall be xiij bedemen, yche oon of theym having a gowne and a hoode after the discrecion of myn executor. I will that ther be iij daies kept for me, that is to sey the day of my buriall dirige and masse, the vijth day also my moneths mynde in like wise, and at nyn yeres day aft[er] the same forme, and at every of the forsaid daies peny dole. Item, I will ther be xiij torches ordeyred agenst my said buriall, and the xiij men that bere theym till I become to the churche and till I be buried, and soo on the iij daies folowing, and then the torches to be disposed by the advice of my said executor. I will that Jenett my buttler have xl s., and iche servaunt in my house aft. xx s. And my londes to be sold by myn executor, which I ordeyne MJohn Hill, and my kinsman, Nicholas Upton, soo as they may see the better for the disposicion of the said goodes and landes unbequethed. Thies beyng wittnes, Edward Barnby, Nicholas Barnby and John Fax, Sir William Orme, with other.

[Proved 19 May, 1506, at Lamehith.]



[Adeane, 13.) 4 Aug., 1506. Alicia Cathorne de Notingham. Lego corpus meum ecclesiastice sepulture infra ecclesiam beate Marie de Notingham; meum optimum animal nomine mei principalis ut moris est; fabrice ecclesie beate Marie, vj s. viij d.; honesto presbytero, v li. legalis monete ut effundat divina servicia

pro anime mee salute per unum annum integrum infra ecclesiam predictam ad discretionem Magistri Johannis Alestre. Residuum omnium bonorum meorum magistro Johanni Alestre


arcium magistro quem hujus testamenti facio meum executorem. Hiis testibus Ricardo Taverner, clerico, magistro Johanne North, arcium magistro, et domino Roberto Lyth. Datum apud Notingham.

[Proved 2 Dec., 1506.]



[Bennett, 30.] 15 May, 1509. Thomas Pykeryng, gentilman, of the countie of York. My body to be buried in the Grey Freers within Newgate, in the citie of London, in the ambulatory before the choer. I will that the forsaid place have for my burying xl s., and the covent to fetche my body to their place. I bequeth to the covent and place to have a broder beyng a preest, signed by the wardeyn of the covent, to syng duly masse the space of an hole yere for my soule and for the soule of my graundmoder, x marke. Also to William, my son and heyre, to have a bason and an ewer of silver under that condicon that he fynde and stablisshe in the foresaide covent by the space of xx yeres an anniversary, that is to say a dirige with a masse song by note to be contynually done on that day that I shall departe owte of this world for me and my graundmoder, paying for every anniversary vj s. viijd. And if William my son will not be agreable to fulfill this condicon, then I will that the bason and the ewer be sold by myn executors. I bequeth unto my doughter Margaret xl li., to be paid of the some that Mr Fayrefax servaunt oweth me for my sonnys mariage. To Jane my servaunt, if it shall fortune hir to have a child, xli., to the fyndyng and norisshing of the childe, and if the child departe owte of this world son after that it is borne, then I will that the forsaid Jane, if she be good and of vertuose disposicon, to have x marke. It., Anthony my son, begoton by the said Jane, to purchase a legitimacion and to helpe towardes his fynding, x li. It., to either of my ij doughters to their fynding, v marke, and they to be at the guyding of the said Mi Fayrefax. And I will that Antony be at the disposicon of my gostly fader, freer John Hervye. It., to freer Henry Weller, my chapleyn, x s., for saying of a trentall of masses. It., to eche of my servauntes, vj s. viijd. And as for the residew of my goodes, I will they be at the disposicon of M* William Fayrefax servaunt and Walter Sherwoode, whom I ordeyne executours. To eche of theym, xls. And I will that freer Hervye, my gostly fader, which knoweth my conscience, will and mynde, be overseer, and he to have xs.

[Proved 20 July, 1510.]

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